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I was proceeding towards Kothanda Ramar Sannadhi to see the Alangaram of Andal. I saw Ramayana Scenes in Picture format newly framed and kept for viewing. In one picture I saw Bharatha kneeling at the feet of Rama. Sometime back I was reading Ramayana-in particular- Ayodya Kandam-100Th sargam. It was just a coincidence that in that sargam Rama was asking Bharatha- he is ruling the kingdom in a just way. This sargam is very relevant to our country and at the present time. Hence I am attempting to give the English Translation of the entire sargam for our welfare.

1.Rama saw Bharatha-with beard wearing the Mara- uri as cloth-like the sun without that brightness-bowing before Rama on the barren floor.

2. Bharatha appeared lean, colour became dark-unable to recognise that- Is he the bharatha of Ayodya ?-felt Rama and took Bharatha by hand and embraced him and made him to sit on his lap and started enquiring the welfare of all.

3. Is our Father well? How he permitted you to come to this dense forest in this way-asked Rama.

4. Is our Father alive or due to sorrow of parting Has he left this world to Swarga loka?

5. Is it that you are not well versed in the art of ruling-your enemies usurped the kingdom from you? Or you are not interested to do service to our father and left him?


Our Father is a great man. He has ruled this state without deviating the path of Dharma. He has done countless Aswameda Yagas and Rajasuya Yagas-called Dasaratha Chakravarthy. Is he well and keeping good health?


Brahma Gyani and expert of all arts, Dharmavan and magnetic personality and Acharya for all Ishvagu Dynasty- Vashishtar- Is he well and are you properly worshipping him and getting guidance from him?


My mother has undergone worst sorrows- Is she well? How is Sumithra- My Lakshmana”s mother? Above all and she who is attached towards me and my respectful mother-i.e. your mother- Is she well? And Is she happy that you are the king of Ayodya?

The one who has done From Agnihothram to Aswameda yagas, well versed with all types of yagas and rituals and sastras and very careful in handling vedic rites and dharmas- Our Purohit- Is he advising you in time about your duties and performing the rituals and homams at appointed time?

Are you keeping people- Devathas, Parents of your subjects, Gurus, Gyadhis, Elders, Learned People, Brahmins- and others-happy
Are you worshipping and learning from our Acharya-Suthanva-who is an expert in Dhanur vedha and Raja needies.

Have you kept Ministers-who are intelligent, honest, just, UN- corrupted,in good family background and those who understand the sentiments of masses and people and who understand your mind- in important positions and you are observing their work at close quarters.

If you keep Ministers who are well versed in Needhi Sastras and give advices after deep thoughts and experience-such advices will give victory to you in all fields.

Are you going to bed in time and getup in time? Early hours are ideal to get ideas for improving the wealth of the Kingdom.

( To Be Continued in Next Blog )


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