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Arjuna after the Lord’s exposition of His Divine Glories- requested to see His Divine form.

Bhagavan began to describe the multifarious divine forms, colors, and shapes.

In Him you can see-Twelve sons of Aditi, Eight Vasus, Eleven Rudras, two Aswinikumaras and 49 maruts ( wind Gods ).

In Me the entire creations both animate and inanimate beings reside.
However, you cannot see Me in these human eyes- I will give you the divine eyes.

Arjuna saw the Supreme Deity possessing many mouths, eyes, decked with divine armaments, wielding many divine weapons, wearing divine garlands and cloths-full of wonders, infinite faces on all sides.

If there were the appearance of thousand suns at a time that would hardly approach the splendor of the lord.

Arjuna saw at one place the whole universe with its manifold divisions.

Arjuna saw in His body all gods, Brahma sitting on His lotus seat, Siva and all risis.

He saw the Lord with numerous arms, bellies, mouths, eyes. He saw neither the beginning nor the end of the form.

He saw the Lord as the Supreme indestructible, ultimate refuge and Protector, eternal imperishable Being.

He saw the the Lord filling the entire space between earth and heaven and on all sides. Seeing the stupendous form all three worlds feel greatly alarmed.

Arjuna saw the hosts of gods entering in Him, multitude of maharishis and sadus chanting – Let there be peace, extolling You by your nama and excellent hymns.

Lord seeing Your form reaching heaven, effulgent multi colored, having its mouth wide open and possessing large flaming eyes, Arjuna was almost frightened and lost control.

Seeing your faces frightful because of their teeth and flaring like the fire at the time of universal destruction, Arjuna was bewildered.

Arjuna saw all the sons of Dhrutharashtra entering in Him, and all Guaravas entering in Him.

Lord Your terrible splendors are burning the entire universe filling it with radiance.

Arjuna said- You are the primal Deity, the most ancient person, ultimate resort of this universe, you are the knower of the knowable and the highest abode, it is You who pervade the universe, assuming endless forms.

You are Vijaya, Yama, Agni, and the moon-God, Brahma-Hail you a thousand times, salutations, repeated salutations to you.

You are of infinite prowess, my salutations to you from before and from behind.

You are the Father, nay the greatest teacher of this moving and unmoving creation, and worthy of adoration.

Having seen the wondrous form of Lord, Arjuna felt transported with joy, at the same time his mind tormented by fear. Arjuna requested the lord to assume His form of Vishnu with four arms and abode of the universe.

Lord said to Arjuna- in this mortal world I cannot be seen in this form by any one other than you.

Bhagavan said that the form of His is exceedingly difficult to perceive, neither by study of Vedas not by penance, nor rituals.

Through single minded devotion I am be seen in this form-he who performs all his duties for My sake, depends on Me, is devoted to Me, has no attachment and free from malice towards all beings reaches Me.


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