Thursday, September 10, 2009




People in Official Positions in Government Services will consist:

1. Ministers. 2. Purohit. 3. Yuva Raja. 4. Head of Security.
5. Private Secretary. 6. Head of Prison Cell. 7. Head of Revenue.
8. Communication dept head. 9. Judges. 10. Government
Lawyers. 11. Finance Dept for Military. 12. Security in Night Duty.
13. Head of Food Section. 14. Retail Head for commerce. 15. Keepers of Govt Offices including the Durbar Halls and palace. 16. Reception section head 17. Crime branch in charge. 18. Defense Ministry.

Out of the above 18-categories, the King need not keep an eye on the first 3-categories. The King should keep an eye on other categories by personally visiting in disguise.

2. Do not under estimate the people whom you defeated and you must keep an eye on them.

3. Budhawthan, Sarvahans are Brahmins but Atheists and they will interpret Vedas in wrong way and they are very adept in cornering people to spread their doctrine. They think they are experts and far ahead of normal people. They are very selfish and perverted intelligent. You should desist from them and see that people are not carried away by them.

4. They will not respect Puranas, Ithihas and well versed Elders- only propagating useless theories.

5. Our Ayodya is a very ancient city and well served by our Fore Fathers and the heritage is well preserved.

6. All the four divisions of castes are maintaining the tradition of Varnashrama Dharma. They have controlled their senses. They are very happy folks. Their character is UN blemish. Ayodya is the center of all arts and science and the people living there have got no complaints of what so ever.
Ayodya is having all facilities, protected from attacks from enemies from all sides. The city is having salacious buildings and beautiful parks, well decorated. Its army comprises of Camels, Elephants and horses and no one is dare enough to come to war. Are you maintaining the same way our Father maintained?

7. In and around of Ayodya there are places where Yagas like Aswamedham, Sayanam etc. The people living in such places are very proud of their king and pray for timely seasons. For them temples are built and everywhere annadhanam is arranged, lakes and water kiosks are maintained.

8. There is no barren land in Ayodya and all are cultivable and green. It is having plenty of cattle wealth. There is no trouble from rodents and other insects giving troubles to crops.

9. All lands are wet lands and irrigated by rivers which are full through out the year. Ayodya is full of trees and flowers and very beautiful to look at. There is no fear for attack from wild animals, no fear for thieves and there are mines of gold and diamond.

10. There is no sinner among our subjects. Married people are living very happily.

11. In order to sell their products weekly Shandy are held at various places and people pay right price for the products.

12. Are the Agriculturists, business people and artisans happy in your rule? Are Buying and selling activities going on according to laid out principles and commerce is growing?

13. Are you treating your relatives and women folks with dignity and honour. Are they protect their chasticity and do not mingle with unwanted people in the Society. Are you keeping the State Secrets confidentially?

14. Are you keeping the rearing places of Elephants and horses secret? Are there enough male and female beings for rearing? The wealth of army lies on the strength of Elephants and horses.


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