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We dealt with Yoga and Bhagavatham in the previous posting. The Thiyaga Yoga mentioned there is very tough for ordinary people like us. In Geetha Arjuna also felt the same thing and asked Krishna about following the Thiaga Yoga. Krishna also agreed and propounded the Bhakthi Yoga which is very simple and easily adoptable.

For Bhakthi Yoga there is no necessity for strict discipline, Achara and Anushtanam. Like wise there is no time frame or morning or evening. You can do this in any place.

Krishna defines the Bhakthi Yoga :

1. You must leave all the responsibilities on Lord Krishna or your Ishta Daivam-like Rama or Arangan or Srinivasan and do your karma. Such a person knows the Bhakthi Marga very well.
2. He must not get attached to destroyable materials or wordly pleasures or materialistic world.
3. Those who dedicate everything to God and sincerely pray to Him-will certainly be protected by Him.

Bhandur Athmathmanas Thasya yaenathmaivathmana jeeth /
Anathmanasthu Sathruthvae Varthaethaathmaiva Sathruvaath //

Those who conquer their mind then that mind will itself show him the good path. Alternatively if mind conquer him then that mind itself will be his enemy. To conquer the mind you can practice the bhakthi yoga-failing which your life will not be successful and loose the opportunity given to you.

When we conquer our mind- it will become steady like a candle burn steadily in place where there is no air.

Bhagavan has given full freedom to you and has not bound you with any string. He has not told you to adopt such and such life-but whatever you choose-you carry on the same on dharmic path – it means that if you are a married man –be faithful to your wife and live as Grahastha Brahmachari and move with other girls or women as your sisters and daughters. Even with your wife you should have disciplined conduct.

You must concentrate on God and if your focus is disturbed- bring back the concentration. It is little tough.

Those who discard the sexual pleasure and other worldly desires and do things not for his own interest becomes a yogi.

Only Nama sangirthanams-singing in praise of God will be able to turn your attention towards God. One elderly Man advised me if you approach the sanctum sanctorum go on telling with in you the namavalli of the respective God- ex:-

Sree Ranganayaki Sametha Sri Ranganthaya Namahah

If you go on repeating the name you will forget the surroundings and your total attention will be on Ranganathan. I have tried and very successful and doing daily several times starting from early morning. It has got magnetic attraction and the day’s affairs go through smoothly. I am not feeling tiresome even at this age of 79, no leg pain, no joint pain.

Many of us have neglected Sanskrit at young age resulting weak pronunciation when uttering Sanskrit slokas and I am also the one. So if we want to tell loudly we are ashamed. But in Ghoshti if you join and pray you will feel that you can master them slowly and in course of time we will be on the right mode.

I had a bad practice that when I go to the temple and approaching the Lord Dharsan I used to tell all my worries and praying for alleviation and forget to look at Him to full satisfaction. I decided that I should leave aside all my worries and fully concentrate on Him- I started to feel full satisfaction.

Lord Krishna says:-

Bhahunaam Janmanam Andhae Gyanavan Maam Parapathyathae

Vasudevam sarvam Ethi Sa Mahathma Su Dhurlabha:

Those who with untiring devotion pray me and love me and doing services to me-they are very close to me and they are my bhakthas.
Thus God gives top most position for such bhakthas. It speaks volumes of His grace and humility. Lord Krishna clarifies about service to Him-is serving the poor and down trodden. Educate poor children; alleviate hunger by offering within your capacity food etc.

Lord Krishna further says:-

Asha-Pashacha- Shadyir Padhatha kama-kroda-parayana
Ehinthae Kama bhogartham Asyayaenaartha Sanjayaan Bhokartham

We go on develop many desires and to achieve them we err our path and in order to satisfy the Kama, krotha and anger we adopt wrong methods to earn money and finally end in misery and frustration- we see this practically in many people’s life. Only Dharmika path will give you happiness and contentment.

Those who reach such a state-They are close to me and I like them.

All religions accept the Bhakthi Yoga. They accept that there is one Supreme Force which is responsible for all our actions. We call the same as God and we jeevathmas under His control. In Srimad Bhagavatham Budha’s incarnation is predicted long before-though Budha religion denies the existence of God and jeevathma. If you go back to history-Bhagavatham was written by Vyasa about 6000 years before and Budha appeared around 2600 years ago.

In Rajavidya Rajakuhya yoga Lord Krishna says:-

Kadirpartha prabhu: Sakshi Nivasa: Charanam Sukhruth
Prabhava: Pralaya- Sthanam Nidhanam Bheeja-Mavyayam

Those places we go in search of our livelihood, those who rule us and protect us and remove all our sorrows, who is our friend . The birth and the death of us- every thing is I (Lord Krishna)
This is perfectly true in our life. Sometime back only Doctors were allowed to work in US but today one sixth of America- Indians are occupying top positions and earning well. They all think that it is only God’s grace they got this chance. They never forget this grace and when ever they come to India they visit Tirupathi or Srirangam first and then only they do other works.

Bhakthi yoga is very easy and adoptable. It can be practiced any where and in any place-there is no distinction that this man is rich-that man is poor-all are one


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Yoga Sastra is an art. You require hard work to learn the different exercises and if we leave in the middle it will be difficult to catch up again since our body will not cooperate for some time. It requires scientific approach.

But the Yoga mentioned in Hindu Sanadana Dharma is different. The first one strengthens the body only but the second one strengthens both body and mind. The first one will not take you to Moksham but the second one will.

Brhama Charya Drudathabir Yamai-Raplavathi-Niyamaicha Bhavitha /
Gurmahe Dridamamayi Sukasanam Pankajathymapi Va Bhavathpara //

Consistant Brahmacharya vratha, taking bath daily to make us pure, sitting in Sukasana or Padmasana ( Yamam, niyamam and Asanam ) deeply praying the Pranavam, doing Pranayamam and turn our attention only on God casting aside the Lowkika affairs – is the one our dharma recommends.

Both Bhagavatham and Githa teach us the Yoga this way:

First what Bhagavathan teaches us:

First part

1. First our duties as explained and in practice should be followed with out any lapse on our part.
2. We must know our capacity and limit to that level.
3. we should not succumb to worldly pleasure and sexual indulgence.
4. Strict control over diet
5. We must avoid hastiness and also sluggishness.
6. Should speak the truth and nothing but the truth and adhere non-violence.

Second Part:

1. Choose the place environmentally friendly and sit in Sukasana or Padmasana posture. Now inhale fresh air through one nostril, retain for sometime and leave through the other nostril slowly.
2. When we do like the above our body and mind get purified. To be successful in this effort we should concentrate our attention on God. To say this is easy but when actually you start-worldly attractions will disturb your concentration. Only if you are successful in this exercise we can go to next step.

Third Part:

1. Closing our eyes, now bring the Bhagavan Rupa before our tip of the nose and look deeply this figure.
2. He is standing on Tamarai Flowers, wearing the ornaments on both His legs, silk dhoty and belt with diamonds and rubies.
3. Next rose garland, diamond studded Thread and on the chest Goddess Laxmi.
4. Now slowly lift our eyes to His Face. Broad face, beautiful eyes looking kindly on us removing our fear and giving strength.
5. Kasturi Tilak on His forehead and diamond studded head-gear on His Head.

We go on concentrating on this image-it will start on a small dot. Slowly growing bigger and bigger and finally it will occupy the entire surface. Once you start visualizing this spectacle-you start telling the Names-Namavalli repeatedly-say 1000 and again 1000 and so on……..

If you are successful in this process you can master the Thiaga Yoga and obtain His grace.

Now let us look what Geetha Teaches Us.

Lord Krishna has stated 3-types of yoga. 1. Karma Yoga. 2. Gjana Yoga. 3. Bhakthi Yoga.

Geetha says that you need not be a sanyasi to be a Yogi-discarding all the pleasures in this world. You can be a Yogi by doing the right things in a right way by remaining in Grahasthrama

Karma Yoga:

Na Hi Kachith Kshanamabi Jadhu Dhishtath-yagarmakrith
Karayathe Hyavacha : Karma Sarva: Prakruthijair- Gunai:

No one can be idle without doing anything. Say one man is simply sitting idle-but in doing so he is doing some actions - by indulging in leg movement or hand movement and so on-he cannot sit idle. We are doing some thing without our knowledge. There is some force which makes him to do so.

Lord Krishna further says:

1.We should do any thing without deep attachment towards it. You may ask me how is it possible? If I do not concentrate I cannot finish it perfectly and I will be declared inefficient. For this Krishna says concentration is different, attachment is different-suppose you are making one article. You have made perfectly but that article is made for someone which if you want to possess then it is attachment.

2.Those who have ego- will say that I made it, I have done, it is mine like this.

3.There may be flaws in following your dharma but it is far better than the other one. Even if he has to die with it-he will only see the good things and his dharma will never let him down. We are seeing this practically to-day-every day a new Acharya springs up and ask us to do this and that but ultimately we leave them without any satisfaction.

We have seen that some of us succumb to the temptations of some teachings and get robbed our money, our peace of mind and finally our health too. Hindu Dharma is 1000- of years old, tested by time, unaffected by any force or calamities or seasons. It cannot be destroyed. This Dharma came through our great forefathers and passed on to us from generations. It will only do good and is capable of facing any onslaughts. We should not change our colour and succumb the sweet quoted fake ideologies.

Lord Krishna further says:

Yathveda –Thabyasuntho Naanudhishtanthi Mae Madam /
Sarvagjanavimoodans- than viththinashta- Nachethasa //

Those who do not believe in my madam and go on finding faults in it- are wasting their lives, living in fool’s paradise, loosing the opportunity of getting the eternal bliss in this life itself.

