Thursday, October 22, 2009



The knowledge of Nirguna and Saguna aspects of Divinity is a sovereign science, a sovereign secret, very holy, very easy to practice and ever lasting.

The entire universe is Jagan Mayam- permeated by Me and every thing rests in Me Yet I am not present in them.

I am apart from worldly things-standing aloof though all these things obey my order.

During the Kalgam at the end of kaliyuga all beings enter in Me and at the time of creation they are send by Me back.

Again and again I release all these things subject to their own nature.

Due to yoga maya, many ignorent and arrogant people with vain hopes, futile actions and fruitless knowledge have embraced fiendish, demonical and delusive nature.

But Great souls knowing Me very well as the prime source of all lives worship Me.

Constantly chanting my name and glories they with firm resolve united with Me through mediation, worship Me with single minded devotion.

I am the vedic ritual, i am the sacrifice, I am the offering to the departed, I am the herbs, medicines, food ,grains, sacret formula, I am the fire, the sustainer, ruler of the universe, purifier, OM, and the three vedas-ruk, yajur, sama.

i am the supreme goal, supporter, witness, abode, refuge, well-wisher, orgin and end, final resting place, store-house.

I radiate heat as sun, rain as indira, immortality as well as death, being and non-being.

Those who enjoyed the heaven like world return to this world as mortals once the punya exhausted.

Those devotees who worship Me with love and affection with single minded are united with me and never born again.

I am the enjoyer and lord of all sacrifices.

Those who are vowed to other Gods go to that god, those who vowed to the manes go to the manes and those who vowed with spirits reach the spirits and those who worship Me alone come to Me.

What ever you do, what ever you eat, what ever you offer as oblation to the sacret fire, whatever you besow as a gift all reach Me.

With your mind established in the yoga of renunciation, you will be freed from the bonds of karma and never born again.

I am equally present in all things-none close or farther from Me.

Those- women, vaisyas, labour class and people born in low caste all are equal to me and I accept their offerings and give them their Supreme Goal.

Fix your mind on Me, devoted to Me, worship Me and entirely depend on me-they will come to Me

Thus Lord Offers us a very simple method to reach Him. This chapter is the most practical approach for salvation and can be followed by all irrespective of caste, rich or poor, men or women.


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