Tuesday, September 15, 2009



This falls in the month of Margazi, Sukla Paksha. The month of margazi is considered for all Hindus as a sacred month and Lord Narayana Himself stands for this month. In Geetha Lord calls-Mathangalil Naan Margazi.

This is the biggest of all Ekadasis-called Vaikunda Ekadasi. Those who obtain the darsan of Achuthan willl surely be rewarded with a place in Vaikunda Loka. Not only they but their Ancestors also will get this.

In the city of Kamba there lived an Asura called Vaikanasan. Though he was an asura-he treated his subjects well. One day he got a dream that gave him sorrow and depression. After finishing his morning necessities he approached his Brahmin purohit and explained the dream which he had in early morning.

In the dream his Ancestors cried to him that they are in devils land ( Naraga ) and suffering untold pains and troubles and asked him to find out a way for their salvation.

Is there any way to release them from this place? Asked the King.

The Brahmin asked the king to approach a sage called-parvathar. He knows the reason of the suffering of his ancestors and also advice you the remedy.

Accordingly the King went in search of this sage and prostrated before him and requested him about the ways to lift them. The sage opened his Gyana thrishti and found the reason. The sage told the KING:-

Your Father thought that he is the best king and egoist. He never listened his wife’s advice. To get a sathpurusha-( Good Son ) the conjucal bliss must be enjoyed-( intercourse ) within 16-days of mensuration-she said. But the king discarded the advice of his wife and went after another woman. Because of this sin your father is in Naraga Loka.

To come out of this ordeal of your father-you have to undertake a vratha and observe-Moksha Ekadasi ( Fasting ) along with your wife and children.

Vaikanasan from that day onwards undertook fasting- on Ekadasinot even a drop of water till next day along with his family.
As a result of this his Ancestors were released from the naraga loka and went to Mokasha loka or vaikundam.

Moksha Ekadasi is equal to the jewel- Chinthamani and it can give whatever one wants. In addition it can uplift your Ancestors to Vaikundam


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