Lust and anger are Rajo gunas. For this you should go on feed. Otherwise one day it will swallow you. Those who conquer this rajo guna and treat it as his enemy-then your senses will be with you and you can control them. Once you control your senses-you can control your mind- once you control your mind-then you will look beyond you into the universe and the force that created the same .

Lord Krishna is showing a very easy path for us to reach Him. Do your duty without attachments in the right way and as ordained by me-don’t have ego and claim that this mine and leave the results to me. You will never regret.

This is Karma Yoga. Superior to all yogas.

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I was fortunate to have my Parents till my 60th year due to the grace of Arangan. Our mother will never allow us to hear bad news particularly death news-calling it “Achanyam ‘or bad omen. Because of their presence we never knew about-tharpanam or pithru kadan.

After their demise we have to face the above and no one is exempted from these rites. We are doing these things without understanding the meaning as a routine because we feel that it is not an auspicious thing coupled with a sort of fear.

Chithirai Festival started for Arangan. The first day went on smoothly. Arangan visited all the four streets and reached His Mirror Room. Next day it was time for His purapadu but we waited, waited there was no sign of His coming. We learnt later that in Uttara Street there was a mattai (means-some body died). It might take 4-5 hours since important person had to come from Madras.

Where this mattai goes? What the kith and kin should do for him. If they do what is the fruit and if not what is the punishment? This is the common question in all castes and religions.

All religions prescribe that dead man should be buried or cremated with due honour-whether he was a rich man or poor or belonged to any caste. I have seen the Chinese keep the body for number of days and daily there will be feast which the dead man liked when he was alive. The coffin in which the body was kept was the one the dead man earned for him when he was alive.

Let us see what our religion says:

My Grand Mother used to ask us to read-the Garuda Purana. It describes vividly about the soul leaving our body and its path. This Jeevan-since attached with the body for a long time will refuse to leave from it. Yama is the Officiator for Death and Chief. He gets list of People every day whose periods are over. It is his duty to carry out the task.

Under Yama Dharma Raja, his assistant named Kalan will announce the time of a person whose life will be over. Next his assistant-Mrithyu will send a virus to the dying person. When Virus catches that Person, 2 bodyguards will pull the jeevan from the body but it refuses to come out. This pain is called-Marana Avasthi. I have seen this pain in few persons including my mother.

Now the bodyguards will show the dying man a different world and at last will take the jeevan from the body. That Jeevan will cross 250- yojana distance in 6-hours. At that time-the death of the person and the identity of the person will be confirmed. This gap is-if there is mistaken identity then enough time available to the Jeevan to return to his body again.

That is why in olden days they used to keep the body for one yamam. Even confirmed cases also will be brought here and his good and bad deeds will be calculated. In spite of the body cremated and no more, this jeevan will remain and circle the place where the body was kept. That is why when the Kartha returns from the Ghat –performs Nagna Srartham-through that jeevan gets cloth, bell and light and vessels with water-for the Jeevan to travel.

Till the Jeevan leaves this world-the Kartha should feed the Jeevan with food. That is why in a corner of the dead man’s house, a small pit is made and a stone is kept for the Jeevan to enter into it. It is called Grahathwara Pindam. For 10days the Kartha should feed here. In order to alleviate the thrust another stone will be kept at the river. For this black thur dhal and water will be fed.

During these 10-days the Jeevan throws his linga sarira and gets Pretha Sarira. Garuda Puranam describes the raise of parts in each day vividly. On the 10th Day it will attain the full form and at that time it will be terribly hungry. That is why on that day the food will be kept in heap called brabhutha Bali.
Only half the heap will go to the Pretha, from the balance one portion will go to Yamakingaras and the other portion to Kartha.

On the 1st day in order to make the Jeevan leaves this world, a calf is shown. Now the Jeevan travels towards Yamaloga. It will take one year for the Jeevan to reach the place.

Now let us see what happens to the Jeevan in Yama Loga. Bhagavan has strictly ordained that no injustice takes place to the Jeevan here. The punishment or the reward will be purely based on Dharmika basis and according to the good or bad deeds done by the Jeevan. Punishment is metted out only after thorough enquiry-no question of corruption or bribe here. For that purpose the Representatives will come down to Earth and after thorough enquiry and armed with witnesses. They will return back. That is why- the Charama Sloka is prepared about the deceased by learned Pandits. In this the gothra. Day and time of death, month and thithi, Patcham etc will be noted.

The 12th day is called-Sapindikaranam-On this day this Jeevan joins his pithrus-it is given cloths, umbrella, theertha vessels, bed, padukas, etc ( as Dhana to Brahmins ) The journey starts from this day to the Jeevan to reach the place of Yama.

During this one year period. The Kartha will perform 12-Masikams. 12-Sothagumbas (to remove hunger and thirst) and to stay in some places-4-OONA Masyams-totally 16-ceremonies. Finally the Kartha finishes his duty with Varushabtheekam.

On the 13th day called Subha Sweekarm- the Kartha gets back the auspicious period. On this day the Charama Sloka will be read by an elderly person who knew the deceased person. During this time the Agents of Yama will also hear the sloka-it is a motcha sloka for the Jeevan

The Srartha done every year-the benefits will go to the Jeevan in whatever loka he is.

Our Sastra tells that those who are born in this world must do-3-yagnas. They are- Deva Yagna, Pithru Yagna and Cow Yagna.

Deva yagna can be done by visiting various temples and taking baths in sacred rivers.

Pithru Yagan should be done by the kartha by protecting and serving the parents with devotion and to their satisfaction and after their death doing every year the srartham for them. Some of us leave the parents at old age homes and some fails to do srartham and donate lump sum amount to some one to do it or to temple. Some will have no belief in these things pointing to their prosperity inspite of not following the dharma.

No religion will allow a man to go scotch free if he neglects his parents. Severest punishment is there for him which he may not see temporarily but in the long run he will start to feel for the same

Those who do with devotion and sincerity will notice the prosperity of his family, kith and kins and there will be auspicious events in his Graha and his generations.

Next Day the Chithirai festival resumed and I had the beautiful dharsan of my Arangan at early morning 5.30 AM.


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At Srirangam, the festival-Poochathi Utsavam was going on. Perumal Purappadu and I also joined in the procession. On the way Upayadhars paid their respects. When we reached the Mela Pattaibhiramamn Sannadhi Arangan stopped for a while and looked inside. On that day the Alangaram for Sri Raman was Gethopadesa. He looked beautiful in that form.

I just remembered about Rajaji’s Vyasar Virundu-which I read long back. Rajaji-in that excellent work has compared- Kannan and Parthan, Raman and Hanuman-They are not mere characters in a story but real Moorthies.I saw exactly the same-Raman as Kannan and Arangan as Raman-what a wonderful sight.

In the war of Maha Bharatha-Lord Krishna is in side and in Kaliyuga-Lord Arangan is outside as Archa Murthy. I was taken to the period of Bhagavathan- In your life span read atleast once Bhagavathan –The object of you being in this world will be fruitful-say our Elders, our Acharyas.

We are struggling –which dharma to adopt and which one to leave and we grow without knowing anything. At one stage we realize and want to put an end to this and look for our salvation but we become old-our health is not co-operating, mind become stale. I looked at Arangan. He understood my dilemma and smiled- He showed me our scripts and Veda-Read this and follow what it has said.

We all know very well about Mahabharatha and many of us rarely know about Bhagavatham and some of us know a little. Our Elders used to tell that you may not understand Veda but it is enough if you know Bhagavathan-you get salvation

Bhagavatham contains 12-skandams. Its teachings can be easily adopted by very ordinary man. It is the secret of life and called the Science of Orgin. From time immemorial our Sages and Acharyas have tried to make us to understand and waiting at the Gate-but due to ignorance and casual attitude we are not grasping the opportunity.

Many people will ask-what are the fruits we get if we read the Bhagavatham? The Balastruthi of Bhagavatham.

In the creation of this Universe- Narada was born as Brahma’s son. He knows all the Arts and Sciences and all Vedas, Upanishads. Loved by the thirumoorthies ( Brahma, Vishnu and Sivan ). He was a bachelor and Traveller of all the worlds. Once he saw a young girl and 2-old men. He asked the girl –what is the matter? The girl told that she is the mother and the old men are her sons. Her name is Bhakthi and the old age for her sons are due to the generations. She requested Narada to help her to regain her sons forms and remove their old age appearance.

Narada promised his help and searched in every world for a solution but could not succeed. Finally he came to meet the Bala Sanyasis-Sanagadi Munis. They suggested to teach them the Bhagavathan for 7-days. Narada did the same and immediately the men regained their young age.-such is the power of Bhagavatham.

I went to the discourse of Mahan Krishna Premi. He was narrating the story from Bhagavathan-Gokarnan and Dhundukari episode. Both were brothers. Gokarnan was intelligent, bhakthiman and very knowledgeable. In contrast Dhundukari was a bad man, always after prostitutes, thereby earning the enmity of many people. He was killed by them. Gokarnan was attached very much to his brother. He read that if the dead body hears bhagavathan for 7-days-it will regain life. So he preserved the body for 7-days and made it to hear Bhagavatham. On the 7th day the body regained the life- such is the power of Bhagavatha.

Our veda says-by hearing or reading bhagavatha you will get:-

1. Long life without any health problems
2. Prosperity to Mankind.
3. Good Crops.
4. Good development of animal husbandry
5. Seasons according to the timings
6. Government will function effectively.
7. There will be justice in every field.
8. Death rate will be less.
9. Women will be honoured and live a pious life.
10. Spiritualism will gain and Atheists will disappear
All these things will become a reality without paying any price. Then Why not we try to understand-Bhagavathan and its substance?

Essence of Bhagavathan- How is God?

