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Full of Gopurams - Srirangam
Full of Festivals – Srirangam.
Full of Temples – Kumbakonam.
Granery of India- Tanjore.
Biggest Puramal – Sriranga
Biggest Temple- Srirangam

One Bhaktha was explaining the importance of Srirangam to his friend as above. His friend asked him to explain further. Both of them have come from Karnataka on pilgrimage tour of South India. I was passing through them at Chakrathalwar Sannadhi and heard the above conversation. I was also interested in the subject and continued to listen.

Full of Gopurams- Srirangam:

21- Gopurams- 7- Praharams- 42-Upa Sannadhis – 8- Sub Temples within the big temple- Tallest Gopuram in Asia- Total area- 156 acres- First and foremost among 108-Divya Desams and only one temple having 7- Praharams.

The conversation started to attract and the Bhaktha started to explain about Festivals at Srirangam temple. Though I am the resident of Srirangam for the past 8-years-most of the informations are not familiar to me and hence I started to hear further. I felt that some one also close by. I saw He was no other person than Arangan. He has also come to hear the conversation.

Out of 366 days in a year, 322 days are festival days for Arangan.

1.Chithirai Month Festival.
Kodai Thiru Naal: 7-days. 2-days will be Kannadi Arai Seva ( Mirror Room – One day Along with Sera Kulavalli Nachiar. On Chithra Pournami-Gajendra Moksham. Evening- Ul Kodai and Outside Kodai-Poochathi Fesdtival

Viruppan Thiru Naal: 11-days in this month. On all these days Arangan will visit in the morning and evening-the chithirai streets on different vahanams. First day Perumal will give dharsan at Kannadi Arai.Second day the Vahana Seva will start. Pallaku and Karpaga Viruksham. Third day-simha vahanam and Yali. Fourth day- Double Prabai and Garuda Seva. Fifth day- Sesha vahanam and Hanumantha Vahanam. Sisth day-Hamsam and Elephant- 7th day-Kannadi Arai and Nel Alavai in the evening and Poonther. 8th day-silver Horse and Golden Horse and Vaiyali. 9th day-Chariot and 10th day Ubhaya Nachimars in the evening .I1th day- Adum Pallaku.

Chithirai month is the month when you can see maximum festivals for Arangan. Arangan looked at me and sarcastically smiled –this bhaktha is from Karnataka and you are saying that you are resident of Srirangam !
Their conversation continued and his friend asked which festival is special here and its significance. At that time an Elederly resident of Srirangam was passing through. They asked him.

Kannadi Arai Seva:
The Mirror Room is the biggest one. On all four sides and at Top are with biggest mirrors and you can have dharsan of Arangan from different angles and admire His Beauty. Adorning beautiful oranaments and with golden Headcrest-Rangan will be looking splendit and no words can describe the beauty and the sacredness associated with this beauty. This the beauty Alwars wanted to enjoy and people longing for a long time to see.

This is exclusively special to Srirangam. This has to be seen to know better than describing in words. Seeman Dhangis ( Carriers ) of Srirangam are special clans in Srirangam. They are heriditary Sevarthies and Arangan has got special attachments towards them. Here they is no distinction between rich or poor. All are proud to be associated.
At the corner of Goradha Arangan will ccme on Golden Horse and show to us the Oyara Nadai, Raja Nadai and Criss Cross running- You require thousand eyes to watch and enjoy and people living at Srirangam are really fortunate. There will be thousands of people assembling 2-3hours before to watch.

Elephant Vahanam:
Very Big Elephant Vahanam. Children who see this vahanam will be overjoyed and lively interest. The Vahanam will start from Chakrathalwar Sannadhi and Arangan will sit on it from Vattamadai. Real Elephant will run and from behind vahana elephant will run to catch the real one. The sight is wonderful to watch and enjoy.

