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19. Ajha Ekadasi.

19. Ajha Ekadasi.

Purattasi Krishna Ekadasi is called Ajha Ekadasi. If we observe fast on this ekadasi, our sins committed in the previous birth will vanish. King Harishchandra lost his wealth, wife and child. He was also asked to work under a Worker of a burial ground.

Harishchandra met a sage- Gouthama and he advised him to observe fast on purattasi Krishna Ekadasi-called Ajha Ekadasi. The king did like that and was freed from all his troubles.

20. Padmanabha Ekadasi.

Purattasi Sukla Ekadasi is called- Padmanabha Ekadasi. There lived a king called Manthatha. He ruled his state very efficiently and in just manner. He did not commit any sins. Unfortunately, there was no rain for three years. His subjects were facing difficulties due to this and begged for redressing their grievances.

The King went to the forest, met Angirasa Sage, and sought his advice. The sage told that in his kingdom one person is doing a penance after leaving his religion and adopting another one. He should be killed-that is the remedy.

The King is a kind person, was not willing to do this, and asked alternate way. The sage advised the king to undergo fast on Purattasi Sukla Ekadasi-called Padmanabha Ekadasi. The king did this and had plenty of rains.

21. Indira Ekadasi.

Ippasi Krishna Ekadasi is called indira Ekadasi. A King named Indirasenan ruled the state of Mahishmathipuri. Sage Naradar came to his kingdom and met the king. He told the King that his father is undergoing sufferings in Yamaloka. He asked Naradar to convey his son that he should observe fast on this Ekadasi day and release him from this suffering.

Accordingly, the king went to Saligram, observed fast on Ippasi Ekadasi, and performed the rites for his father. His father reached heaven and blessed the king.


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16. Sayini Ekadasi

16. Sayini Ekadasi

Adi Sukla Ekadasi is called Sayini Ekadasi. The story relates to Lord Narayana’s Thiruvikrama Avathara. He sent Bali Chakaravarthi to pathala Loka where he kept His figure on his back. He took another form at Parkadal in the pose of sleeping. He went to sleep in the month of Adi and woke up in the month of Karthika. Adi, Avani, Purattasi and Ipasi- these 4-months are called Chathur masya.

In the month of Avani, we should not eat vegetables, in the month of Purattasi-no curd, in the month of Ippasi-no milk, in the month of Karthikai-no dals. During Sayani Ekadasi if we donate Light (vilakku) it will be good.

17. Kamika Ekadasi.

Avani Krishna Ekadasi is called Kamika Ekadasi. Those who observe fast in this Ekadasi will certainly reach heaven. On this day, we have to do pooja with Thulasi leaves. This will be equal to Swarna Danam. During this time if we light the deepam with ghee and present dheepam to Brahmins, you can get kodi punya.

18. Puthratha Ekadasi.

Avani Sukla Ekadasi is called puthratha Ekadasi. Once King Mahijith ruled the state of Mahishmathipuri. Though he got everything- he did not have any heir to his throne and was very much depressed. He called the Elders and said that to his knowledge he has not committed any sin, then why he is unfortunate in not having a son. The Elders went to forest and met a sage-Lomesar. He told that the king has committed a sin in his previous birth. He was a Businessman in the previous birth. To sell his goods he used to travel to many places. Once while doing so he was very thirsty and wanted water.

He saw a river-where a cow was drinking water. He drove the cow away and drank the water. That sin is responsible for the king’s present state and asked him to observe fast on Avani Sukla Ekadasi and he got a wonderful boy. Hence, this Ekadasi is called puthratha Ekadasi.


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Ani Krishna Ekadasi is called Apara Ekadasi. In the day we should pray the Lord- Thiruvikrama and observe fast. If we this whatever sins committed like-false witness, Guru criticism, murdering a Brahmin resulting in sins-Brahma Hathi etc will be removed. We will get the fruits- of taking bath in Prayagai, Fasting at Kasi during sivarathri, offering pinda pradanam at Gaya, visiting Badraikashramam etc by observing fast during the Apara Ekadasi.


Ani Sukla Ekadasi is called Nirjala Ekadasi. Dharmar approached Veda Vyasar and asked how to eradicate the sins due to Kali. The sage told only by observing fast during Ekadasi is the only way to eradicate sins committed during kali. On hearing this Bheema enquired- my brothers and mother observe this Ekadasi and ask me also to join.

But I could not do it because in my stomach exists one Viruga fire. It has to be fed lot of food but in year I can observe one Ekadasi and asked which Ekadasi can best be observed. Vyasar adviced him the Nirjala Ekadasi-without taking not even a drop of water during the observance He did it accordingly.

Hence this Ekadasi is called Bheema Ekadasi or Pandava Ekadasi.


Adi Krishna Ekadasi is called Yogini. Kuberan ruled Alagapuri. He had a servant named Hemamali. He used to bring flowers for kuberan when he used to pray daily. Hemamali had a beautiful wife. One day instead of bringing flower to kuberan-he was found enjoying his time with his wife.

Kuberan got angry and cursed him to suffer from 18 varieties of leprosy. Due to the help he rendered for Siva Pooja- he was suffering from one variety of leprosay. He was haunted by this and was searching for salvation. He found Margandeya Rishi-who adviced to fast on this Yogini Ekadasi and pray Lord Siva. Accordingly his disease left him.


