Thursday, September 17, 2009


This falls in the month of Masi. It is also called Krishna Ekadasi.
Sage Thalpayer approached Sage Pulasthiar and asked-is there any remedy for crimes like Brahmahathi, Cowhathi and usurping other man properties etc.

Pulasthiar replied that during the beginning of Masi Maka month, if any one hold the cow’s sanam on hand without falling on the floor and then add to it the Thel ( black gingely ) and cotton seeds-keep it in one corner in the house. If it is still wet till Full moon-then it indicates that his sins vanished.

He has to perform pooja with either 100-coconuts or 100-beetle nuts or 100 gova fruits. He must call a Brahmin and think that he represents Vishnu and give to him water vessel, chappals, umbrella, black cow.

Using Thila-Applying to the body-thila bath, thila dhanam, thila homam, thila jaladhanam, thilaa anna pojanam- etc Hence this Ekadasi is called Shadthila.

There is a story about the importance of this Ekadasi. One Brahmin Lady used to observe dharma by donating various dhanas like Arkyam, pathyam etc except Anna Dhana. To teach her lesson Lord came in the guise of a Sanyasi and asked her Biksha. The lady was angry and instead of annam she put sand in the vessel. The sage disappeared.

Later when she was taken to Swarga loka she was provided with all comforts except food. She was very hungry and regretted for her action and asked for remedy. She was asked to shut the door when Deva Damsels come to meet her. She was asked to request the girls to give the punyas earned by observing Shad Thila Ekadasi. Except one girl all refused. Because of the one girl- the palace was full of food.

Such is the power of Shad Thila Ekadasi.


Sukla Maga Ekadasi is called Jaya Ekadasi. This can change the Pisasa Janma of any one ( bad spirit ).

There was one Deva called Malyavan. He married a damsel named pushpavanthi and their duty is to dance and sing before Indira. They were doing their duties regularly. But at one time they indulged in love making and due to the attraction sang in the sabha awefully. Indira got angry and cursed them to be born in Bhu Loka as spirits.

Accordingly they were born as spirits and underwent untold sufferings. Feeling for the sin they sat under the banyan tree and without sleep they were spending the time. The next day morning they were relieved and became Gandarvas again. That day was JAYA Ekadasi.


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