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This comes in the month of Tamil Month-Thai- Krishna Paksha. During this period, we have to undertake fast and pray to Lord and offer various fruits. If we give deepam as dhanam-it is the best. We must wake up through out the night.

In Sambavathi City there lived a king called-Mahishmadan. He had 5- sons. The first one named-lumbakan-was a very cruel one. He spent his father’s wealth on drinks and women. Unable to bear the atrocities of his son, the King asked his men to take this fellow to a far off place and leave him there.
Accordingly they did.

Lumbakan started to steal in the nearest city. One day he was caught and the people thrashed him severely. He cried and told that he is the son of King-Mahishmadan. On hearing this, they released him.

The pain that he was having made him to leave the theft and stayed under a tree eating the fruits. He became very lean in the course of time. Many times, he had nothing. When he gets some thing, he offered them to God. In the morning, he heard a voice- Lumbaka-yesterday was Sabala Ekadasi. You have fasted through out and never slept through out the day and night. Where you have, stayed-it is Arasa Tree. You also offered the fruits to Madhavan-God without taking yourself. Hence, from this day, your troubles are over and you return to your kingdom. On the path, he saw his soldiers with Elephants to take him to the kingdom. There the King made him the King. Lumbakan thereafter ruled the kingdom in efficient and dharmic manner. At the end, he handed over the kingdom, devoted his time in prayer of lord Vishnu, and reached Vaikundam.


This falls in the month of Thai-Sukla Paksha. It is called- Puthrada Ekadasi.

There lived a King called Sukaethuman in the city of Badravathi. His wife name was Chambaka. They ruled the state in just manner doing dhana dharmas. They had all the wealth except issues. They were very sad and worried. All they do for their Ancestors were accepted with reservation and pain.

He thought that it is due to his previous karmas and tried his best to redress. However, he did not get a son. Therefore, he left and wandered in Forests without any direction.

He saw a beautiful river let and some good omens. He saw some sages coming. He enquired them. They told him that they are Visvae Devas and today is Puthra Ekadasi. If any one take bath in the river, observe fast, and pray Narayana-he will get a son-they told him.

Accordingly, the King took a bath and fasted. His wife conceived and got a son. Immensely pleased he asked his subjects to observe on Fast on the Ekadasi day.


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