Let us close our eyes and draw a picture of our known God within us-a line drawing in our heart and mind. Then let us start decorating Him with ornaments and silk cloths. Let us place a head gear made of diamond on His head. ear rings. Garlands and so on…….Now He will stand before us in a form pleasing to our heart- may be like the one at the centre above.

Now we feel that the distance between Him and us are getting narrower and narrower and in unison with us-it turns out to be a Prema Bhavana and we enjoy every part of Him and His qualities.

Acharya Ramanuja and Swami Desikan have described the qualities of our Lord- The Kalyana Gunas of our Lord are- Sowseelyam, Vathsalyam, Marthvam, Arjavam, Sowhartham, Samyam,Karunyam, Mathuryam, Gambeeryam, Owtharyam, Chathuryam, Sdairyam, Dairyam,

Now slowly the figure we have drawn is getting bigger and bigger and occupy our whole heart- That is Bhagavan-now showing His Viswa Rupa Dharshan. Imagine this form.

Sahasra Seersha Purusha:-thousands of head-thousands of eyes-thousands of hands and legs-the leg under the earth and head over the sky above and every thing in His body-the whole universe under Him-this form is called Virad Purusha Avatharam- like the one at the centre above.

His palm-pathala loka, upper part of His thiruvadi-Rasathalam-Big Finger-Mahathalam-Knee-Thala thalam, hip-Suthalam, Thigh - Athalam
Nabi-sky, Chest- Indira logam, Neck- Mahar logam, Face-Jana logam, Forehead-Thabo logam, Head- Sathya logam, Eyes-creation of universe, Ear- Directions, Nose- Aswini Devas, Lip-anger and shy, Teeth-Stars.
Smile- Maya, Breath- Air, Tongue-water, Speech- herds of birds, Mouth-Agni, Hands- Devas, mind-chandran, Heart- Important, Stomach-Sea, legs- elephant, Camel, Walk- Season.

All these are your creations, all are inside you, You are Brahma, Sivan.
You created Brahma and through him the entire universe, Vedas, Dwaitham, Ad-dwaitham and every thing in the world

Oh! Renga-you showed us the Viswa Rupam and please show your other Rupam- that is small, smaller than atom……………

Sahasra Seersha Purusha

I was totally engrossed in His form-by the time Arangan has worn all the flower garlands and started to give dharsan to His bakthas.

I started to read Bhagavathan. Let the world be peace. Let its people prosper and let every where green. Let there be no violence, let there be no greed and we will make this world a heaven to live.


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Pallandu Pallandu Palakodi Nurayiram

In Geetha Lord Krishna says:

Sarva Dharman Parithyajya Maameva Charanam Vraja

Leave all dharmas and surrender to me- I will release you from all sins. All our Alvars and Acharyas say -surrender to the feet of our Lord. Then all sins will be removed and you will have no rebirth-

Peria Alvar sang Pallandu to our Lord, Nam Alvar said when I am hale and healthy I surrender to your feet and the responsibility to uplift me to your abode is yours- Thondaradi Podi Alvar said that he does not want vaikundam-Iam satisfied by lying at your feet at Srirangam.

Acharya Ramanuja and Swami Desikan prayed-that -at the time of their breath goes out they wanted to see the Divya Thambathies before their eyes. Unfortunately we-ordinary people are not able to find a way and confused and struggle.

Our Acharyas have shown the way-total surrender at the feet of Lord through the Acharyas-called- Bharanyasam. Unfortunately many people due to various reasons are unable to take this course.

I asked Arangan –Is there any way for these people to reach you. Arangan showed me the paintings on the wall of Kili Mandapam of Srirangam Temple. There are Swayam Vaktha Kshethras and the Lords are painted on the wall. Pointing these temples Arangan asked the people daily to utter the 108-Divya Desa namavali once. If possible visit as many temple as possible.

Before every good beginning the Dhanians of our Acharyas should be recited.

Ramanuja Dayapathram Gjana Vairakya Bhushanam
Srimad Venkada natharyam Vandae Vedantha Desikam
Laxminada Samarambaam Nadamuni madyamaam Asmathacharya
Paryanthaam Vandae Guruparamparam

Yo Nithya Machyutha Padambhujayukmarukma Vyamohadas
Daditharani Thrunayamenae Asmath Guror Bhagavathosya
Dayaikasindo Ramanujasya Charanau Saranam Prabathyae

Matha Pitha yuvadhayas Dhanaya vibhoothi Sarvam
Yadeva Niyamaena Madanvayanaam Athyasya
Na Kulabathaer Vakulaabiramam Srimathathanngriyukalam
Pranamaami Murthna

Bhutham Sarascha Mahadhahvya Pattanadha Sri Bhakthisara
Kulasekara Yogivaahan Bhakthangrirenu Parakala Yadhindra misran
Sri Parangusamunim Prandosmi Nithyam //

Chola Nadu Tirupathi-40

1. Thiruvarangam Peria Koil: Sree Ranganayaki Sametha Sri Ranganatha Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
2. Uraiyur: Thirumagal Kamalavalli Sametha Azagiya Manavalan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
3. Thirupaerur: Kamalavalli Sametha Appakudathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
4. Thiru Anbil: Amar vadivayakiyavalli Sametha Sundararaja Nambi Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
5. Thiru Vellarai: Malar Magal Pankaya Selvi Sametha Pundarikatcha Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
6. Poonjolai Karambanur Uttamar Shree Poorva Devi Sametha Purushothama Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
7. Thiru Kandiyur Sree Kamalavalli Sametha Harasaba Vimochanan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
8. Thirukudalur Sree Padmasani Sametha Nandaharkarul Jagannathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
9. Thirukabistalam Sree Ramamanivalli Sametha Gajendra Varatha Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
10. Thiru Adanur Sree Ranganayaki Sametha Andalakum Ayane Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
11. Thirupullam Bhoothakudi Sree Porramaraiyal Sametha Amarvendar Sri Valvil Rama Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
12. Thirukudanthai Sree Komalavalli Sametha Aravamudhan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
13. Uppiliappan Sree Bhomadevi Sametha Sri Oppilla Appan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
14. Thirunaraiyur Sree Vanjulavalli Sametha Sri Nambi Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
15. Thirucherai Sree Saranayaki Sametha Sri Saranathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
16. Thirukannamangai Abhishekavalli Sametha Bakthavatsala Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
17. Thirukannapuram Sree Kannapurathu Nayagi Sametha Sri Souriraja Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
18. Thirukaanangudi Sree Lokanayagi Sametha Sri Karmegavannan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
19. Thirunagai Sree Soundaravalli Sametha Soundararajan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
20. Thiru Tanjai Sree Sengamalavalli Sametha Neelamega Narasinga Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
21. Thiru Nandipura Vinnagar Sree Senbagavalli Sametha Sri Nathanadan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
22. Thiruvelliangudi Sree Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Rama Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
23. Thiru Azundur Sree Sengalamalavalli Sametha Anirai Nadan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
24. Thiru Sirupuliyur Sree Thirumamagal Sri Arulama Kadal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
25. Thiru Naanmadiyam Sree Thalaichanga Nayagi Sametha Sri Naanmadiya Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
26. Thiru Enthalur Sree Chandrasaba Vimochanavalli Sametha Sri Maruviniya Mynthan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
27. Thiru Kavalampadi Sree Madalvaramangai Sametha Sri Gopalakrishna Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
28. ThiruSri ramavinnagar Sree Loganayagi Sametha Sri Thadalan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
29. Thiru Arimeya Vinnagar Sree Amruthakadavalli Sametha Sri Kudamadu Koothan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
30. Thiru Van Purudothaman Sree Purushothamanayagi Sametha Sri Purushothaman Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
31. Thiru Sembon Thirukoil Sree Allimamalar Sametha Sri Perarulalan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
32. Thiru Manikudam Sree Pundarikavalli Sametha Sri Nandavillaku Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
33. Thiru Vaikundavinnagar Sree Vaikundavalli Sametha Sri Thamaraikannudaiya Piran Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
34. Thiruvali-Thirunagar Sree Amruthakadavalli Sametha Sri Kudamadukoothan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
35. Thirudevanarthokai Sree Kadalmagalnayaki Sametha Sri Daivanayagan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
36. Thirutherriyambalam Sree Sengamalavalli Sametha Sri Sengaanmal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
37. Thirumaniguda Nayagan Sree Thirumamagal Sametha Sri Manikuda Nayagan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
38. Thiru Vellakulam Sree Poovar Thirumagal Sametha Sri Kannan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
39. Thiru Parthanpalli Sree Thamaraiyal Nayagan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
40. Thiruchithrakudam Sree Pundarikavalli Sametha Sri Govindaraja Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
41. Thirumeyam Sree Uyyavanthanayagi Sametha Sri Sathyagirinathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.

Pandi Nattu Thirupathigal

42. Azagar Malirum Cholai Sree Sundaravalli Sametha Sri Kallazagar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
43. Thirukoshtiyur Sree Thirumamagal Sametha Sri Sowmya Narayanan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
44. Thirupullani Sree Kalyanavalli Sametha Sri Kalyana Jagannathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
45. Thirumogur Sree Mohanavalli Sametha Sri Kalamega Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
46. Thiruthankallapan Sree Anathanayagi Sametha Sri Thiruthankallapan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
47. Thirukoodalur Sree Maduravalli Sametha Sri Koodalazagar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
48. Thiruvilliputhur Sree Andal Sametha Sri Vadabathrasayi Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
49. Thirukurugur Sree Adinathavalli Sametha Sri Adinathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
50. Thiru Tholaivilli Mangalam Sree Karuthadangkanni Nayaki Sametha Sri Aravindalochanan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
51. Thiru Vanamamalai Sree Sereevaramangai Sametha Thothathri Nathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
52. Thirupulingudi Sree Malarmagalvalli Sametha Kayichila Vendan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
53. Thiru Shiriperai Sree Kuzaikathuvalli Sametha Sri Kuzaikathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
54. Thiru Vaikundam Sree Vaikundavalli Sametha Sri Vaikundanathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
55. Thiru Varagunamangai Sree Varagunamangai Sametha Sri Vijayasana Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
56. Thiru Perumgulam Sree Kulandaivalli Sametha Sri Mayakoothan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
57. Thirukurungudi Sree Kurungudivalli Sametha Sri Vaishnava Nambi Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
58. Thirukkolur Sree Kolurvalli Sametha Sri Vaidhemanidhi Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.

