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Chaithra Sukla Ekadasi is called Kamatha Ekadasi. Delipan requested sage Vashista to explain the importance of this ekadasi. There lived a king called Pundarikan in Naga Loka. He was a pious man and hence devathas will visit his kingdom and offer gifts. In the king, sabha a gandarvan named Lalithan used to sing. He got married a gandarva damsel named Lalitha.

Once the gandarvan was forced to sing alone at the king palace. Unable to forget his wife Lalithan committed man mistakes while singing. The king got angry and cursed Lalithan to be a vamp. Hearing this curse to her husband Lalitha cried and wandered along with him. She met a sage. She narrated the fate of her husband and sought remedy.

The sage asked her to observe the kamatha Ekadasi and pray. She did accordingly and requested that her husband get back his previous figure. This Ekadasi can give immense marital pleasure.

11. Vruthini Ekadasi

Vaikasi Krishna Ekadasi is called Vruthini Ekadasi. This ekadasi can bestow all good things and remove the sins of those who observe vratha on this day. By observing the vratha on this day Manthatha and dhundumaran went to moskha loka, Sivan who cut Brahma’s fifth face resulting in sins-came out of this trouble by observing this Ekadasi.

This Ekadasi is holier than the fruits one get by Anna dhana. Vidya dhana is better than Anna dhana and by observing fast on this day one will get the fruits equal to Vidya dhana.


Vaikasi Sukla Ekadasi is clled Mohini Ekadasi. Rama approached his Acarya Vashistar and asked which Vratha can remove the sins due to lust, greed and moham. Vashistar narrated the story of KingThruthiman.

He ruled the state near Padravathi river. In that city lived one business man Dhanabalan. He was the devotee of lord Vishnu. He had five children named-Sumanas, Thuthiman, Medavi, Sukruthan, Thrushtabuthi.

Thrushtabuthi was a very bad character –drunkard, atheist, womanizer, giving troubles to elders etc. His father was very sad because of this son and unable to bear the atrocities of this son, he drove him out from the house. Thrushtabuthi wandered in the city and was caught by Guards when he was trying to steal.

After undergoing many punishments-one day he met Sage Koundilya-who was returning from Ganges after taking bath. Some droplets fell on Thrushtabuthi and he came out of the sins. He asked the stage –to remove all his misdeeds and crimes what he has to do. The Sage told him the vratha of Mohini- on Vaikasi Sukla Ekadasi –undertake the fast and in the night should not sleep. Next day after feeding a Brahmin take the food offered to God.

Accordingly he did and was released from all sins and reached vaikundam.


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