Monday, November 2, 2009



Lord Krishna now explains and define who are Sat Vic and with divine gifts.

Absolute fearlessness, perfect purity of mind, constant meditation, control of senses, worship of God even while doing his duties, respect for elders, performance of agnihotra, study and teachings of Vedas and other sacred books, sufferings in the charge of one’s sacred duties, straightness of mind, body and senses.

Non violence in thought and actions, truthfulness and geniality of speech, absence of anger even on provocation, disclaiming doer ship in respect of actions, composure of mind, abstaining from malicious gossip, compassion towards all creatures, absence of attachment to the objects of senses even during their contact with senses, mildness, sense of shame in transgressing against the scriptures of usage and abstaining from frivolous pursuits;

Sublimity, forbearance, fortitude, external purity, bearing enmity to none and absence of self-esteem- these are the marks of him who is born with the divine gifts.

Hypocrisy, arrogance and pride, anger, sternness and ignorance – these are the qualities of him who is born with demoniac properties.

The divine gifts are conducive to liberation whereas the demoniac gifts are conducive to bondage.

There are only 2- types of men in this world-divine nature and the other demoniac nature.

Men with demoniac nature know not what is right and possess neither external purity nor good conduct nor truthfulness.

They are without foundation, unreal and Godless- brought forth by mutual union of male, female, and conceived in lust.

Clinging to this false view these men of vile disposition and terrible deeds, these enemies of humankind prove equal only to the destruction of the universe.

Cherishing insatiable desires and embracing false doctrines through ignorance- these men of impure conduct move in this world full of hypocrisy, pride and arrogance.

Surrendering to innumerable desires and cares ending only with death-these men remain devoted to the enjoyment of sensuous pleasures and think that this is the highest form and limit of joy.

Bonded by hundreds of ties of expectations and giving themselves to lust and anger-these men strive to amass by unfair means hoards of money and other objects of desire for the enjoyment of sensuous pleasures.

They are greedy repeatedly even after acquiring plenty of wealth.

They boast that they have killed that enemy and will continue to kill other and that they alone the enjoyer of power, endowed with all supernatural powers, mighty, and happy.

They think that they are wealthy and own large family, will sacrifice to gods, will give alms, will make merry, blinded by ignorance, enveloped in the mesh of delusion and addicted to enjoyment of sensuous pleasures- their mind bewildered by numerous thoughts fall into foulest hell.

Intoxicated by wealth and honor- these men self conceited and haughty men worship God through nominal sacrifices for ostentation without following sacred rituals.

Given over to egotism, brute force, arrogance, lust and anger- these men hate Me.

These haters- sinful, cruel and vilest among men- I make them to be born repeatedly into demonical wombs in this world.

Desire, anger and greed- this triple gate of hell brings about the ruination of the soul – one should avoid all these three.

Freed from these three gates of hell- man works his own salvation and thereby attains the supreme Goal- GOD

Having cast aside the injunctions of the scripture, he who acts in an arbitrary way according to his own sweet will attains neither perfection nor the supreme goal nor even happiness.

For every one the Scripture alone is the guide- what has been prohibited should not be done, and you ought to perform only such action as is ordained by the Scriptures.


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