Malai Nattu Tirupathi

59. Thiru Ananthapuram Sree Hari Lakshmi Sametha Sri Anantha Padmanaban Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
60. Thiruvan Paricharam Sree Kamalavalli Sametha Sri Thirukuralappan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
61. Thirukatkarai Sree Perumselvanayaki Sametha Sri Katkaraiappan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
62. Thirumoozikalathan Sree Maduraveni Sametha Sri Thirumoozikalathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
63. Thirupuliyur Sree Porkodi Nachiyar Sametha Sri Malapiran Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
64. Thiru Chengunrur Sree Sengamalavalli Sametha Sri Imayavarappan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
65. Thirunavai Sree Malarmangai Sametha Sri Navai Mukundan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
66. Thiruvallavazi Sree Vatsalya Devi Sametha Sri Thiruvazi Marban Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
67. Thiruvanvandoor Sree Kamalavalli Nachiar Sametha Sri Kamalanathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
68. Thiruvattaru Sree Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Adi Kesavan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
69. Thiruvithvakottaman Sree Vithvakottuvalli Sametha Uyyavantha Nayagan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
70. Thirukadithalam Sree Karpagavalli Sametha Sri Arbhutha Narayanan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
71. Thiruvaranvenai Sree Padmasaninayagi Sametha Sri Thirukuralappan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.

Thondai Nattu Tirupathigal

72. Thiru Aenthai Sree Hemambujavalli Sametha Sri Daivanathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
73. Thirukovilur Sree Poongoval Nayaki Sametha Sri Thiruvikraman Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
74. ThiruKarigiri Athagiri Sree Perundevi Nayaki Sametha Sri Varadan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
75. hiru Attabhuyathon Sree Alarmel Mangai Sametha Sri Adikesava Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
76. Thirunthanka Sree Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Deepa Prakasar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
77. Thiruvellikkai Sree Velikkaivalli Sametha Sri Alari Nadan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
78. Thiruneernagar Sree Nilamangai Sametha Sri Jagadeswar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
79. Thirupadakam Sree Rukmini Sathyabhama Sametha Sri Pandava Dhuthar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
80. Thiru Neela Thingal Dhundam Sree Naervarillavalli Sametha Sri Neela thingal Thundathaan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
81. Thiru Uragam Sree Amuthavalli Sametha Sri Ulagalantha Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
82. Thiruvekka Sree Komalavalli Sametha Sri Sonnavannam Seytha Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
83. Thirukkaragam Sree Padmamani Sametha Sri Karunakaran Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
84. Thirukarvannam Sree Kamalavalli Sametha Sri Kalvar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
85. Thirukalvanoor Sree Anjilaivalli Sametha Sri Adivaraha Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
86. Thirupavalavai Sree Pavalavalli Sametha Sri Pavalavannan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
87. Thiruvinnagar Sree Vaikundavalli Sametha Sri Paramapada Nathan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
88. Thirupput kuzi Sree Maragathavalli Sametha Sri Vijayaraghava Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
89. Thiruninraoor Sree Sudhavalli Sametha Sri Bhakthavathsala Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
90. Thiruvallur Sree Kanakavalli Sametha Sri Veeraraghava Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
91. Thirumalaiyadi Varam Sree Animamalar Sri Neelamukilvannan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
92. Thiruvidanthai Sree Komalavalli Sametha Sri Laxmivaraha Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
93. Thiruallikeni Sree Rukmini Sametha Sri Venkada Krishnan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
94. Thirukadikachalam Sree Amruthavalli Sametha Sri Yoganarasimhar Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
95. Thirupathi Sree Alarmelmangai Sametha Sri Srinivasan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
96. Thirupathi Sree Pundarikavalli Sametha Sri Govindaraja Perumal Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
97. Thiru Singavel Kunram Sree Chenjulaxmi Sametha Sri Narasimhan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
98. Thiruvayodya Sree Seetha Piratti Sametha Sri Raghunayagan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
99. Thirunaimisaranya Sree Hari Laxmi Sametha Sri Harirajan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
100. Thiru Saligrama Sree Devinayaki sametha Sri Murthy Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
101. Thiru Badrikasramam Sree Aravindavalli Sametha Sri Badrinaryanan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
102. Thirukadinagar Sree Pundarikavalli Sametha Sri Purushothaman Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
103. Thirupirithi Sree Parimalavalli Sametha Sri Purushothaman Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
104. Thiru Dwaraka Sree Kalyana nayaki Sametha Sri Kalayana Narayanan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
105. Thiru Vadamadurai Sree Sathuyabhama Sametha Sri Govardanesan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
106. Thiruvaipadi Sree Rukmini Sathyabhama Sametha Sri Navamohana Krishnan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
107. Thiru Parkadal Sree Kadalmagal Nayaki Sametha Sri Ksherapthi Nadan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.
108. Sree Peria Pirattiyar Sametha Sri Parmapatha Nadan Divya Thambathigal Thiruvadikalae Charanam.



Sunday, August 23, 2009




I was going very fast towards Chakrathalvar Sannadi crossing the Thirupanalvar sannadi. Somebody behind me called me. I turned back and I saw none other than Arangan!. He was very angry with me for by-passing the Panaralvar sannadi. I asked Renga why this anger? Have I commited any abachara. Pitying on me Rengan himself came forward to tell.

The reason for Rengan’s anger is that I did not notice the Thirumanchanam that was going on for Thirupanalvar. Rengan will forgive our casualness about Him but not with Alvars. Such is His attachment with Alvars.

To show His appreciation for the services rendered by the Alvars in propagating Vaishnavam, he has established for each Alvar separate sannadi at Srirangam within His own Temple and sees that- kaingaryas take place regularly for them. Rengan is immensely pleased with these 11-Alwars who have rendered in total 247-Pasurams on Arangan. He has established another order that all Alwars will assemble during the Vaikunda Ekadasi Festival at the Arjuna Mandapam and Thirumamani Mandapam at thousand pillar mandapam along with him to hear the Thirunedunthandakam and Thiruvai Mozei for 22-days.

Alvars and Acharyars are very important for us and their Thiru Nakshathrams are very important. On that day there should be Thirumanchanam along with Sathumurai for them-this is the wish and Rengan will oversee that it takes place correctly.

Among the Alvars-Pozkai Alvar, Buthath Alvar and Pey Alvar are called Muthal Alvars. They started the Naalayiram Divya Prabandam. It is called-Eyalpa- the first 300 Pasurams-First, Second and Third Thiruvanthathi.

1. Poigai Alvar: He was born at Kanchi Thiruvekka in a Pond-Potrramarai Poigai-on Thamarai Flower-He represents the amsam- the conch-of Lord Narayana. He sang-Mudal Thiruvanthathi-100 pasurams.

2. Bhuthath Alvar-He was born at Thiru Kadal Mangai (Mamallapuram) on Madavi Flower. He represents the amsam - the weapon-Gowmothagi of Lord Vishnu. He sang the Second Thiruvanthathi-100 pasurams.

3. Pey Alvar: He was born at Mayurapura (Mylapore) at Adikesavaperumal Temple in a pond on Sevvalli Flower. He represents the amsam –weapon of Sword of Lord Vishnu. He sang-third Thiruvanthathi-100 pasurams.

All the three are called Mudal Alvars – they appeared in Dwabara Yuga-around 4302 BC.

4. Thirumazhisai Alvar-Place of Birth-Thirumaesai. Pasurams-216. He was a saivite first and due to his devotion and love of Lord Narayana became a vaishnavite. His style belongs to the Chantha Kavi variety. He sung pasurams – Thiruchantha Virutham and Nanmugan Andhathi.

5. Namalvar- (3102-BC) Place of birth-Alwar Thirunagari ( Thirukurukur ). Sung 1296 pasurams. He totally devoted on Lord Narayana from childhood. Seeing the total loyalty Nam Perumal was pleased and took him to his fold with the Bhutha Udal form. Every year at the end of Vaikunda Ekadasi festival-Namalvar Moksham will be held. Namalvar mediated the love tangle between Thayar and Arangan during the Pralaya Kalagam- Panguni Uttiram festival and hence close to Thayar.

6. Madurakavi Alvar (3224-BC) Birth Place-Thirukkolur.Sung 11-pasurams- all on Namalvar-not on God. After roaming all over and found no answer to his problem he came to Namalvar and found the answer. He became his disciple and sung the pasuram-Kanninum Chirthambu in praise of his guru.

7. Kulasekhara Alvar: - (3102 BC) Place of birth-Thiruvanchikalam. Sung 106-pasurams-called-Perumal Thirumozi. He was a King of Chera Nadu. Devoted to Lord Narayana-he gave his daughter in marriage to Arangan and handed all his wealth to Srirangam Temple.

8. Periyalvar: (3066 BC) Place of Birth-Srivilliputhur. Sung- pasurams- Thirumozi – 473. His another name is Vishnu Chittan. He discovered Andal under Thulasi Plant and later gave her to marriage with Perumal Arangan. He sang Pallandu to Perumal.