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Chaithra Sukla Ekadasi is called Kamatha Ekadasi. Delipan requested sage Vashista to explain the importance of this ekadasi. There lived a king called Pundarikan in Naga Loka. He was a pious man and hence devathas will visit his kingdom and offer gifts. In the king, sabha a gandarvan named Lalithan used to sing. He got married a gandarva damsel named Lalitha.

Once the gandarvan was forced to sing alone at the king palace. Unable to forget his wife Lalithan committed man mistakes while singing. The king got angry and cursed Lalithan to be a vamp. Hearing this curse to her husband Lalitha cried and wandered along with him. She met a sage. She narrated the fate of her husband and sought remedy.

The sage asked her to observe the kamatha Ekadasi and pray. She did accordingly and requested that her husband get back his previous figure. This Ekadasi can give immense marital pleasure.

11. Vruthini Ekadasi

Vaikasi Krishna Ekadasi is called Vruthini Ekadasi. This ekadasi can bestow all good things and remove the sins of those who observe vratha on this day. By observing the vratha on this day Manthatha and dhundumaran went to moskha loka, Sivan who cut Brahma’s fifth face resulting in sins-came out of this trouble by observing this Ekadasi.

This Ekadasi is holier than the fruits one get by Anna dhana. Vidya dhana is better than Anna dhana and by observing fast on this day one will get the fruits equal to Vidya dhana.


Vaikasi Sukla Ekadasi is clled Mohini Ekadasi. Rama approached his Acarya Vashistar and asked which Vratha can remove the sins due to lust, greed and moham. Vashistar narrated the story of KingThruthiman.

He ruled the state near Padravathi river. In that city lived one business man Dhanabalan. He was the devotee of lord Vishnu. He had five children named-Sumanas, Thuthiman, Medavi, Sukruthan, Thrushtabuthi.

Thrushtabuthi was a very bad character –drunkard, atheist, womanizer, giving troubles to elders etc. His father was very sad because of this son and unable to bear the atrocities of this son, he drove him out from the house. Thrushtabuthi wandered in the city and was caught by Guards when he was trying to steal.

After undergoing many punishments-one day he met Sage Koundilya-who was returning from Ganges after taking bath. Some droplets fell on Thrushtabuthi and he came out of the sins. He asked the stage –to remove all his misdeeds and crimes what he has to do. The Sage told him the vratha of Mohini- on Vaikasi Sukla Ekadasi –undertake the fast and in the night should not sleep. Next day after feeding a Brahmin take the food offered to God.

Accordingly he did and was released from all sins and reached vaikundam.


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This falls in the month of Masi. It is also called Krishna Ekadasi.
Sage Thalpayer approached Sage Pulasthiar and asked-is there any remedy for crimes like Brahmahathi, Cowhathi and usurping other man properties etc.

Pulasthiar replied that during the beginning of Masi Maka month, if any one hold the cow’s sanam on hand without falling on the floor and then add to it the Thel ( black gingely ) and cotton seeds-keep it in one corner in the house. If it is still wet till Full moon-then it indicates that his sins vanished.

He has to perform pooja with either 100-coconuts or 100-beetle nuts or 100 gova fruits. He must call a Brahmin and think that he represents Vishnu and give to him water vessel, chappals, umbrella, black cow.

Using Thila-Applying to the body-thila bath, thila dhanam, thila homam, thila jaladhanam, thilaa anna pojanam- etc Hence this Ekadasi is called Shadthila.

There is a story about the importance of this Ekadasi. One Brahmin Lady used to observe dharma by donating various dhanas like Arkyam, pathyam etc except Anna Dhana. To teach her lesson Lord came in the guise of a Sanyasi and asked her Biksha. The lady was angry and instead of annam she put sand in the vessel. The sage disappeared.

Later when she was taken to Swarga loka she was provided with all comforts except food. She was very hungry and regretted for her action and asked for remedy. She was asked to shut the door when Deva Damsels come to meet her. She was asked to request the girls to give the punyas earned by observing Shad Thila Ekadasi. Except one girl all refused. Because of the one girl- the palace was full of food.

Such is the power of Shad Thila Ekadasi.


Sukla Maga Ekadasi is called Jaya Ekadasi. This can change the Pisasa Janma of any one ( bad spirit ).

There was one Deva called Malyavan. He married a damsel named pushpavanthi and their duty is to dance and sing before Indira. They were doing their duties regularly. But at one time they indulged in love making and due to the attraction sang in the sabha awefully. Indira got angry and cursed them to be born in Bhu Loka as spirits.

Accordingly they were born as spirits and underwent untold sufferings. Feeling for the sin they sat under the banyan tree and without sleep they were spending the time. The next day morning they were relieved and became Gandarvas again. That day was JAYA Ekadasi.


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This comes in the month of Tamil Month-Thai- Krishna Paksha. During this period, we have to undertake fast and pray to Lord and offer various fruits. If we give deepam as dhanam-it is the best. We must wake up through out the night.

In Sambavathi City there lived a king called-Mahishmadan. He had 5- sons. The first one named-lumbakan-was a very cruel one. He spent his father’s wealth on drinks and women. Unable to bear the atrocities of his son, the King asked his men to take this fellow to a far off place and leave him there.
Accordingly they did.

Lumbakan started to steal in the nearest city. One day he was caught and the people thrashed him severely. He cried and told that he is the son of King-Mahishmadan. On hearing this, they released him.

