Wednesday, September 9, 2009




1. Did you share your secret plans with some one? If so is he reliable. Have you ever encountered –your secret plans before implementing-leaked to the public?

2. Are you implementing the easily adoptable welfare measures in quick time without any delay? If you delay such things it may not bring the desired results.

3. Are you keeping some of the important plans secret till they achieve a measure of success? Are there any spies in your company who leak out such plans to those who are against you?

4. Are you keeping important discussions of matters concerning the expansion plans or state secrets concerning the defense matters confidentially?

5. Are you keeping intelligent persons in important positions who are capable of advising you properly on crucial matters concerning defense and finance? When ever you are facing dilemma they can guide you properly.

6. Sycophants and Characterless persons are very dangerous to you and to the state and you must distance yourself from them.

7. If you are able to find one minister who is intelligent, well versed in Dharma Sastras, can fore-see the future, honest and faithful- that man can bring name and fame to any kingdom. Have you found anyone to advice you.

8. Have you placed on important affairs of the state with Top Civil servants, next important things to next in order and the lower order of things to lower categories?

9. Your Ministers should be uncorrupted, shy away of gifts, unblemished character and come from respectful families, pure in thoughts, speech and deeds.

10. Are you getting reports of excessive punishments meted out to your subjects-resulting suffering of people and are you taking corrective action to redress their grievances?

11. Are you keeping an eye on people who earn wealth by illegal means, on husbands who give trouble to their wives, on people who behave very badly with women?

12. Are you keeping on Government servants who earn money by robbing people and give them trouble.

13. You must be careful on those who adopt-Sama, Dhana, Betha and Thanda and adopt the same to put the blames on other people and escape from them. They are in course of time usurp the wealth of the nation and finally drive away the king himself. Are you sure that you are not having such person in your kingdom ?

14. Your Commander-in-chief should be such a person who is satisfied what he gets from you, who is confident of winning any war, who keeps a loyal and faithful force under him, tactical, sharp and bold to face any obstacles, from good breed.

15. Are you honouring from time to time intelligent, brave, honest people in your Army and give them promotions?

16. Army must be paid timely and without any delay and their pay should be according to their merit-other wise they will not be loyal to you.

17. You are born in Warrior Caste. Are the People of your caste love you and are prepared to lay their life for your cause?

18. Your Ambassadors should be intelligent, belonged to your land, well versed in the art of diplomacy and convey to the respective nations the intentions, policies and relationship true to your norms and ideals. ?


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