9. Andal: Born at Srivilliputhur-actually found under the thulasi plant (Bhudevi) .Sung 173 pasurams. She fell in love with Arangan and vowed to marry Him. She used to wear the garland meant for Arangan –hence called as –Chudikodutha Nachiar. Her famous –Thiruppavai-will be sung on all homes and temples during the Tamil month of Margazi. She finally married Arangan and became in unison with Him.

10. Thondaradippodi Alvar: Place of birth-Thirumandangudi -Sung 55 pasurams on Arangan. He was maintaining Flower garden and daily supplying Flower garland to Arangan. His Thirumalai and Thirupalli Ezuchi are famous and rendered in every Vaishnanvite temple in the morning.

11. Thirupanalvar: Born at Uraiyur- sung 10 pasurams-Amalanathipiran. Though born in lower caste he was totally devoted to Arangan. By the grace of Arangan he was brought to Srirangam temple by none other than the Bhattar himself-taken to Arangan sannadi and had the dharsan of the Lord to his full satisfaction.

12. Thirumangai Alvar: Born at Alwar Thirunagari. Sung 1253 pasurmas. He is responsible for the renovation of Srirangam Temple and the 7-praharams around. Became a thief to renovate the temple and later due to the Grace of Lord, stopped stealing and became Alvar.

13. Emberumanar-Acharya-Ramanuja: Born at Sri Perumpudur (1017 AC) on his name 108 pasurams were sung by Thiruvarangathamuthanar. Ramunajar established the Vishistadvaitha philosophy and responsible for its foremost position among the Hindu religion. Ramanujar is responsible for Temple renovation and conduct of daily poojas and festivals in orderly form in all the vaishnavite temples. Pleased with the service rendered by Acharya, Arangan took him in his fold in the same form-bootha udal-

These Alvars and Acharyars spent their entire life in propagating Srivaishanavam with total devotion to the Lord. They showed the way for our salvation by Bakthi Marga and totally in unison with the Lord

That is why Arangan is particular in celebrating their thirunakshathras and the reason for His anger and He was perfectly correct.

Emberumanaar established 75-madathipathis to continue the work he has done of maintaining the temples and ashramams and help the disciples to lead the pious life.

It is the practice that during the Sathumurai Alvars’ Daniyans are sung-they are sacred, capable of removing our sins


Saturday, August 22, 2009




I was taking round of my Foreign Friend from States of Srirangam Temple. He is a very respectable person- though Christian he values our Sanadana Dharma in high esteem and has read many books on Hindu Dharma. He saw the beautiful stone arts –carved beautifully and wonderstruck with the temple Architecture. He admired the art and said that if these are there in America-that place will be like Hollywood, Disney land.

Shesharayar mandapam is virtually a museum of stone art. One particular carving- a horse rider sitting on the horse and fighting- the spike piercing the horse body-is to be seen than believed. Dasavathara carvings on pillars, the nude poses of beautiful girls carved skillfully- Are the other attractions in this temple

Each mandapam has its own charming and unique carvings-be it venugoplan sannadhi, Garuda mandapam, Panguni Uttara Sethi Mandapam, Ekadasi chutru-in which carvings depicting the Shrungara rasa from Indian mythology, the exotic pose of male and female-particularly the scene of actual delivery of child from woman carved in pillars - seeing all these my friend could not control the feelings and cried-India is great.

During the round he asked one question- Why in public places like Temples importance is given to exotic poses - especially places like divine sanctity prevails.

Many people have done research work on this subject and have come out their findings. - Hindu Religion is a sanadhana dharma-mingled with our daily life. Our religion does not bar legitimate feelings be it is sex or any other emotions. Emotions should be mingled with Bakthi in pure form is acceptable. You can find these things in the carvings. The same thing is enacted by the Lord- as Krishna in Krishnavathara or Parvathi-Sivan or Manmatha stories. This is the unique concept of our Sanadhana Dharma.

You may observe that all avathars of Vishnu except Krishnavathara-were undertaken to win dharma over adharma. Only in Krishnavathara in which Lord as Krishna came down to live among us-Himself undergoing the emotions of human-mingled with us

Chathurya Bhavana or Shrunkara Rasa or Raja Rasa- is a pure form of love story- mixed with Bhakthi and deep love or bondage between two sexes.

This form is depicted beautifully in the epics. Radha –Krishna episode is a shining example of this form. Here Radha in various expressions exhibited the subtle nature of love, Krishna in Rasa Kreeta with Gopies, Arjuna’s exploits. In unison with this is the settings-Brindvan where nature at its best-butterflies eating honey from the flowers, peacock dancing on seeing the partner, captivating deers roaming freely, trees with fruits, every where green, slight drizzle- this environment intensifies the urge of love.

Coupled with this atmosphere- gentle music from the flute of Krishna -mathura Ganam or divine music- The whole world heaven and earth joined to hear this beauty-Even Lord Sivan stopped His dance to see this exotic scene.

What Krishna showed by this act is how the Love or Premai can be a subtle beauty. In this environment every one forgets themselves and become in unison with the atmosphere. Gopies who wanted this Rasa kreeta for a long time enjoyed fully forgetting their cloths slipping from them. To satisfy their desire Krishna takes on gopis as one Krishna for one Gopi.

Acharyas very emotionally described this scene as: Gopies are none other than devas and Krishna as Srimath Narayanan. They treat themselves as Nayakies and the Lord as Nayaka. We the souls are Nayakies and our God as the Nayakan. In Nalayeram Divya Prabandam many Alwars change themselves as Nayaki in love with that eternal beauty-the Lord as Nayaka.

Swami Desikan describes the sweet smile of Krishna will turn even the Rishis into Female character. Swami Desikan further describes that-Rukmini who has not seen Kannan actually but heard about his beauty vows that she will marry only Krishna even if she has to take many births .- -

Shruthva Gunaan Bhuvana Sundara:

If beauty joins with females-that too innocent beauty- then they become Gopies-That is why Krishna loved them and took them in his fold- Our Acharyas says that we jeevathmas are nayakies and the Paramathma is Nayakan and there is a a subtle bond between the two.

Unlike the Foreigners who express their love outwardly-we treat as a sacred one and express it secretly at appropriate time only-as per the practice down the generation.

Swami Chinmayantha says that the relation between Male and Female sanctified by marriage is sacred and noble. But unethical methods like living as couple without marriage, courting and involving in mixed caste marriages without going through the family background, misusing the freedom etc will only land in unfavorable situations and unhealthy off springs. Good children add to the wealth of a nation. We should not succumb to sexual acts prohibited by our dharma.

For a good off-spring- the Thaithryae Upanishad says:

Matha Purva Rupam. Pitha Uttara Rupam.Praja Sandhi: Prajaanagam
Santhanam Ithyaarthipprajam.

Mother is first. Father the second-karanabhootha. Their relationship-bond-the gift of child. Child born in good environment will always be a good, intelligent and healthy one.

Our marriage mantras also give importance to this aspect. Among them Sapthapathi is very important and jewel.

In this the bridegroom assumes as Maha Vishnu himself. He takes the right leg of the bride to 7-steps (Sapthapathi) in every step he says that I will follow you as shadow and says our marriage life will shine, will never separate and be united by sacred love.

The stone carvings exhibit the symbolism of Hindu culture and its sanctity. The exotic poses reveal the deep Shrungara Rasas. If we look these carvings keeping the above in mind-we will not drift to wrong path.

My Foreign Friend was in total agreement of what explained and admired our culture.


Friday, August 21, 2009




Those who suffered, those who faced innumerable obstacles and those who lost hope of survival used to say this famous word- that they have lost faith in God. Frustrated by repeated failures they say God is a mirage.

We understand their frustration. If we are placed on their position we will be also thinking in the same way. But when their anger subsided and if they calmly think-then some facts will be clear. I will explain the underlying facts through actual happenings in life of many people.

Take the case of Dr.Sculler. He was a famous Christian missionary and Writer. He wrote-Hard times will not remain permanently. Bold person with belief in God will finally succeed. He quotes from his own experience

He was very ordinary person like us. But what he achieved was remarkable and outstanding. With 500-dollars only in his hand he established the Famous Crystal Church in San Francisco.

Once he was traveling by plane to Japan for missionary work. When he was in the plane he received the news that his daughter met with a car accident and in dangerous condition and admitted in intensive care unit of the Hospital. He immediately returned back. In the plane every one pitied the emotionally charged Doctor. He started to think about his daughter-a beautiful girl, very intelligent and very good Soft ball game expert. Dr. Schuler left every thing to God-prayed Him sincerely and told within himself-let God decide what to do.

Hospital Doctors removed her one leg. It was a great loss but neither she worried nor her father. They thanked God for sparing her with this loss. Doctor attached a plastic leg in the place. Her intensive training and faith in God made her to regain her position in the soft ball and also became famous as orator.

To quote from my own experience- I was working in Malaysia as Manager of Birla Mills. Every year my wife and children will visit India foe few weeks. On one occasion when she returned back from her visit, her luggage got struck up at Singapore. Next week when it arrived at Penang we went to take it. While returning from the Airport my car was hit by a bus and it was thrown out and fell in a ditch. While this was happening we were helpless and we prayed our God wholeheartedly. Glass pane was broken, petrol tank burst-but we miraculously escaped from sure death. We saw that our God photos got smashed but God saved us.

What the 44th Jeeyar of Azakiya Singer achieved is standing as a monument at Srirangam- The majestic Rajagopuram-250 feet height-the tallest Gopuram in Asia. One night God Rangan appeared in dream and asked the Jeer to complete the Rajagopuram which was lying in incomplete state for centuries. It was a momentous task since not in lakhs but in crores money was required.

Undaunted without much money on his hand he started the work putting every thing on God. Soon money poured from all directions and the dream of Jeer became a reality.