The pain that he was having made him to leave the theft and stayed under a tree eating the fruits. He became very lean in the course of time. Many times, he had nothing. When he gets some thing, he offered them to God. In the morning, he heard a voice- Lumbaka-yesterday was Sabala Ekadasi. You have fasted through out and never slept through out the day and night. Where you have, stayed-it is Arasa Tree. You also offered the fruits to Madhavan-God without taking yourself. Hence, from this day, your troubles are over and you return to your kingdom. On the path, he saw his soldiers with Elephants to take him to the kingdom. There the King made him the King. Lumbakan thereafter ruled the kingdom in efficient and dharmic manner. At the end, he handed over the kingdom, devoted his time in prayer of lord Vishnu, and reached Vaikundam.


This falls in the month of Thai-Sukla Paksha. It is called- Puthrada Ekadasi.

There lived a King called Sukaethuman in the city of Badravathi. His wife name was Chambaka. They ruled the state in just manner doing dhana dharmas. They had all the wealth except issues. They were very sad and worried. All they do for their Ancestors were accepted with reservation and pain.

He thought that it is due to his previous karmas and tried his best to redress. However, he did not get a son. Therefore, he left and wandered in Forests without any direction.

He saw a beautiful river let and some good omens. He saw some sages coming. He enquired them. They told him that they are Visvae Devas and today is Puthra Ekadasi. If any one take bath in the river, observe fast, and pray Narayana-he will get a son-they told him.

Accordingly, the King took a bath and fasted. His wife conceived and got a son. Immensely pleased he asked his subjects to observe on Fast on the Ekadasi day.


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This falls in the month of Margazi, Sukla Paksha. The month of margazi is considered for all Hindus as a sacred month and Lord Narayana Himself stands for this month. In Geetha Lord calls-Mathangalil Naan Margazi.

This is the biggest of all Ekadasis-called Vaikunda Ekadasi. Those who obtain the darsan of Achuthan willl surely be rewarded with a place in Vaikunda Loka. Not only they but their Ancestors also will get this.

In the city of Kamba there lived an Asura called Vaikanasan. Though he was an asura-he treated his subjects well. One day he got a dream that gave him sorrow and depression. After finishing his morning necessities he approached his Brahmin purohit and explained the dream which he had in early morning.

In the dream his Ancestors cried to him that they are in devils land ( Naraga ) and suffering untold pains and troubles and asked him to find out a way for their salvation.

Is there any way to release them from this place? Asked the King.

The Brahmin asked the king to approach a sage called-parvathar. He knows the reason of the suffering of his ancestors and also advice you the remedy.

Accordingly the King went in search of this sage and prostrated before him and requested him about the ways to lift them. The sage opened his Gyana thrishti and found the reason. The sage told the KING:-

Your Father thought that he is the best king and egoist. He never listened his wife’s advice. To get a sathpurusha-( Good Son ) the conjucal bliss must be enjoyed-( intercourse ) within 16-days of mensuration-she said. But the king discarded the advice of his wife and went after another woman. Because of this sin your father is in Naraga Loka.

To come out of this ordeal of your father-you have to undertake a vratha and observe-Moksha Ekadasi ( Fasting ) along with your wife and children.

Vaikanasan from that day onwards undertook fasting- on Ekadasinot even a drop of water till next day along with his family.
As a result of this his Ancestors were released from the naraga loka and went to Mokasha loka or vaikundam.

Moksha Ekadasi is equal to the jewel- Chinthamani and it can give whatever one wants. In addition it can uplift your Ancestors to Vaikundam


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Ekadasi is considered as a very sacred day for all Hindus and it is also very dear to all Gods. Every Hindu scripture praises this day. It can be observed by any age group-from 6s to 100s- particularly the age group of 6s to 60s. It is a saying that:

No river is sacred than Ganga
No Lord is greater than Lord Vishnu.
No temple is greater than one’s own mother.
No hymn is greater than Gayathri
No Fast is greater than Ekadasi

All Pathinen Puranas consider Ekadasi as the most sacred Vratha.
How this came into being? How to observe this? How many Ekadasi are there ? Their names, who observed all these ? what result one will get?

Out of Puranas-Padma Purana is very important one. In Padma Purana-uttarakandam is very significant.

Once Sage Narada went to Kailash. After respecting the Nandhi he went to the abode of Lord Shiva and had a darsan of lord Siva. Siva asked Narada what boon you want? Narada requested the Lord to explain the significance of Ekadasi. Lord Siva quoted the text which Lord Krishna Explained to Yama Dharma Rajan.

There are 25 types of Ekadasi and we will go through one by one.

1. Urpathi Ekadasi

In Kritha Yuga lived an asura called Muran. He was very powerful and cruel. He used to trouble Davas and Brahmins. Fearing him Indira ran from Swarga loka and surrendered to Lord Siva. Siva directed him to go to Lord Vishnu. To help him Lord Vishnu went to fight with Muran. Their war lasted many years. Lord Vishnu through His chakrayudaha killed the entire Asura Senas. Muran came forward to fight with Achutha. The war lasted 1000-years and finally as if He is afraid lord Vishnu went to Padrikashramam and entered into a long cave and went to sleep.

Muran followed the Lord and wanted to kill Him. At that time from the body of Purushothaman came a damsel equipped with all weapons. Muran started to aim at the damsel-come a big thunderous sound and the demon Mural fell down and died.

