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Lord Krishna explains the yoga of the Indestructible BRAHMA. Revealing that one attains whatever one remembers at the end of one's life, The Lord explains the utmost importance of the very last thought at time of death. He gives information on the creation of the material worlds as well as establishing a distinction between them and the spiritual world. Here he explains the light and dark paths in regards to leaving this material existence, the destination to which they each lead to and the reward received by each.

Arjuna raises the question of Absolute, Spirit, Karma and matter and Devine intelligence and asks Krishna (Brahma, Adyatma, Karma, Adhibhuta and Adhidaiva)

Lord said: The supreme indestructible is Brahma, one’s own soul is adhyatma and the discharge of spirits, which brings forth the existence of beings, is called karma.

All perishable objects are Adhibhuta; the shining Purusha (Brahma) is Adhidaiva and in this body I Myself dwelling as the inner witness, I am Adhiyajna.

He who departs from the body, thinking of Me alone even at the time of death-attains Me.

At the time of death, if one thinks differently he will attain that.

Think of Me at all times and do your duty and you will surely reach me.

He who with his mind disciplined through meditation and thinking of me alone attains the Supreme divine bliss.

Having the power of yoga firmly held the life breath in the space between the two eyebrows even at the time of death and with steadfast mind full of devotion- such a man reaches that supreme divine purusha.

I shall tell now about the Supreme goal- God who is the embodiment of Truth, knowledge and bliss which the veda terms as indestructible, which striving recluses free from passion enter, and desiring the celibates practice Brahmascharya.

Having closed all the doors of the senses and firmly mediating on me chanting OM and dwelling on Me- he reaches the supreme goal.

Great souls who have attained the highest perfection, having come to me are no more subjected to rebirth.

All embodied beings emanate from the unmanifest at the cosmic day; at the cosmic nightfall, they merge into the same subtle body of Brahma.

Beyond this unmanifest there exists a Supreme Divine person who never perishes..

The eternal Supreme Purusha is attainable only through exclusive devotion.

At all times be steadfast in yoga in the form of equanimity, realizing this profound truth, doubtless transcends all the rewards prescribed in the Vedas as well as to the performance of sacrifices, austerities and charities and attain the Supreme state.


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