I can quote another incident.

At Bangalore my friend was employed in a multi-national company but due to bad company he started to drink heavily and lost his eyes also. At that God came to his help through his close relative. He was able to get his elder daughter married and his sons studied well and are employed in States.

Take the case of a famous Base ball player. His average income in the game ran into millions of dollars per year. But since he did not plan his life properly, broken marriage etc he lost every thing what he earned- On the contrary- Mrs. Margaret was an ordinary School Teacher with annual income of 20,000 dollars planned her life meticulously. She put her savings in good shares. At the time of her retirement she got lot of money through the shares which she gave liberally to churches and poor destitute homes.

In our own country the story of M.K. Thiagaraja Bhagavathar is well-known. He was the Super star of Easter years. His income ran into many crores in those days but he died as a destitute man penniless.

If we analyze the basic points:-

1.We must have complete faith in God and also our thoughts should be pure.
2.We must have positive thinking and prepared to work hard to achieve our goals.

Take for example Henry Ford. He was an ordinary mechanic in a factory. Once a Scientist visited his factory. Ford boldly approached him and asked him whether it was possible to run a car with gasoline. He said.

He took his word as gospel and worked 10-years to produce a car with gasoline. He never forgot God or the Scientist.

3.Are you worried that you are getting obstacles after obstacles. Do you wish to achieve some thing in life-say a poor man shelter and you are not having required money for the expenses per day including food comes to Rs.9000/-

For this there is a mantra: from 1 to 10

If one man bears the entire expenses it will come to Rs. 9000/-
If 2 Rs. 4000/-
If 10 Rs. 900/-
If 50 Rs 180/-
If 100 Rs. 90/-
If 1000 Rs. 9/-

Even a coolie can contribute Rs. 9.

What in western countries call as positive thinking- our religion says Good time, total devotion of God and His grace

There will not be always bad times, good time will come as a cycle, and you have to wait with total devotion to the Lord.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009




When I resumed my daily visit to Temple- Arangan asked me-I did not see you during my vedupari utsavam-where have you gone?

Swami you know every thing! Many people told that original vedupari is the one held at Thiruvali-Thirunagari. So I was eager to see how it is different from Srirangam.

Have you seen? What is the difference? Rangan asked.

Thirumangai Mannan was born at Thirunagari... Further the Sthala Puranam says:

Karthikae kruthikajatham Chathushkavisikamanim
Shatpravanthakruthim Sarangasutheem Kaliyamasrayae//

From childhood Thirumangai attracted towards Bhagavan. He used to visit many temples and sing in praise of the Lord. Along with his he used to take 4 –disciples: Thola Vazakkan- he will attract many people by his capacity to talk sweetly. 2. Thal Thuvan – by his mere blowing air from his nose-he can open any lock. 3. Nizalai Mithippan- When he put his leg on any one’s shadow- that man will loose all his energy. 4. Neermel Nadappan- He can walk over water.

Taking these 4- disciples Thirumangai visited many temples and finally came to Srirangam. There he saw the temple in depilated condition. Seeing the temple full of bushes and thorns Kaliyan felt very sad. He took a vow that he will renovate the temple and build walls around the temple. But he was not having any money

He told about his idea and asked people's help but no one bothered. He approached many rich people-they not only scolded him but also started to call him as thief.

Angered by this setback- Kaliyan consulted his 4-disciples. They assured him all help. Kaliyan thought-when people called him as thief-why not he becomes a thief and loot these people for a good cause. From that day Kaliyan started to steal money from travelers, from rich people. Soon he became very rich person. All his wealth he poured to renovate the Srirangam Temple.

With the help of thousands of silpies, he toiled to finish the first prahara in 6-years. Like this in 60 years he built the Srirangam temple- what it is to-day. When he finished the 7-Praharas his age was 80. At this stage the temple became popular and many kings offered various ornaments and other kainkaryas.

Kaliyan lived a simple life, prepared food for him by himself and offer to the Lord and stayed at the feet of the Lord. He spent all his wealth to the temple and kept nothing with him. But some of his group suspected his integrity and wanted to finish him off. Hearing their scheme, he called his disciple Neermel Nadappan and said something in his ear.

After some time a boat was ready. Neelmel Nadappan gathered all the dissidents and told them that the aged Kaliyan has kept his wealth at the opposite bank (north side) of the river and he knows that place. So saying he took all of them in the boat and sailed towards north. In the middle wind and rain poured. At that time he made the boat to sink and all of them died. Kaliyan told Lord has taken his children and henceforth let us leave this job-thus the name-Kollidam- was born for cauvery.

When Kaliyan was passing through the forest. He saw 2-persons- one male and one female were passing at the same time. They were none other than Lord Renganatha and Thayar- Kaliyan was not aware since they were dressed as human-man and woman. Unable to suppress his old habit he started looting them. They gave all that they have brought. Not satisfied with that he asked the ring -the man was wearing.

The man asked Kaliyan to remove the same from His finger. Kaliyan tried his best to remove. Unable to succeed he tried to remove by his teeth. At that time there was a spark and Kaliyan realized that they are Lord Renganatha and Thayar. With tears he prostrated before them. Lord took him by His hand and taught the Ashtakshara Mantram and called him as Thirumangai Alwar.

This incident is re-enacted every year at Srirangam and Thiruvali-Thirunagari-the birth place of Thiumangai Alwar and called as Vedupari.

Thirumangai Alwar sung 1263 pasurams and occupied foremost place among the Alwars. In one pasuram Alwar was crying to the Lord

Vadinaen Vadi Varunthinaen manathal perumthuyar edumbaiyel piranthu
Koodinanen Koodieliyavar Thammo davartharum kalaviyae karuthi
Odinaen Odiyavvathor porulal unarvenum perumpthan therinthu
Nadinaen Nadi Naan kandukondaen Narayanavennum thirunamam //

Thiruvali is near Seerkazi. There is a separate sannadi for Thirumangai Alwar. There is a sannadi for the Lord Narasimha moorthy –whom the Alwar always worshipped. Alwar appears here as Vedan and Moolavar is Vayalali Manavalan.

Exactly at 12-midnight the festival will begin. Thirumangai Mannan with his disciples-holding torches will run one KM through jungle path and reach the nearby Vedharajapuram. There Kalyana Rangan with Amruthavalli Thayar-decorated with jewels and ornaments will be standing expecting Thirumangai Mannan. At 1.00 AM Mannan looting the ornaments from Lord and Lord teaching the Ashtakshara Mantram to Mannan and henceforth he is called as Alwar- Enacted with religious zeal and enthusiasm- Words fail to describe this event-we have to actually see to believe.

After describing the above event I looked at Rangan-He nodded.

The replica of this event is held at Srirangam every year. The important aspect is the Kona Vaiyali- Rangan going cris- cross the path. Thousands of people will throng to witness this event in both the places.

You have to live at Srirangam for a full year to enjoy the bliss and the festivals- we were fortunate.



Tuesday, August 18, 2009




Renga! I am very angry with you.

Why this anger? When ever you come for my dharsan I am giving you to your heart content. I am coming to your street itself to give you my dharsan. At times you get theertha prasadam and Chadarri. If you are not getting Chadari regularly-that it is not my fault- Battars are responsible. Then why this anger? Asked Arangan.

My anger is not for this- Swami. I am visiting you for the last 10-years. I have read many religious books about you and have gone through Prabhandam several times and you have got the unique distinction of all Alwars sung in praise of you- still…………

What is this still? Asked Arangan.

Swami! I have worshipped you in different vahanams, with different alankarams and jewels, with vairamudi, rathnangi etc and seen many people totally engrossed on you like Ramanuja, swami desikan, Thondaradi podi Alwar, Thirupanalwar, Nammalwar and so on but still……..

What is your problem? I will try to solve the same-replied Rengan.

Swami I have lot of doubts which I will explain below.

Those who are born and living in Srirangam seem to be having ego both in talk about you and in action concerning you. When new comers like me come to worship you they take preference and when we ask some doubts they see sarcastically and don’t want to listen from us about our experience about you.-as if they know everything and we are just passers by.

Arangan asked me-have you heard about Thondaradipodi Alwar? And his Tirumalai. No swami!
Don’t you know that thirumalai ariyar Thirumalai ariyar

In that one verse is:

PachaiMa malaipol Meni Pavalavazai Chengan
Achutha! Amara Raer Ayartham Koyunthae! Ennum
Echuvai thavira yanpozai indira logamalum
Achuvai Perinum Vendaen ArangaMa nagarulanae//

Like Alwar people who are born and living here for a long time come to me in the early morning to have my Viswarupa Dharsanam- remain to see my purapadu till night Aravanai and again come early next morning. They never miss any festival throughout the year-such is their devotion to me. Have you ever come like this?
No Swami!

You also do like that-you will also get that ego-said rengan and asked me my next problem.

I have worshipped You innumerable times and many times I accompanied my wife-who is born at Srirangam- and a total devotee of you. I am not able to enjoy the -way she is enjoying on seeing you.

This is not your fault. This quality of your wife is in born for those born at Srirangam- for this you need not worry-I am happy that you are eager to see me-that is enough-but when you come don’t ask me that you want this and that-have my dharsan to your heart content.

What is your next problem?

Swami-I am ashamed of myself. Though my grandfather was an Expert in our sampradaya, Vedas and prabandams-due to non-attraction in younger days I was not able to learn from him anything. My wife daily by heart recites several slokas-but my pronunciation and knowledge are very poor and ashamed to recite in public or loudly any.

Arangan answers- Don’t worry about this deficiency in you. Most of the people coming to see me are also ignorant like you. But I will tell you one secret- Daily tell Vishnu Sahasra Namam. You may pronounce my name wrongly-does not matter-your devotion is enough.