Chthirai Ther ( Chariot )
This is a very big chariot and you require hundreds of people to pull it. The significance of this Chariot is Rangan does not see rich or poor or caste divide and invite all to come and pull the Chariot. The Chariot is our heart and the Perumal inside is Paramathma. By pulling we kindle our emotion to Lord.
Before the Chariot starts one significant rite is performed which many of us may not know. There is a belief that Rangan came into dream of two different people and asked them to prepare a Chappal for Him ( Only for one leg- right-one person and left another person. They do not know each other and come from different destination.
Both of them after finishing the work met at Cauvery. To their surprise they found that it fit correctly to Rangan and Rangan accepted the same with pleasure. This small function will take place before the chariot starts-signifying that for Him there is no caste distinction.
Lakhs and lakhs of people will pull the chariot and you can see the humanity indicating the true devotion of People to Lord Rangan.

Gajendra Moksham:
Even every one let you down- I am with you –says Rangan. You call me- I will be there-says Rangan. This festival signify the above. On Chithra Pournami day Rangan will visit Cauvery river along with Elephant. The Elephant will step into the river and will cry Ranga-Ranga-Ranga- 3 times and Rangan will run to protect him from crocodile mouth. A wonderful sight to see.

Poochathi Festival:
Unique festival and you can see this at Srirangam only exclusively for Aragan. During 10-days Rangan will come to Manal Veli and He will be adorned with Flower Garlands made in the form of Salwar. Various flowers will be woven as a salwar and Rangan accepts the same with smile. Bhakthas also join in offering jasmine flowers. The significance of this festival is that He is not different than us and He is one among us sharing the sentiments and summer heat.
Like this every month is a festival month for Aragan. When He visits the streets, before every house you can see Rangoli and when He stands before the house, the house people admire His beauty.
Festivals in other Months:

Vaikasi: 9- days vasanthotsavam and 10 days-Thayar Kodai Thirunaal-10 days and Thayar vasanthotsavam 7-days

AANI: Jeshtabhishekam-Peria Perumal and Thirupavadai-Thayar Jestabhishekam & Thirupavadai-Chakrathalwar Jeshtabhishekam. Water will be brought in Golden Kudam from Cauvery accompanied by Nagaswara

AADI: Adiperukku. On 18th day Namperumal will visit Amma Mandapam from 6.00 AM and garland Cauvery Thayar and in the night will come to Outside Andal Temple and exchange garland with Anda

AAVANI: Pavaithrotsavam for 9-days. Ango- Bhanka Sevai ( Poochandi Sevai when with cotton threads Moolavar will be adorned covering the entire body as screen-a wonderful sight. During Sri Jayanthi Day both Rangan and Kannan will be coming to see the URIYADI.

PURATTASI: Navarathri Utsavam for Thayar and on Vijayadasami day Rangan will visit Singa Perumal Temple. There He will airm Archer on evil demon and return to Amuthuparai where the holy bath will be held. Every day Thayar will listen Nagaswara Music and acts by the Temple Elephant.

AIPPASI: 9-days Dolotsavam and every day water will be brought from Amma Mandapam Cauvery in Golden Po

Karthikai Thirunaal: Kaisika Ekadasi. On that day in the night Arangan will be adorned with 365-Silk Salwars.
Margazi: Pagal Pathu and Erapathu –Vaikunda Ekadasi –Namperumal with Rathnangi and Mulavar with Muthangi Seva-Vedu Pari and Thayar Utsavam.

THAI THIRUNAAL: Sankaranthi-Bhupathi Thirunaal and Thai Ther
( Chariot )

MAASI THIRUVIZA: Theppam and at Kollidam Anbil Sundararajar and Uttamar will give dharsan

PANGUNI: Both Thayar and Namperumal in Sethi Dharsan-a wonderful day and sight which no Srirangam vasi will miss it. Namperumal with Kamalavalli Thayar at Uraiyur,followed by friction between Arangan and Ranganayagi Thayar and subsequent mediation by Nammalwar-called Pralaya Kalakam followed by Thirumanchanam for Perumal and Thayar and Gathya Thrayam of Ramanuja recitation. Next day Panguni Ther-Namperumal visiting streets in Goratha.
All these festivals are meant for us and for our welfare and the welfare of business community, small scale industries, artisans and scores of people in our Society. By these festivals Arangan give livelihood to innumerable people belonging to all castes-rich and poor. What a kindness of Rangan towards us! That is why he is called Karunya Moorthy, Dayalan, Raksakan, Renga Prabo by the masses.



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