Purushothamam woke up and wondered the light of damsel came from his body and her killing the demon. He named her Ekadasi. He gave a boon-that those who observe fast on her Birthday will attain Moksha and will have no rebirth. They will get all the best in this and other worlds. They will be hale and healthy.

This Ekadasi will fall in the month of Margazi, Krishna Paksha and this Ekadasi is called Urpathi Ekadasi.

( To be continued in next blog )


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You must know the three vidyas - thrayee, Vartha and Dhanda Needhi, six margas (conquering the senses, sandhi vigraham, yaanam, asanam, dwaipa deepam, samasrayam ) five troubles due to anger of devas ( fire, water, disease, draught, and death ), five troubles ( bureaucrats, thieves, enemy, those close to you and greed people who have been subjected to the wrath of enemies, or threatened by enemies or subjected to ill treatment, not properly paid by respective officials, or by offering gifts and cash and separate them from you, youth, old people, sickly people, discarded by relatives, always afraid, lust and greedy persons, loosing the confidence of common people, those who are involved in enjoying and uncontrolled senses, consulting too many people,

Those scolding devas and Brahmins, earning the wrath of rishies, leaving everything to God and doing nothing, those who are troubled by soldiers, those who never stay in one place, those who are affected by incurable diseases, those suffering due to draughts, those who earned many enemies, those who are doing things against dharma and those who cannot be trusted,

Five angas ( minister, state, fort, treasury, punishment ) in the middle-the king-Vijikeeshu, in front of him- his enemies, his friends, his enemies friends, behind himParshanigrahan, Akranthan, Saran, inclusive of all the above,

Marshaling the army, taking them to battle field, staying with the army, learning the strategy of fighting the battle, art of negotiations are all very important for a king.

You must have 3 or 4 ministers who are well versed in manu dharma and the law of state and you should consult them individually.

Are you rewarded by your observing the rites and daily duties?

Are you benefited by the Dhanam and help to needed people?
Is your wife help you and co-operate with you?
Are you following the things that are propounded by scholars and Acharyas?

What all I have said so far if followed correctly will fetch you name and fame.
All these things were observed by our fore fathers and have given prosperity to our state and therefore you have to observe them.

You must share the food prepared for you with others.

The afore said advice and needhies if correctly observed by a King-He will become the Ruler of this earth and when he leaves this world-he will reach the abode of his ancestors and join them to be with Lord Narayana for ever.

Thus Rama advised the Raja Dharmas to Bharatha and with love and affection and blessed him.

( Concluding the Ayodaya kandam 100th sargam )

Mangalam Kosalendraya Mahneeya Gunapthyae
Chakravarthi Dhanujaya Sarva Bowmaya Mangalam.


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1.You must sit every day morning in the Durbar Hall and meet the public to hear their grievances and issue order to redress the same.
2.You should not give room for your officials to meet you freely. This will lead them to be headstrong and they will not give respect to you. At the same time you fix certain time for them to see you on prior appointment.
3.You must deal with them impartially.
4.Make sure that the finance of the state is in sound footing and healthy.
5.Make sure that the granary is always full of grains and see they are distributed properly.
6.Ensure that your army is equipped with expert Archers.
7.At no time you must face water shortage in your state.
8.You must balance the income and expenditure and see always the income is more by curtailing wasteful expenditure.
9.You must not spend money on-Nattuvan, Vidan, Padakan, - undesirable elements among your subjects.
10.You can spend just amount for Brahmins, Pithrus, Warriors Friends for just causes
11. In your kingdom judiciary should function efficiently and quickly and punish the guilty to avoid crimes on the increase. They should see that only the guilty is punished and the people have confidence in the Judiciary.
12. You must see that innocent people are not punished.
13. Disputes between community and business people should be Resolved amicably and see the concerned people are satisfied.
14. There should be zero tolerance for corruption and your official Are honest and just-even if 1% among them are corrupt-People will loose confidence in you.
15.If disputes are not enquired and complaints are not attended to immediately-it will lead to unpleasantness and and slowly people will loose confidence in you. If innocent is punished resulting in suffering of his family- the king will face the wrath resulting the suffering of King’s family.
16.You must be loved by Elders, Children, Learned people, medical people-You should honour these people by being generous and kind.
17.You must show respects to your Acharya, Senior Citizens, Guests, noble people, chaste Brahmins, and their places.
18.You must work hard to protect Dharma.
19.You must not be materialistic and interested only in ways and means to earn money without spending for just causes. Dharma, Artha and Kamam are very important for king.
20.Your happiness lies in-people who pray for your welfare.
21.A King should keep out the following 14 things: a) no belief in Para loka, telling lies, anger, carelessness, lazy in attending works, disrespect to Sadhus, uncontrolled senses, without the help of ministers-attending the matters concerning the state, hearing wrong advices, delay in implementing decisions, making known the views before hearing.
22.Are you getting up in early morning and before beginning any work-pray to God and see auspicious things first. must distance yourself from Hunting, gambling, sleeping in day, scolding and speaking ill of others, in the company of women, drinks, liquor, gala music and dancing, wandering here and there.
24.You must test and have deep knowledge of-water resources, forests and hills, strength and weakness of your army, sama, beda, dhana and dhanda, Neighbouring kingdom, your ministers, your state, your finance, your friends, your fort,
25.You must know with deep knowledge of Agriculture, commerce, dams, digging mines, collecting taxes, method to bring barren lands to cultivable ones, to catch elephants.

