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Lord Krishna reveals the glory of God with attributes, Karma yoga or selfless action and the conduct of yogis and sages. He then proceeds to describe the different forms of sacrifices and the glory of Knowledge.

I taught this immortal yoga to Sun-God. He coveyed it to Manu – his son and Manu imparted it to his son- Ichksvaku- ( 4-1)

This yoga remained known to the Rajarishis but disappeared from the earth

The same yoga is now been imparted to you which is a supreme secret.

You and I have passed through many births and I remember them all but you do not remember- ( 4-5)

Though I am birthless and deathless and the Supreme God, I amifest Myself through my own divine potency and keeping my nature ( prakriti ) under control. ( 4-6)

Whenever rightousness is declining and unrightousness increasing Such time I present myself to correct the course. ( 4- 7 )

To protect the sadhus ( virtuous ) to defeat the wrong doers and to sustain the Dharma on a solid footingI take birth from age to age. ( 4-8)

Know that My birth and activities are divine. Those who understand this fact are not born again and come to Me. ( 4- 9 )

In the past also many people –completely rid of passion, anger and wholly absorbed in Me and purified by this wisdom have become one with Me ( 4- 10)

All wise men follow My path and I reach them ( 4- 11 )

Success follows those who worship the Gods ( 4- 12 )

The Four orders of Society- Brahman, Kasthriya, Vaisya and Working class are the creations of Mine to do the duties entrusted to them to keep the prakriti moving but I stand alone ( 4- 13 )

I have no craving for the fruit of actions and they do not corrupt Me ( 4- 14 )

Having known this your ancestors have performed action to seek liberation and like wise you also perform the action prescribed for you ( 4- 15 )

Know the difference between action and inaction. Every one is confused over this. I shall expound the truth of action ( 4- 16 )

If you know the truth of action and inaction you will find some prohibited actions also ( 4- 17 )

He who sees inaction in action and vice versa are wise men and they are called yogi ( 4- 18 )

A man is called a Sage whose undertakings are all free from desires and thoughts of the world and whose actions are burnt up by the fire of wisdom.

He who having totally given up attachment to actions and their fruits, no longer depends on the world and is always satisfied –but fully engaged in action.

Having subdued his mind and body and given up all objects of enjoyment and free from craving he does not incur sin.

The Karmayogi is the one who is contended with whatever is got unsought, is free from jealousy and transcended all pairs of opposites like joy and sorrow and is balanced in success and failure is not touched by his action.

All his actions melt away who is free from attachment, who has no identification with the body and does not claim it as his own, whose mind is established in the knowledge of Self and works only for sacrifice.

At this stage of mind when every thing he sees as Brahma- in the form of sacrifice, fire, oblation and finally in the ultimate goal-whose is absorbed in Brahma

There are so many ways to offer sacrifices- perception of identity, sound, vital airs, material possessions, austerities, vows, study of sacred texts, exaltation into that of inhalation and vice versa, practice of pranayama, regulating the diet-all these sacrifices are to wipe out the sins Many such sacrifices have been set forth in Vedas.

All are involved in the action of mind, senses and body. Knowing the truth about them you will be freed from the bondage of action.

Know that sacrifice through Knowledge is superior to sacrifice with material things. All actions end in knowledge.

This knowledge will be imparted to you if you understand the true nature and with respects and humility approach the wise.

When you reach enlightment, ignorance will delude you no more, you will see the entire creation first within your own self and then in Me.

You may be the sinnest among sinners but this knowledge alone will carry you like a boat across all your sin

He who has mastered his senses, exclusively devoted to his practice and is full of faith, attains Knowledge-having had the revelation of truth- he attains supreme peace in the form of God realization.

The opposite will have neither this world or any other world and ever be unhappy.

Actions do not bind him who has dedicated all his actions to God according to the spirit of Karmayoga.

Thus in a beautiful exposition of Karmayoga to mankind- Lord Krishna has shown a path by which the whole universe can live in peace. There will be no war, no hatred, no anger and prosperity of all beings both men, animal, planets and every living objects in the earth.



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