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16. Sayini Ekadasi

16. Sayini Ekadasi

Adi Sukla Ekadasi is called Sayini Ekadasi. The story relates to Lord Narayana’s Thiruvikrama Avathara. He sent Bali Chakaravarthi to pathala Loka where he kept His figure on his back. He took another form at Parkadal in the pose of sleeping. He went to sleep in the month of Adi and woke up in the month of Karthika. Adi, Avani, Purattasi and Ipasi- these 4-months are called Chathur masya.

In the month of Avani, we should not eat vegetables, in the month of Purattasi-no curd, in the month of Ippasi-no milk, in the month of Karthikai-no dals. During Sayani Ekadasi if we donate Light (vilakku) it will be good.

17. Kamika Ekadasi.

Avani Krishna Ekadasi is called Kamika Ekadasi. Those who observe fast in this Ekadasi will certainly reach heaven. On this day, we have to do pooja with Thulasi leaves. This will be equal to Swarna Danam. During this time if we light the deepam with ghee and present dheepam to Brahmins, you can get kodi punya.

18. Puthratha Ekadasi.

Avani Sukla Ekadasi is called puthratha Ekadasi. Once King Mahijith ruled the state of Mahishmathipuri. Though he got everything- he did not have any heir to his throne and was very much depressed. He called the Elders and said that to his knowledge he has not committed any sin, then why he is unfortunate in not having a son. The Elders went to forest and met a sage-Lomesar. He told that the king has committed a sin in his previous birth. He was a Businessman in the previous birth. To sell his goods he used to travel to many places. Once while doing so he was very thirsty and wanted water.

He saw a river-where a cow was drinking water. He drove the cow away and drank the water. That sin is responsible for the king’s present state and asked him to observe fast on Avani Sukla Ekadasi and he got a wonderful boy. Hence, this Ekadasi is called puthratha Ekadasi.


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