To be continued in next blog


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People in Official Positions in Government Services will consist:

1. Ministers. 2. Purohit. 3. Yuva Raja. 4. Head of Security.
5. Private Secretary. 6. Head of Prison Cell. 7. Head of Revenue.
8. Communication dept head. 9. Judges. 10. Government
Lawyers. 11. Finance Dept for Military. 12. Security in Night Duty.
13. Head of Food Section. 14. Retail Head for commerce. 15. Keepers of Govt Offices including the Durbar Halls and palace. 16. Reception section head 17. Crime branch in charge. 18. Defense Ministry.

Out of the above 18-categories, the King need not keep an eye on the first 3-categories. The King should keep an eye on other categories by personally visiting in disguise.

2. Do not under estimate the people whom you defeated and you must keep an eye on them.

3. Budhawthan, Sarvahans are Brahmins but Atheists and they will interpret Vedas in wrong way and they are very adept in cornering people to spread their doctrine. They think they are experts and far ahead of normal people. They are very selfish and perverted intelligent. You should desist from them and see that people are not carried away by them.

4. They will not respect Puranas, Ithihas and well versed Elders- only propagating useless theories.

5. Our Ayodya is a very ancient city and well served by our Fore Fathers and the heritage is well preserved.

6. All the four divisions of castes are maintaining the tradition of Varnashrama Dharma. They have controlled their senses. They are very happy folks. Their character is UN blemish. Ayodya is the center of all arts and science and the people living there have got no complaints of what so ever.
Ayodya is having all facilities, protected from attacks from enemies from all sides. The city is having salacious buildings and beautiful parks, well decorated. Its army comprises of Camels, Elephants and horses and no one is dare enough to come to war. Are you maintaining the same way our Father maintained?

7. In and around of Ayodya there are places where Yagas like Aswamedham, Sayanam etc. The people living in such places are very proud of their king and pray for timely seasons. For them temples are built and everywhere annadhanam is arranged, lakes and water kiosks are maintained.

8. There is no barren land in Ayodya and all are cultivable and green. It is having plenty of cattle wealth. There is no trouble from rodents and other insects giving troubles to crops.

9. All lands are wet lands and irrigated by rivers which are full through out the year. Ayodya is full of trees and flowers and very beautiful to look at. There is no fear for attack from wild animals, no fear for thieves and there are mines of gold and diamond.

10. There is no sinner among our subjects. Married people are living very happily.

11. In order to sell their products weekly Shandy are held at various places and people pay right price for the products.

12. Are the Agriculturists, business people and artisans happy in your rule? Are Buying and selling activities going on according to laid out principles and commerce is growing?

13. Are you treating your relatives and women folks with dignity and honour. Are they protect their chasticity and do not mingle with unwanted people in the Society. Are you keeping the State Secrets confidentially?

14. Are you keeping the rearing places of Elephants and horses secret? Are there enough male and female beings for rearing? The wealth of army lies on the strength of Elephants and horses.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009




1. Did you share your secret plans with some one? If so is he reliable. Have you ever encountered –your secret plans before implementing-leaked to the public?

2. Are you implementing the easily adoptable welfare measures in quick time without any delay? If you delay such things it may not bring the desired results.

3. Are you keeping some of the important plans secret till they achieve a measure of success? Are there any spies in your company who leak out such plans to those who are against you?

4. Are you keeping important discussions of matters concerning the expansion plans or state secrets concerning the defense matters confidentially?

5. Are you keeping intelligent persons in important positions who are capable of advising you properly on crucial matters concerning defense and finance? When ever you are facing dilemma they can guide you properly.

6. Sycophants and Characterless persons are very dangerous to you and to the state and you must distance yourself from them.

7. If you are able to find one minister who is intelligent, well versed in Dharma Sastras, can fore-see the future, honest and faithful- that man can bring name and fame to any kingdom. Have you found anyone to advice you.

8. Have you placed on important affairs of the state with Top Civil servants, next important things to next in order and the lower order of things to lower categories?

9. Your Ministers should be uncorrupted, shy away of gifts, unblemished character and come from respectful families, pure in thoughts, speech and deeds.

10. Are you getting reports of excessive punishments meted out to your subjects-resulting suffering of people and are you taking corrective action to redress their grievances?

11. Are you keeping an eye on people who earn wealth by illegal means, on husbands who give trouble to their wives, on people who behave very badly with women?

12. Are you keeping on Government servants who earn money by robbing people and give them trouble.

13. You must be careful on those who adopt-Sama, Dhana, Betha and Thanda and adopt the same to put the blames on other people and escape from them. They are in course of time usurp the wealth of the nation and finally drive away the king himself. Are you sure that you are not having such person in your kingdom ?

14. Your Commander-in-chief should be such a person who is satisfied what he gets from you, who is confident of winning any war, who keeps a loyal and faithful force under him, tactical, sharp and bold to face any obstacles, from good breed.

15. Are you honouring from time to time intelligent, brave, honest people in your Army and give them promotions?

16. Army must be paid timely and without any delay and their pay should be according to their merit-other wise they will not be loyal to you.

17. You are born in Warrior Caste. Are the People of your caste love you and are prepared to lay their life for your cause?

18. Your Ambassadors should be intelligent, belonged to your land, well versed in the art of diplomacy and convey to the respective nations the intentions, policies and relationship true to your norms and ideals. ?


