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You must know the three vidyas - thrayee, Vartha and Dhanda Needhi, six margas (conquering the senses, sandhi vigraham, yaanam, asanam, dwaipa deepam, samasrayam ) five troubles due to anger of devas ( fire, water, disease, draught, and death ), five troubles ( bureaucrats, thieves, enemy, those close to you and greed people who have been subjected to the wrath of enemies, or threatened by enemies or subjected to ill treatment, not properly paid by respective officials, or by offering gifts and cash and separate them from you, youth, old people, sickly people, discarded by relatives, always afraid, lust and greedy persons, loosing the confidence of common people, those who are involved in enjoying and uncontrolled senses, consulting too many people,

Those scolding devas and Brahmins, earning the wrath of rishies, leaving everything to God and doing nothing, those who are troubled by soldiers, those who never stay in one place, those who are affected by incurable diseases, those suffering due to draughts, those who earned many enemies, those who are doing things against dharma and those who cannot be trusted,

Five angas ( minister, state, fort, treasury, punishment ) in the middle-the king-Vijikeeshu, in front of him- his enemies, his friends, his enemies friends, behind himParshanigrahan, Akranthan, Saran, inclusive of all the above,

Marshaling the army, taking them to battle field, staying with the army, learning the strategy of fighting the battle, art of negotiations are all very important for a king.

You must have 3 or 4 ministers who are well versed in manu dharma and the law of state and you should consult them individually.

Are you rewarded by your observing the rites and daily duties?

Are you benefited by the Dhanam and help to needed people?
Is your wife help you and co-operate with you?
Are you following the things that are propounded by scholars and Acharyas?

What all I have said so far if followed correctly will fetch you name and fame.
All these things were observed by our fore fathers and have given prosperity to our state and therefore you have to observe them.

You must share the food prepared for you with others.

The afore said advice and needhies if correctly observed by a King-He will become the Ruler of this earth and when he leaves this world-he will reach the abode of his ancestors and join them to be with Lord Narayana for ever.

Thus Rama advised the Raja Dharmas to Bharatha and with love and affection and blessed him.

( Concluding the Ayodaya kandam 100th sargam )

Mangalam Kosalendraya Mahneeya Gunapthyae
Chakravarthi Dhanujaya Sarva Bowmaya Mangalam.


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