Wednesday, September 30, 2009

19. Ajha Ekadasi.

19. Ajha Ekadasi.

Purattasi Krishna Ekadasi is called Ajha Ekadasi. If we observe fast on this ekadasi, our sins committed in the previous birth will vanish. King Harishchandra lost his wealth, wife and child. He was also asked to work under a Worker of a burial ground.

Harishchandra met a sage- Gouthama and he advised him to observe fast on purattasi Krishna Ekadasi-called Ajha Ekadasi. The king did like that and was freed from all his troubles.

20. Padmanabha Ekadasi.

Purattasi Sukla Ekadasi is called- Padmanabha Ekadasi. There lived a king called Manthatha. He ruled his state very efficiently and in just manner. He did not commit any sins. Unfortunately, there was no rain for three years. His subjects were facing difficulties due to this and begged for redressing their grievances.

The King went to the forest, met Angirasa Sage, and sought his advice. The sage told that in his kingdom one person is doing a penance after leaving his religion and adopting another one. He should be killed-that is the remedy.

The King is a kind person, was not willing to do this, and asked alternate way. The sage advised the king to undergo fast on Purattasi Sukla Ekadasi-called Padmanabha Ekadasi. The king did this and had plenty of rains.

21. Indira Ekadasi.

Ippasi Krishna Ekadasi is called indira Ekadasi. A King named Indirasenan ruled the state of Mahishmathipuri. Sage Naradar came to his kingdom and met the king. He told the King that his father is undergoing sufferings in Yamaloka. He asked Naradar to convey his son that he should observe fast on this Ekadasi day and release him from this suffering.

Accordingly, the king went to Saligram, observed fast on Ippasi Ekadasi, and performed the rites for his father. His father reached heaven and blessed the king.


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