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I was proceeding towards Kothanda Ramar Sannadhi to see the Alangaram of Andal. I saw Ramayana Scenes in Picture format newly framed and kept for viewing. In one picture I saw Bharatha kneeling at the feet of Rama. Sometime back I was reading Ramayana-in particular- Ayodya Kandam-100Th sargam. It was just a coincidence that in that sargam Rama was asking Bharatha- he is ruling the kingdom in a just way. This sargam is very relevant to our country and at the present time. Hence I am attempting to give the English Translation of the entire sargam for our welfare.

1.Rama saw Bharatha-with beard wearing the Mara- uri as cloth-like the sun without that brightness-bowing before Rama on the barren floor.

2. Bharatha appeared lean, colour became dark-unable to recognise that- Is he the bharatha of Ayodya ?-felt Rama and took Bharatha by hand and embraced him and made him to sit on his lap and started enquiring the welfare of all.

3. Is our Father well? How he permitted you to come to this dense forest in this way-asked Rama.

4. Is our Father alive or due to sorrow of parting Has he left this world to Swarga loka?

5. Is it that you are not well versed in the art of ruling-your enemies usurped the kingdom from you? Or you are not interested to do service to our father and left him?


Our Father is a great man. He has ruled this state without deviating the path of Dharma. He has done countless Aswameda Yagas and Rajasuya Yagas-called Dasaratha Chakravarthy. Is he well and keeping good health?


Brahma Gyani and expert of all arts, Dharmavan and magnetic personality and Acharya for all Ishvagu Dynasty- Vashishtar- Is he well and are you properly worshipping him and getting guidance from him?


My mother has undergone worst sorrows- Is she well? How is Sumithra- My Lakshmana”s mother? Above all and she who is attached towards me and my respectful mother-i.e. your mother- Is she well? And Is she happy that you are the king of Ayodya?

The one who has done From Agnihothram to Aswameda yagas, well versed with all types of yagas and rituals and sastras and very careful in handling vedic rites and dharmas- Our Purohit- Is he advising you in time about your duties and performing the rituals and homams at appointed time?

Are you keeping people- Devathas, Parents of your subjects, Gurus, Gyadhis, Elders, Learned People, Brahmins- and others-happy
Are you worshipping and learning from our Acharya-Suthanva-who is an expert in Dhanur vedha and Raja needies.

Have you kept Ministers-who are intelligent, honest, just, UN- corrupted,in good family background and those who understand the sentiments of masses and people and who understand your mind- in important positions and you are observing their work at close quarters.

If you keep Ministers who are well versed in Needhi Sastras and give advices after deep thoughts and experience-such advices will give victory to you in all fields.

Are you going to bed in time and getup in time? Early hours are ideal to get ideas for improving the wealth of the Kingdom.

( To Be Continued in Next Blog )


Sunday, September 6, 2009




Full of Gopurams - Srirangam
Full of Festivals – Srirangam.
Full of Temples – Kumbakonam.
Granery of India- Tanjore.
Biggest Puramal – Sriranga
Biggest Temple- Srirangam

One Bhaktha was explaining the importance of Srirangam to his friend as above. His friend asked him to explain further. Both of them have come from Karnataka on pilgrimage tour of South India. I was passing through them at Chakrathalwar Sannadhi and heard the above conversation. I was also interested in the subject and continued to listen.

Full of Gopurams- Srirangam:

21- Gopurams- 7- Praharams- 42-Upa Sannadhis – 8- Sub Temples within the big temple- Tallest Gopuram in Asia- Total area- 156 acres- First and foremost among 108-Divya Desams and only one temple having 7- Praharams.

The conversation started to attract and the Bhaktha started to explain about Festivals at Srirangam temple. Though I am the resident of Srirangam for the past 8-years-most of the informations are not familiar to me and hence I started to hear further. I felt that some one also close by. I saw He was no other person than Arangan. He has also come to hear the conversation.

Out of 366 days in a year, 322 days are festival days for Arangan.

1.Chithirai Month Festival.
Kodai Thiru Naal: 7-days. 2-days will be Kannadi Arai Seva ( Mirror Room – One day Along with Sera Kulavalli Nachiar. On Chithra Pournami-Gajendra Moksham. Evening- Ul Kodai and Outside Kodai-Poochathi Fesdtival

Viruppan Thiru Naal: 11-days in this month. On all these days Arangan will visit in the morning and evening-the chithirai streets on different vahanams. First day Perumal will give dharsan at Kannadi Arai.Second day the Vahana Seva will start. Pallaku and Karpaga Viruksham. Third day-simha vahanam and Yali. Fourth day- Double Prabai and Garuda Seva. Fifth day- Sesha vahanam and Hanumantha Vahanam. Sisth day-Hamsam and Elephant- 7th day-Kannadi Arai and Nel Alavai in the evening and Poonther. 8th day-silver Horse and Golden Horse and Vaiyali. 9th day-Chariot and 10th day Ubhaya Nachimars in the evening .I1th day- Adum Pallaku.

Chithirai month is the month when you can see maximum festivals for Arangan. Arangan looked at me and sarcastically smiled –this bhaktha is from Karnataka and you are saying that you are resident of Srirangam !
Their conversation continued and his friend asked which festival is special here and its significance. At that time an Elederly resident of Srirangam was passing through. They asked him.

