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Continuing His Exposition Lord Krishna said:

He who knows that the Peepul Tree ( Banyan Tree ) –which forms the creation, it is imperishable, its roots is God, its stem represents Brahma the Creator and its leaves are Vedas- understands the Vedas.

The branches of this tree extend downward and upward, nourished by the three gunas and having sense objects for their tender leaves. The twigs are the object of the senses. Its roots, which bind the soul according to its human actions in the human body, are spread in all regions-higher and lower.

The nature of this tree of creation does not on mature thought turn out what it is represented to be: for it has neither beginning nor end, not even stability. One should approach this with strong sense of detachment to know what it is.

Thereafter the man should diligently seek for that supreme state and once you reach hat state he never return to this world.

Those wise men who are free from pride and delusion, who have conquered the evil of attachment, who are in eternal union with God and who are completely free from all pairs of opposites reach the Supreme State.

Neither the heat or cold affect them, the jeevatma in this body is a particle of My own being and it is that alone, which draws round itself the mind and senses.

This Jeevatma which controls the body taking the mind and the senses from the body it leaves behind forthwith- migrates the body, which it acquires in the next birth.

Foolish cannot understand how a living entity can quit his body nor can they understand what sort of body he enjoys under the spell of the modes of nature. However, one whose eyes are trained in knowledge can see all this.

Yogis are able to realize this self enshrined in their heart but the ignorant whose heart is not purified cannot see what is taking place in spite of their efforts.

I enter into each plant and by My energy, they stay in orbit. I become the moon thereby supplies the juice of life to all these vegetables.

I am the fire of digestion in the bodies of all living beings and I join with the air of live, outgoing and incoming (breath _) to digest the four kinds of food.

I am seated in every one’s heart and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all Vedas I am to be known, I am the compiler of all Vedas, and I am the knower of all Vedas.

The perishable and the imperishable- these are the to kinds of Purusas in this world. Of these, the bodies of all beings are perishable while the Jeevathma or the soul is imperishable.

Besides this two, there is greatest living personality- The Supreme Soul-the imperishable Lord Himself who has entered the three worlds and is maintaining them.

Because I am transcendental, beyond both perishable and imperishable and because I am the greatest- I am celebrated in all the worlds and by Vedas as the Supreme Person.

Whoever knows Me as the Supreme Personality with out any doubt is the knower of every thing and is fully devoted to me.

This is the most confidential part of Vedic Scriptures and who ever understands this is a wise man and his mission in life is accomplished


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