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Lord Krishna reveals Yoga of Self Control and the exact process of practicing such yoga. He explains in detail the difficulties of the mind and the procedures by which one may gain mastery of their mind through yoga, which reveals the spiritual nature of a living entity.

Lord says that he who does his duty without expecting the fruits of action is both a Sankhya Yogi and a Karma Yogi or Sanyasi.

Sanyasam is another form of yoga and those who have not given up the thoughts of world is not a yogi.

Disinterested action is the first step of the ladder to climb up to Karma yoga.
For such a man absence of all thoughts of the world is said to be the way to Moksha.

One should lift oneself by one’s own effort and should not degrade oneself: for one’s own self is one’s friend and one’s own self is one’s enemy.

The supreme sprit is rooted in the knowledge of the self-controlled man whose mind is perfectly serene the midst of pairs of opposites, such as cold and heat, joy and sorrow, honor and ignominy.

The yogi whose mind is seated with Jnana (Nirguna) and Vijana, who is unmoved under all circumstances, whose senses are completely mastered and to whom earth, stone and gold are alike is nearer to God.

He who looks upon well wishers and neutrals as well as mediators, friends and foes, relatives and objects of hatred, the virtuous and the sinful with the same eye stands Supreme.

Living in seclusion all by himself, the yogi who has controlled his mind and body and is free from desires and void of possessions should constantly engage his mind in meditation.

Having places firmly his seat in a spot which is free from dirt and other impurities with sacred Tharby ( Kusa grass )deer skin and a cloth spread thereon and below another neither very high not low.

In addition, occupying that seat concentrating the mind and controlling the functions of the mind and senses, he should practice yoga for self-purification.

Holding the trunk, head, and neck straight and steady, remaining firm and fixing the gaze on tip of his nose without looking in other direction.

Firm in the vow of complete chastity and fearless, keeping himself perfectly calm and the mind held in restraint and fixed on me the yogi should sit absorbed in Me. Thus, the yogi of disciplined mind attains everlasting peace and bliss.

Yoga is neither for him who over eat not for fasting. Too much, sleep not ceaselessly awake,

Yoga is for a man who regulated his diet and recreation, actions and sleep and awakening, free from yearning of all enjoyments.

Yogi, whose mind becomes still and in which realizing God through subtle reason, the soul rejoices only in God, he does not reckon any other gain as greater than and established in which he is not shaken even by the heaviest of sorrows, completely renouncing all desires arising from thoughts of the world, restraining the senses from all sides, he attains tranquility.

He, who sees in me present in all things and all beings existing within Me, never loses sight of Me and I never lose sight of him.

He who looks on all as one and looks upon joy and sorrow of all in similar eye such a yogi is deemed the highest of all.

The mind is very unsteady, turbulent, tenacious and powerful; therefore, I consider it as difficult to control as the wind- said Arjuna.
Bhagavan said: the mind is restless no doubt, and difficult to curb but it can be brought under control by repeated practice of meditation and by the exercise of dispassion.

Yoga is difficult of achievement for one whose mind is not subdued; by him, however who has the mind under control and ceaselessly striving, it can be easily attained through practice.

Arjuna asked Krishna- what becomes of the soul who though endowed with faith has not been able to subdue his passion and whose mind is diverted from yoga at the time of his death and who thus fails to reach perfection in yoga.

Bhagavan said: there is no fall for him either here or hereafter. For none who strives for self-redemption ever meets with evil destiny.

He who has fallen from yoga obtains the higher worlds to which men of pious deeds alone are entitled and having resided there for countless years, takes the birth in the house of pious and wealthy men though it is difficult.

He automatically regains in that birth of the spiritual insight of his previous birth; and through that, he strives harder than ever for perfection in the form of God realization.

The yogi is superior to the ascetics; he is regarded as superior to those well versed in sacred lore, of all yogis, he who devoutly worships Me with his mind focused on Me is considered by me to be the best yogi.

Thus, lord Krishna tells the world to observe meditation and qualified Karma Yoga, which will lead to eternal bliss, peace of mind and self-control.



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