It seems that you are still having many doubts- It is afternoon, there will not be much crowd and the Bhattar will come only at 3.30 PM- clear all your doubts.

I know what you are thinking- in spite of having my dharsans all these days still there is no contentment in your mind unlike you had in younger days when I was as Srinivasa of Tirupathi-Is that your problem?

I was wonderstruck.

As Lord Srinivasa-when I was just coming up-He gave a big hand to uplift me and made all of us to enjoy His Kalyan Utsavam, Brahmotsavam, Sahasra Kalashabishekam, Thirupavadai.

Akala killaen eraiyum En Ralarmel Mangaiyuraimar Ba!
Nigaril Pugazai Ulagamunrudaiyaiz Ennai Alwaanae!
Nigaril Amarar Munikanangal Virumbum Thiruvengadathanae!
Pugazlonrumilla Adiyaen Un Adikizyamarunthu Pugunathaene!!

That happiness and contentment- I am not finding here- Why-I asked in spite of my dharsan of you in various forms. When I approach you closely and feel that I had my dharsan to my heart content-but the moment I leave you I am having a feeling that I have missed something- Why Swami?

That is a big secret- what your elders, Alwars were asking- you are asking the same. I saw you here for the last 10-years- I ask you one question? What you have seen in me?

Swami-what I have not seen- I have seen the whole world in you. How can I describe your beauty, charm and smiles, kasturi tilakam, neelanayakan padakkam, rengavimana padakkam , your muthangi seva, your rathnangi seva, the small black dot in your cheek, the diamond studded poonal, the magnetic attraction of your eyes, the feet at which scores of people want to surrender, the vairamudi, Pandyan kondai, Sayakondai, Aswagadi, Simmhagadi, Vaiyali, Karpurapadi Erram, Salladai Thirumanchanam, Kalpaka Viruksha seva, poochathi seva, Pralaya kalakam, Serthi Seva

Still I am having a feeling that I have missed something-
Arangan smiled at me.

Madapusi Jagannathan

Monday, August 17, 2009




Vaikunda Ekadasi festivals usually will be held in the month of Margazi for 22 days.It is divided into 2-Pagal Pathu and Rappathu. Pagal pathu including vaikunda ekadasi for 11-days and rappathu with Namalwar Moksham for 11 days. At that time Namperumal along with all Alwars will be in the Arjuna Mandapam for the first 11 days and at thousand pillar mandapam for the next 11 days. Both will hear the Arayar Sevai-when from Prabhandam-Thirunedunthandakam and Thiruvaimozi will be recited with dance by Arayar.

I also used to attend the festival. At one time when I was hurriedly going to Arjuna Mandapam I saw somebody following with a call to stop. I looked back and to my wonder He was Arangan ! Where are you going so fast? He asked. You said that you are attending this festival for 9-long years. Have you seen my Simmha Gadhi and Aswa Gadhi?

You have seen in all these days Ramanuja used to accompany me with Nammalwar. I note that you are thinking about Ramanuja and his contribution to Vaishanvam. Go to Udayavar Sannadhi and attend the Sathumurai- He ordered.

Acharya Ramanujar-called as Udayavar, Sri Bhashyakarar- has done a yeoman service to Sri Vaishnavam. His works cannot be measured by words. Establishing the Vishistadvaitha Philosophy-he brought Temple activities and festivals to an order. Swami Desikan compared him to Naygamani- best among the diamonds- it means that if our Poorvachariars are jewels then Ramanuja is Nayagamani among them.

Amuna Thapanaadhisayi Bhoomna Yathirajaena Nipatha Nayaga Sri/
Mahathi Guru Bhangthi Harayashti Vibhathaanaam Hirudhayangamaa Vibhathi //

Garland makers while preparing jewel studded garland always keep the Rathna called- Nayagamani. That jewel will enhance the beauty of the Garland 10-fold. Like that Acharya Ramanuja with manifold shines like Sun among the Acharyas-says Swami Desikan.

He lived for 120-years spreading our philosophy through out the world. Whenever Ramanuja asked permission to leave this world Lord Ranganatha said no. At last he gave permission when he was 120 years.

Ramanuja called all his disciples –asked them not to brood over his disappearance-instead follow his advices listed below:-

1. All Vaishnavas should respect their Guru and do service to him as done by his elders.
2. They should bring the advice of his Guru in to practice.
3. By wearing the Urthwapundaram ( Namam ) and doing things against the dharma-he will not be called Sree Vaishnava.
4. Don’t succumb to worldly pleasures.
5. By reading the sastras is not enough-you should bring into practice what they advice yhou.
6. Knowing this world alone is not enough-you must go little deep and know Bhagavan and His acts and how Acharyas enjoyed His beauty.
7. Forget your bad experience and happenings- Emotionalluy you attach with Him and utter His names-They will be like Amrutham and sweet.
8. Calling you as Vaishnavam-then cultivate hatred, jealousy and anger cannot make you vaishnavan.
9. Service to your Acharya and downtrodden equals to service to God.
10. In a day reserve one hour for SathSang-If possible go to your Acharya and hear his Pravachanaml
11. If this is not possible hear the Pasurams and Pravachanams in you house itself.
12. Always seek the friendship of Bhagavathothamas and Elders who do service to God.
13. Don’t succumb the sweet words and directions of Pashanda religions.
14. Don’t succumb to people who treat God as mere stone and your Acharya is an ordinary citizen.
15. Don’t treat Ganga and Cauvary as mere rivers-they are medicines to remove you sins. Like wise don’t treat your Purohit as mere Vadyar.

After finishing the above advices Ramanuja asked his disciples for any clarification.They asked him that after he disappears they need directions to attain salvation.

Ramanuja said:-

1. Those who surrender at the feet of Lord-should not fear about the future. The future will be according to the Punyam and sins and like wise his next birth also. There is no use of brooding over this.
2. In this life-hence from this time onwards take a vow that you will only do good things. Study Sri Bhashya-share this with others. If not study Namalwar’s Divya Prabhandam-Titruvai Mozei. If even this is not possible live in a cottage at Yadhavthri. Even this is not possible in your place itself utter his namavali. Even that is not possible catch hold of a true Vaishnavan and follow him.
3. Findout your true friend. Those who hate God are your enemies. Distance your self from people who succumb to worldly pleasures,

The great Ramanuja who gave us the philosophy of Visihtadvaitham-who gave the Sri Bhashya-who made Temple Activities in an orderly way lives for ever to guide us.

Even today many of us are confused about this philosophy-but Ramanmuja cleared this.
Lord Narayanan is the Supreme God. Our body and Athma belongs to Him. He is Yajamanan of them. We are His servants. Our identity is different and our body and soul are under his command like:-

Take the mango. Though it is one-it contains itself-colour, smell, fibre. Nut etc each is different but together it is called Mango but has separate identity- that is called Advaitham or duality as propounded by Sankara

Ramanuja went further- though Athma and body are separate-yet they are under the control of Bhagavan-called Non-Dualism.

When we think about those who lived at his period-they are very fortunate. Ramanuja lived for 60-years in Srirangam and made it as Bhooloka Vaikundam. During this period he established 74-madathipathis and spread Vaishnavam throughout the world, made temple worship easy and orderly. Even if we adopt some in our life-we get salvation.

When I entered Udayavar Sannadhi-Sathumurai was going on. Arangan sent me intime to get theertha Prasadam.

Saturday, August 15, 2009




fter earning for our livelihood and providing for the family-at one stage we must look back. We must plan our future-how far we have come and how far we have to go further. For all these questions our Sastra has provided answers.

To understand this you should have time and maturity but instead of waiting for that time we should start little by little when we are hale and healthy and bring them into practice. If we do that we will have peace, satisfaction and fresh energy.

In our Dharma, the first thing we should do is to pay our respects to our Guruparampara. Any good things done in the house or any place we give importance to this- first Matha, then pitha and the third is Guru are given importance. We elaborate this subject further by quoting from Geetha.

In the Charama Sloka Lord Krishna says:-

Sarva Dharman Parithyajya Maam Ekam Charanam Vraja
Aham Dwa Sarva Bhabaebyo Mokshayishyame Maa Sucha:

Leave all other Dhramas and surrender unto me – I will protect you from all sins and take you to my abode.

Through Geetha the Lord has shown easy way to reach Him. That is- If you surrender at his feet with total devotion- He takes the responsibility to protect you.. Some People adopt Bhakthi Yoga, some Karma yoga-to all these people I am at a distance to reach. says Krishna And it will take many long years.

Bhagavan says- that inspite of taking different Avatars and sending Alwars to this world to bring this mankind to understand me – I am unable to succeed in this mission fully. Therefore I am sending Acharyas to do this work, Himself standing at the first step followed by His consort Laxmi.

When Narada visited Krishna’s abode he saw Lord Krishna was praying in the pooja room. Narada asked Krishna –you are the Lord for the whole universe, you are worshipped by the whole world, then how come this act. Krishna showed the box which he was worshipping. It contains the sacred Patha thulies ( mud ) of His bhakthas and acharyas.

Such is the importance He gives to the Guruparamparai.