Kannadi Arai Seva:
The Mirror Room is the biggest one. On all four sides and at Top are with biggest mirrors and you can have dharsan of Arangan from different angles and admire His Beauty. Adorning beautiful oranaments and with golden Headcrest-Rangan will be looking splendit and no words can describe the beauty and the sacredness associated with this beauty. This the beauty Alwars wanted to enjoy and people longing for a long time to see.

This is exclusively special to Srirangam. This has to be seen to know better than describing in words. Seeman Dhangis ( Carriers ) of Srirangam are special clans in Srirangam. They are heriditary Sevarthies and Arangan has got special attachments towards them. Here they is no distinction between rich or poor. All are proud to be associated.
At the corner of Goradha Arangan will ccme on Golden Horse and show to us the Oyara Nadai, Raja Nadai and Criss Cross running- You require thousand eyes to watch and enjoy and people living at Srirangam are really fortunate. There will be thousands of people assembling 2-3hours before to watch.

Elephant Vahanam:
Very Big Elephant Vahanam. Children who see this vahanam will be overjoyed and lively interest. The Vahanam will start from Chakrathalwar Sannadhi and Arangan will sit on it from Vattamadai. Real Elephant will run and from behind vahana elephant will run to catch the real one. The sight is wonderful to watch and enjoy.

Chthirai Ther ( Chariot )
This is a very big chariot and you require hundreds of people to pull it. The significance of this Chariot is Rangan does not see rich or poor or caste divide and invite all to come and pull the Chariot. The Chariot is our heart and the Perumal inside is Paramathma. By pulling we kindle our emotion to Lord.
Before the Chariot starts one significant rite is performed which many of us may not know. There is a belief that Rangan came into dream of two different people and asked them to prepare a Chappal for Him ( Only for one leg- right-one person and left another person. They do not know each other and come from different destination.
Both of them after finishing the work met at Cauvery. To their surprise they found that it fit correctly to Rangan and Rangan accepted the same with pleasure. This small function will take place before the chariot starts-signifying that for Him there is no caste distinction.
Lakhs and lakhs of people will pull the chariot and you can see the humanity indicating the true devotion of People to Lord Rangan.

Gajendra Moksham:
Even every one let you down- I am with you –says Rangan. You call me- I will be there-says Rangan. This festival signify the above. On Chithra Pournami day Rangan will visit Cauvery river along with Elephant. The Elephant will step into the river and will cry Ranga-Ranga-Ranga- 3 times and Rangan will run to protect him from crocodile mouth. A wonderful sight to see.

Poochathi Festival:
Unique festival and you can see this at Srirangam only exclusively for Aragan. During 10-days Rangan will come to Manal Veli and He will be adorned with Flower Garlands made in the form of Salwar. Various flowers will be woven as a salwar and Rangan accepts the same with smile. Bhakthas also join in offering jasmine flowers. The significance of this festival is that He is not different than us and He is one among us sharing the sentiments and summer heat.
Like this every month is a festival month for Aragan. When He visits the streets, before every house you can see Rangoli and when He stands before the house, the house people admire His beauty.
Festivals in other Months:

Vaikasi: 9- days vasanthotsavam and 10 days-Thayar Kodai Thirunaal-10 days and Thayar vasanthotsavam 7-days

AANI: Jeshtabhishekam-Peria Perumal and Thirupavadai-Thayar Jestabhishekam & Thirupavadai-Chakrathalwar Jeshtabhishekam. Water will be brought in Golden Kudam from Cauvery accompanied by Nagaswara

AADI: Adiperukku. On 18th day Namperumal will visit Amma Mandapam from 6.00 AM and garland Cauvery Thayar and in the night will come to Outside Andal Temple and exchange garland with Anda

AAVANI: Pavaithrotsavam for 9-days. Ango- Bhanka Sevai ( Poochandi Sevai when with cotton threads Moolavar will be adorned covering the entire body as screen-a wonderful sight. During Sri Jayanthi Day both Rangan and Kannan will be coming to see the URIYADI.

PURATTASI: Navarathri Utsavam for Thayar and on Vijayadasami day Rangan will visit Singa Perumal Temple. There He will airm Archer on evil demon and return to Amuthuparai where the holy bath will be held. Every day Thayar will listen Nagaswara Music and acts by the Temple Elephant.

AIPPASI: 9-days Dolotsavam and every day water will be brought from Amma Mandapam Cauvery in Golden Po

Karthikai Thirunaal: Kaisika Ekadasi. On that day in the night Arangan will be adorned with 365-Silk Salwars.
Margazi: Pagal Pathu and Erapathu –Vaikunda Ekadasi –Namperumal with Rathnangi and Mulavar with Muthangi Seva-Vedu Pari and Thayar Utsavam.

THAI THIRUNAAL: Sankaranthi-Bhupathi Thirunaal and Thai Ther
( Chariot )

MAASI THIRUVIZA: Theppam and at Kollidam Anbil Sundararajar and Uttamar will give dharsan

PANGUNI: Both Thayar and Namperumal in Sethi Dharsan-a wonderful day and sight which no Srirangam vasi will miss it. Namperumal with Kamalavalli Thayar at Uraiyur,followed by friction between Arangan and Ranganayagi Thayar and subsequent mediation by Nammalwar-called Pralaya Kalakam followed by Thirumanchanam for Perumal and Thayar and Gathya Thrayam of Ramanuja recitation. Next day Panguni Ther-Namperumal visiting streets in Goratha.
All these festivals are meant for us and for our welfare and the welfare of business community, small scale industries, artisans and scores of people in our Society. By these festivals Arangan give livelihood to innumerable people belonging to all castes-rich and poor. What a kindness of Rangan towards us! That is why he is called Karunya Moorthy, Dayalan, Raksakan, Renga Prabo by the masses.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009




I saw a renewed energy in all Srirangam Vasis’ for the Chithirai festival that year. The summer was very hot. There was no water in Cauvery. There was no rain. Temperature touched 40°. We don’t know why such things that year-May be God was not kind that year. The Chithirai festival progressed to 10th day Chariot day.

