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Ekadasi is considered as a very sacred day for all Hindus and it is also very dear to all Gods. Every Hindu scripture praises this day. It can be observed by any age group-from 6s to 100s- particularly the age group of 6s to 60s. It is a saying that:

No river is sacred than Ganga
No Lord is greater than Lord Vishnu.
No temple is greater than one’s own mother.
No hymn is greater than Gayathri
No Fast is greater than Ekadasi

All Pathinen Puranas consider Ekadasi as the most sacred Vratha.
How this came into being? How to observe this? How many Ekadasi are there ? Their names, who observed all these ? what result one will get?

Out of Puranas-Padma Purana is very important one. In Padma Purana-uttarakandam is very significant.

Once Sage Narada went to Kailash. After respecting the Nandhi he went to the abode of Lord Shiva and had a darsan of lord Siva. Siva asked Narada what boon you want? Narada requested the Lord to explain the significance of Ekadasi. Lord Siva quoted the text which Lord Krishna Explained to Yama Dharma Rajan.

There are 25 types of Ekadasi and we will go through one by one.

1. Urpathi Ekadasi

In Kritha Yuga lived an asura called Muran. He was very powerful and cruel. He used to trouble Davas and Brahmins. Fearing him Indira ran from Swarga loka and surrendered to Lord Siva. Siva directed him to go to Lord Vishnu. To help him Lord Vishnu went to fight with Muran. Their war lasted many years. Lord Vishnu through His chakrayudaha killed the entire Asura Senas. Muran came forward to fight with Achutha. The war lasted 1000-years and finally as if He is afraid lord Vishnu went to Padrikashramam and entered into a long cave and went to sleep.

Muran followed the Lord and wanted to kill Him. At that time from the body of Purushothaman came a damsel equipped with all weapons. Muran started to aim at the damsel-come a big thunderous sound and the demon Mural fell down and died.

Purushothamam woke up and wondered the light of damsel came from his body and her killing the demon. He named her Ekadasi. He gave a boon-that those who observe fast on her Birthday will attain Moksha and will have no rebirth. They will get all the best in this and other worlds. They will be hale and healthy.

This Ekadasi will fall in the month of Margazi, Krishna Paksha and this Ekadasi is called Urpathi Ekadasi.

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