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Ippasi sukla Ekadasi is called Papangusa-will protect from sins like armory. Those who fast on this day will not fear for yama Yadan. They earn the fruits equal to bathing in Ganga and other holy rivers, the fruits arising from yagas and dhanas even if partially observed.


Karthikai Krishna Ekadasi is called Rama Ekadasi. There lived a king-Musukundan. He had a beautiful daughter-Chandrabhaga. He got married his daughter to prince Shobanan both came to the palace of Chandrasenan-father of Sobhanan. On that day, Karthikai Krishna Ekadasi and the King announced that no one should take food on this day and observe fast, failing which they will be punished.

Shobanan was a fragile person and cannot live without food even one time. Yet he observed fast and died. He was cremated. His wife felt very sad. After some days, they went on pilgrimage where they met one Somasarma. He informed that her husband is ruling a nearby kingdom. His wife went there, saw her husband, and was very happy. The Prince told that though he observed the Ekadasi half-heartedly- he was given this kingdom to rule but it will be temporarily. His wife gave the fruits of her Ekadasi observances and made the arrangement permanently and they lived very happily.


Karthikai Sukla Ekadasi is called Prabothini Ekadasi. Lord Vishnu opened his eyes from sleep on this Ekadasi. Those who worship Him with flowers and fruits and with Thulasi leaves will get equal to crores of fruits and will reach heaven.

During this day if any one sees the Thulasi leaves, worship thulasi, plant the thulasi etc will be rewarded.

In any year, the additional Ekadasi is called kamala Ekadasi. That month is called purushothama month. A Brahmin by name Sivasarma- he had five sons. The last one called Jayasarma was a bad character and hence driven out of the house.

He was wandering came to the place of Harimithra sage. He bowed and with respects and asked for salvation. The sage explained the significance of kamala Ekadasi and asked him to observe fast on this day. Accordingly he did. Goddess Lakshmi appeared before him and bestowed him wealth.


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