In Vaishnavam we follow the direction given by Acharya Ramanuja
Each generation expresses its devotion and gratitude to its acharya in a unique composition called a dhaniyan, declaring his grace and surrendering to him. The dhaniyans listed here are for both the guru-sishya and the direct familial linearge .
Ramanuja initiated Acharya Parampari:- Among them important to us are:-

1. Ahobilam.
2. Srimad Andavan Ashramam ( Periandavan )
3. Poundarikapuram Andavan.
4. Parakalamadam

In this there are some common to both Vadakalai and Thenkalai Sampradaya.
From Peria Perumal to Ramanuja:-

1. Peria Perumal.
2. Peria Piratti.
3. Senai Mudaliar
4. Namalwar
5. Srimad Natha Munigal
6. Uyyakondar
7. Manakkal Nambi
8. Alawandar
9. Peria Nambi
10. Ramanujar

Next From Udayavar toSwami Desikan:=

1. Thirukurikai Piran.
2. Engalalwar.
3. Nadathoor Ammal.
4. Appullar
5. Sri Nigamantha Desikar

Next From Desikar to Sri Gopala desika

1. Desikar
2. Kumara Vardachariar.
3. Kadikachalam Ammal.
4. Adivan Sadagopa Ytheinthra Maha Desikan
5. Shashta Parangusa Swami
6. Sri Dadha Desikan
7. Velamur Rengaramanuja Mahadesikar
8. Sakshath Swami
9. Thirukudanthai Mahadesikan

From here the paramparai has branched out: As an example Poundarikapuram Ashramam: Guruparamparai will be:

1. Srimathae Gopaladesika mahadesikaya nama:
2. Srimathae Srinivasa Mahadesikaya nama:
3. Srimathae Renganatha mahadesikaya Nama:
4. Srimathae Srinivasa mahadesikaya Nama:
5. Srimathae Narayana mahadesikaya nam:
6. Srimathae Srinivasa Mahadesikaya nama:
7. Srimathae Vedantha ramanuja mahadesikaya nama:
8. Srimathae Gopalarya Mahadesikaya Nama:
9. Srimathae Nikamantha Mahadesikaya Nama:
10. Srimathae Bhagavathae Bhashyakaraya Mahadesikaya Nam:
11. Srimarth Yamuna munayae nama:
12. Srimath Natha munayae Nama:
13. Srimathae Vagulabhushana Mahadesikaya Nama:

Dhaniyans common to all SriVaishanavas:

Lakshmeenaathasamaarambhaam naaTHayaamunamaDHyamaam
asmadhaachaaryaparyanthaam vandhe guruparamparaam


yo nithyam achyutha padhaambuja yugma rukma
vyaamohathas thadhitharaaNi thrNaayamene
asmadhguror bhagavathoasya dhayaikasinDHoh
raamaanujasya charaNau sharaNam prapaDHye

Manakkaal Nambigal

aythantho yaamunamaathmadhaasam alakarpathraaparNa iSHkrayeNa
yah kreethavaanaasTHitha yauvaraajyam namaamitham raamam ameyasthvam


namah pangkaja nethraaya naatha shree paadha pangkaje
nyastha sarva bharaayaa asmath kula naathaaya dheemathe

Naathamunigal (by Aalavandhaar)

namo achinthyaadhbhuthaaklishta gnyaanavairaagya raashaye
naaThaaya manyegaadha bhagavadh bhakthi sindhave

Nammaazhvaar (also by Aalavandhaar)

maathaa pithaa yuvathayasthanayaa vibhoothih
sarvam yadheva niyamena madhanvayaanaam
aaDHyaasya nah kulapathervakuLaabhiraamam
shreemaththadhangghriyugaLam praNamaami moorDHnaa

Vishvaksena (by Paraashara Bhattar)

shree rangga chandhramasamindhiraya viharthum
vinyasya vishvachidhachinnayanaaDHikaaram
yo nirvahathyanisham angguli mudhrayaiva
senaanyamanya vimukhaasthamashishriyaam

After Vishvaksena (Senai Mudhaliyaar), the dhaniyans given are for the dieties of Thiruvarangam, Thiruvehgaa and Thiruvengkatam.

Shree Ranga Naachiyaar (by Paraashara Bhattar)

namah shree rangganaayakyai yadhbroo vibhrama bhedhatha
eesheshi thavya viSHamya nimnonnatham itham jagath

Srirangam Periya PerumaaL (by Paraashara Bhattar)

shree sthanaabharaNam theja shree ranggeshaayam aashraye
chinthaamaNim ivodhvaantham uthsangge anantha bhoginah

Thiruvengkatamudayaan (Tirupati)

shree vengkatesha dhayithaam shriyam ghataka bhaavathah
samaashrithya vrShaadhreesha charaNau sharaNam shraye

Perundheviyaar (Kanchipuram)

akaraathraya smpannaam aravindha nivaasineem
asheSHa jagadheeshithreem vandhe varadhavallabhaam

Perarulaalan (Varadaraja of Kanchipuram)

varadham dhviradhaadhreesham shreenidhim karuNaanidhim
sharaNyam sharaNam yaami praNathaarTiIharam harim

Madapusi Jagannathan.

Friday, August 14, 2009




Casually I saw the Panchankam. Poochathi Utsavam for Arangan will start after 2-days. I wanted to utilize the gap and go to Kanchi and have a dharsan of Varadan and nearby temple. When I reached Kanchi I was suffering with severe fever.

Unable to open my eyes with acute pain-I was praying to Varadan, left every thing to Him and went to sleep. The next day when I woke up, the fever has vanished and I was feeling fresh with renewed energy. Varadan answered my prayer-as the case in all other people. Varadan is Varadan-full of compassion.

First we visited- Ashtabuyakaram – temple. Swami Desikan described vividly about this presiding deity in his Ashtabujashtakam as

Prabhanna Jana Pathaeyam Prabhithsunam Rasayanam
Sreyasae Jagathamethath Sreemad Ashtabujashtakam

This temple and the presiding Deity with his 8- hands is a boon to all of us who have done Prabathi and looking forward to the abode of Narayana-is offering food all the way till reach His abode. Also this medicine removes all our sufferings. Reenergize and rejuvenate us, gives us the required strength, removes from us all the sins- says Swami Desikan.

With weapons in 8-hands Ashtabujashtakan saved the yaga of Brahma from Asuras. Looking majestic-Adi Kesavan as He is called gives dharsan to us with Alarmel Mangai Thayar by his side . Acharyar-Manvala Mamunigal and Swami Desikar have sung in praise of the Lord.

Next we went to- Velirukkai Temple. The Lord of this temple is-Narasingan- Praised by Upanishads and Vedas.

Sruthinaam mutharam bagam Vegavathyach cha Dakshinam
Kama Dadivasan Jayath Kachi Dadbhutha Kesari
Kamakchi Ashtakam

What a wonderful sight- To protect the Bhakthas- at the southern side of vegavathi river- with Lion’s head and human body stands majestically with thayar Verukkaivalli.

Lord Krishna went as a representative of Pandavas to Duryodhana to negotiate with him over the kingdom dispute. Duryodhana has other plans. He wanted to finish him off. But Krishna aware of his design showed him his Viswaroopa Dharsan. What he looked at that time-can be seen at Thiruppadakam Temple. Lord as Padava Dhoothar in sitting position with Rukmini and Sathya Bhama- wonderful experience.

In Kali yuga if we want to have dharsan of Lord as Ulagalantha Perumal that can be satisfied at the temple-Thiru Uragam- In this temple you can see other sannadis-Neeragam, Karagam, Karvanam.

To remove all our obstacles and sufferings-the best place is Vega Sethu-Yathothkari Perumal or Sonna Vannam Seytha Perumal or Thiru Vekka

Ekam Vegavathi Madhyae Hasthi Sailae cha thrusyathae
Ubhaya Pala Bhanaena Swayam Vyaktham param Maha //

Lord put himself across the river to save the yagam of Brahma and also helping the anger of Saraswathi to reduce.

Also- when the king asked his disciple-Kari Kannan to leave the place-Thirumayezai Alwar asked the Lord also to roll his bed and start with them to leave-hence the name Sonna Vannam Seytha Perumal

After completing our visit to Temples at Kancheevaram we reached the sannadhi of Varadan. He was in Mirror Room along with Sridevi and Bhudevi. Just before entering this place my mind occupied with the thoughts- how God has helped to aliviate our suffering by remaining with as Lord Ranganatha at Srirangam, as Perarulalan at Kanchi and Lord Srinivasa at Tirupathi.

Our Elders call all the three temples as

Arangan – Arulalan – Malayappan

Aranhgam- Hasthagiri-Tirupathi

Bhoga Mandapam- Thiyaga Mandapam- Pushpa Mandapam

Pranavakara Vimanam- Punyakodi Vimanam- Ananda Vimanam

We came as Bhakthas of Arangan- Varadan welcomed us with open heart and asked the Battar of all the Temples in and around Kanchi to keep the Temples open and made us to enjoy the Divya Seva of Lord. I was wonderstruck with the compassion of Varadan

Sreenidhim AbharamarthanamArthithana Parithana Deeptham
Sarva Bhootha Sukrutham Dayanidhim Devarajam Adhirajamachrayae//

Like a nidhi to Perundevi Thayar, to those who came to him for help-he gave all that was wanted-taken a vow to protect His subjects-Full of Compassion- To this Lord I bow my head.

Varadan gave us Ramanuja-thus saving Vaishnavam

Athagiri Puramal vandar- Aanaiparitherilmel- vandar - Azagar vandar kachidanil kankodukkum Perumal vandar- On hearing this couplet from Swami Desikan, vardan gave him one of His Symbol- He gave that Desikan to us.

Like Srirangam, Kanchi is famous and very important for Vaishnavam. Many Rulers were desiples of varadan, many Alwars sung in praise of Varadan. Both Brahma and Sage Naradar worshipped Varadan. His beauty is unmatched and unsurpassed.

At Srirangam is sleeping posture, at Kanchi and Tirupathi in standing posture. At Sri Kurmam in Varaha Avatar with Bhooma Devi at his nose at Ahobilam as Narasingam –like all these postures are shown to us in Kanchi by the grace of Varadan

I returned to Srirangam with renewed energy and fresh by the Grace of Varadan.