In spite of the severe heat, no water at Cauvery-I saw lakhs and lakhs of people in all the streets-arrived the previous day, sleeping on the pavements with family and children, with tremendous enthusiasm-unmindful of any hardships with only one motto-to pull the chariot and have the dharsan of Govinda-Ranga Prabho !

On all the streets I saw Thanneer Pandals, food pockets ready to be distributed, pavement vendors very busy to sell the products-waiting for that moment to pull Arangan Chariot-all the attention centered at Rangan on the chariot.

I wanted to know the background of this historical festival and approached an elder-resident of Srirangam for a long time.

Foremost among the 108-Divya desa-Srirangam Temple faced on slaughts from yavanas (Muslims). In 1323 BC Muslims invaded this temple and looted all the jewels. Idols and properties and damaged the temple. Thousands of Srirangam residents were killed.

Some people fearing that Muslims may damage the moorthies and Peria Perumal they raised a wall to hide Him. Pillailokachariar took the Utsava Moorthy and along with his disciples went to Karnataka and were living there.

When things settled down-steps were taken to bring Namperumal to Srirangam. Namperumal reached Srirangam in 1371 BC. Before that He was in a village on the other side of river Kollidam-named Azagia Manavalam.

Hearing the grace of Namperumal King of Vijayanagara-Virupanna Udayar came to Srirangam and reconstructed the damaged Srirangam Temple. He wanted to restart all the festivals.

He wanted to start the –Ther Thiruviza –chariot festival. He sent invitations to all people in and around Srirangam requesting them to bring whatever materials they can contribute. People thronged to participate in this sacred endeavor by offering Gold Coins, Cattle, Rice and other products.

They came in large numbers to pull the chariot. The effort put by Viruppanna Udayar cannot be forgotten by Times. He donated 52 villages to Aragan’s sevas and saw that the temple was managed efficiently. The Villagers 0f Azagia Manavalam endowed the entire village to Arangan.

During Flag Hoisting ceremony the temple authorities will announce even to-day about this endowment and the 10-day Chithirai festival is called Viruppan Thirunal.

Those who closely observed the way the festival is held will say that it is an art. Every thing is according to time and date-punctuality is maintained of starting each vahana –from start to veedhi pradakshina to return to the Vahana mandabam and to Kannadi Arai.

Srirangam people know exactly what vahana to day morning and evening and every day. They will tell the place Arangan visit every day for Dharsan-thus exhibiting their close proximity to Arangan

This year Chithirai festival was significant- lot of young people-college students came in large numbers to participate in various activities. I saw a sense of purpose in their faces- a new fresh energy and attraction which I have not seen before.

Exactly at 6.00 AM the chariot was pulled from the place and it reached after making round of all the Chithirai streets at 9.00 AM. We saw lakhs of People in all the streets helping to pull the chariot.

This Chithirai Festival is significant in many ways.

1.On the 8th day Cobblers will offer Chappell to Arangan (made of leather) the beauty of this is- One cobbler from a village will make the one for right leg. The left leg will be from another village. The Two who make the chapel will not know each other and will be known only at the time of presentation. The size will exactly to Arangan.

2.On the 6th day Arangan will come opposite to Andal temple in West Adayavalanchan Street and Exchange garland with Andal. He will wear only the garland of Andal and not any other consorts.

3.The flowers and garlands will come from the garden of Madura Kavi.

4.On the festival occasion Veda and prabandams will be recited at the Karthikai Gopura entrance.

5.From the day Arangan wears the sacred thread on His Hands He will not return to the Sanctum Sanctorum (the original place) but will stay only at the Mirror Room. Only after-Theerthavari- He will return.

6.While He takes the round in the Chariot-till He returns back to the starting place there will be no dharsan of any deities inside the temple.

These historical festivals are being held from time immemorial and almost all the days in a year-for the benefit of welfare of the nation and its people. Lakhs of people visit every day to pay their love and affection to Arangan and return back fully satisfied and contended.

I was one among them in pulling the chariot and somehow I had a feeling that I could not see Arangan clearly however best I tried. People told me that you complete the round along with Him-but due to heavy rush-even that was not possible. This troubled me.

My wife used to tell me that if you sincerely pray Rangan- He will not let you down. I have seen this practically whenever I visit Him and praying that I must get Theertha Prasadam with Sri Chadari this time – and I have obtained.

On this day in the evening we went for-Veedhi Pradakshinam and when we returned back to the entrance-we wanted to take the chance to see Nam Perumal-who at that time may be in Revathi Mandapam undergoing-Holy Bath. When we went there-there was no crowd and we were able to have the Dharsan of Arangan to our heart content.

I was thinking on the way-what a Grace of our Lord-those who surrender at His feet-He never let them down.