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Lord Krishna in His divine oration clearly states that you need not be a Sanyasi to practice of renunciation. By remaining in Samsara or married life, it can be achieved as a means for attaining God. We divide them into many parts and briefly go through them.

Total renunciation of prohibited acts: We should not perform such acts through mind, speech and body acts that are prohibited by scriptures- low acts such as theft, adultery, falsehood, deception, fraud, oppression, violence taking intoxicated drinks and wrongdoing.

Renunciation of acts performed for the satisfaction of worldly desires:
Non performance of sacrifices, charities, austerities, worship and other in-born desires with a selfish motive for gaining objects of enjoyment-wife, progeny and wealth or with the object of curing diseases and terminating other forms of sufferings.

Total renunciation of worldly Thirst: the force of Karma gains Honor, fame, social prestige, wife, progeny, and wealth. To increase the same by unlawful and illegal means should be regarded as obstacles to God realization.

Renunciation of extracting service from others with selfish motives:
Demanding money, service by force for personal happiness and accepting money or gifts in the form of corruption for favors done, entertaining any other desires in the mind for getting by any means for self interest- all these things should be renounced.

Total renunciation of indolence and desires for the fruits of actions:
One should perform his duties of whatever nature like worshipping, service to elders etc without expecting any return and every form based on this should be renounced.

Renunciation of indolence in Devotion to God:
One’s supreme duty is to read and practice austerity, compassion, selfless service, and remaining calm and composed at the time of good, bad, and practicing constant jaba and prayer to God.

Total Renunciation of subtle desires, egotism:
All objects of the world is the creation of lord, they are transient and unreal. Only God is real. Understanding this basic thing one should organize his life, avoiding all subtle desires.

Once you are in this frame of mind all defects and vices having ceased to exist, virtues like ahimsa, truth, non-stealing abstaining from vilification, modesty, purity and spirit of service, charity, mind control, sense control, humility, cessation of desires, patience, peace of mind etc naturally grow in you and you can certainly realize God.

In our present time when every thing is moving fast we have been shown a simple path by Lord Krishna:

Sravanam kirthanam vishnoh
Smaranam pada-sevanam
Archanam vandhanam dasyam
Sakyam Atma-nivedhanam

This is the path for our salvation shown by the Lord and it can be done by all times, in any place, in any country, by any caste, by any gender with out observing any rituals. Miracles will happen and problems will be automatically solved and you will get perfect peace of mind and happiness.


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