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Ani Krishna Ekadasi is called Apara Ekadasi. In the day we should pray the Lord- Thiruvikrama and observe fast. If we this whatever sins committed like-false witness, Guru criticism, murdering a Brahmin resulting in sins-Brahma Hathi etc will be removed. We will get the fruits- of taking bath in Prayagai, Fasting at Kasi during sivarathri, offering pinda pradanam at Gaya, visiting Badraikashramam etc by observing fast during the Apara Ekadasi.


Ani Sukla Ekadasi is called Nirjala Ekadasi. Dharmar approached Veda Vyasar and asked how to eradicate the sins due to Kali. The sage told only by observing fast during Ekadasi is the only way to eradicate sins committed during kali. On hearing this Bheema enquired- my brothers and mother observe this Ekadasi and ask me also to join.

But I could not do it because in my stomach exists one Viruga fire. It has to be fed lot of food but in year I can observe one Ekadasi and asked which Ekadasi can best be observed. Vyasar adviced him the Nirjala Ekadasi-without taking not even a drop of water during the observance He did it accordingly.

Hence this Ekadasi is called Bheema Ekadasi or Pandava Ekadasi.


Adi Krishna Ekadasi is called Yogini. Kuberan ruled Alagapuri. He had a servant named Hemamali. He used to bring flowers for kuberan when he used to pray daily. Hemamali had a beautiful wife. One day instead of bringing flower to kuberan-he was found enjoying his time with his wife.

Kuberan got angry and cursed him to suffer from 18 varieties of leprosy. Due to the help he rendered for Siva Pooja- he was suffering from one variety of leprosay. He was haunted by this and was searching for salvation. He found Margandeya Rishi-who adviced to fast on this Yogini Ekadasi and pray Lord Siva. Accordingly his disease left him.


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