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No one- neither Gods nor great sages know the secret of my birth. For all of them I am the prime cause in all respects.

I am birth less and without beginning and standing as the Supreme Lord of the universe-un affected by changes, undeluluded among men.

Reason, right knowledge, unclouded understanding, forbearance, veracity, control over the senses and mind, joy and sorrow, evolution and dissolution, fear and fearlessness, ahimsa, fame and obloquy, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity-all these diverse trends emanate from Me alone.

The seven great sages, their four elders, 14 manus were born of my will.

I am the source of all creation and everything in the world moves because of Me. Those who no this secret worship me constantly and finally reach me.

In order to shower my Grace on them, I, dwelling in their heart, dispel the darkness born out of ignorance.

I am the transcendent eternal, the supreme Abode, the greatest purifier, divine purusha, the primal deity, unborn and all pervading.

There is no limit to my magnitude.

I am the universal self-seated in the heart of all beings; I alone am the beginning and middle and the end of all beings.

I am the Vishnu- among 12 sons of Aditi and the sun among the luminaries; I am the glow of the Maruts and the moon among the stars.

I am the Samaveda, I am the Indira, I am the mind, and I am the consciousness in living beings.

I am Siva, I am the Kubera, I am the lord of Fire, and I am the Meru Mountain.

I am the chief Prajapati, I am Skanda-chief warrior, and I am the ocean.

I am Brigu, I am the syllable OM, I am the sacred Mantra and I am the Himalaya.

I am the Aswatha tree, I am among the celestial sages-Narada, among the celestial musicians- hitraratha and the great siddha sage Kapila.

I am the celestial horse Ucchaisrasva, the mighty elephant Airavatha and among the king, I am above all. I am the best weapon-the thunder bolt, I I am Kamadenu-the celestial cow, among the serpents- Vasuki, I am Anantha-the serpent God, I am Ary7ama and Yama, I am Time, I am lion, and I am the Garuda.

I am the beginning and end of all creations, of sciences, I am the science of soul or metaphysics, in disputants, and I am the right type of reasoning.

Among the sounds represented by the first letter I am A, of different kinds of compounds in grammar, I am the copulative compound, I am verily the endless Time, I am the sustainer of all-having my face on all sides.

I am the destroying death that snatches all and the origin of all that shall be born. Among the women, I am Kirti, Sri, Smriti, Medha, Dhrti, and Ksama.

I am the Srutis, I am the Brahatsama, I am the Gayathri, I am the month of Margasira and I am among the six seasons-Vasantham.

I am gambling among deceitful practices, I am the glory of all glorious, victory of the victorious, resolve of resolute, goodness of good.

I am Krishna among the Vrsnis, Vyasa among the sages and Sukracharya among the wise.

I am the subduing powers in rulers, righteousness who seek to conquer, custodian in the shape of reticence, wisdom of the wise.

I am the seed of all life, no limit to my divine manifestation. I stand holding the entire universe by a fraction of my Yogic power.

Thus, ends the tenth chapter entitled-The Yoga of Divine glories-The Science of Brahma, the scripture on yoga.


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