Friday, September 11, 2009



1.You must sit every day morning in the Durbar Hall and meet the public to hear their grievances and issue order to redress the same.
2.You should not give room for your officials to meet you freely. This will lead them to be headstrong and they will not give respect to you. At the same time you fix certain time for them to see you on prior appointment.
3.You must deal with them impartially.
4.Make sure that the finance of the state is in sound footing and healthy.
5.Make sure that the granary is always full of grains and see they are distributed properly.
6.Ensure that your army is equipped with expert Archers.
7.At no time you must face water shortage in your state.
8.You must balance the income and expenditure and see always the income is more by curtailing wasteful expenditure.
9.You must not spend money on-Nattuvan, Vidan, Padakan, - undesirable elements among your subjects.
10.You can spend just amount for Brahmins, Pithrus, Warriors Friends for just causes
11. In your kingdom judiciary should function efficiently and quickly and punish the guilty to avoid crimes on the increase. They should see that only the guilty is punished and the people have confidence in the Judiciary.
12. You must see that innocent people are not punished.
13. Disputes between community and business people should be Resolved amicably and see the concerned people are satisfied.
14. There should be zero tolerance for corruption and your official Are honest and just-even if 1% among them are corrupt-People will loose confidence in you.
15.If disputes are not enquired and complaints are not attended to immediately-it will lead to unpleasantness and and slowly people will loose confidence in you. If innocent is punished resulting in suffering of his family- the king will face the wrath resulting the suffering of King’s family.
16.You must be loved by Elders, Children, Learned people, medical people-You should honour these people by being generous and kind.
17.You must show respects to your Acharya, Senior Citizens, Guests, noble people, chaste Brahmins, and their places.
18.You must work hard to protect Dharma.
19.You must not be materialistic and interested only in ways and means to earn money without spending for just causes. Dharma, Artha and Kamam are very important for king.
20.Your happiness lies in-people who pray for your welfare.
21.A King should keep out the following 14 things: a) no belief in Para loka, telling lies, anger, carelessness, lazy in attending works, disrespect to Sadhus, uncontrolled senses, without the help of ministers-attending the matters concerning the state, hearing wrong advices, delay in implementing decisions, making known the views before hearing.
22.Are you getting up in early morning and before beginning any work-pray to God and see auspicious things first. must distance yourself from Hunting, gambling, sleeping in day, scolding and speaking ill of others, in the company of women, drinks, liquor, gala music and dancing, wandering here and there.
24.You must test and have deep knowledge of-water resources, forests and hills, strength and weakness of your army, sama, beda, dhana and dhanda, Neighbouring kingdom, your ministers, your state, your finance, your friends, your fort,
25.You must know with deep knowledge of Agriculture, commerce, dams, digging mines, collecting taxes, method to bring barren lands to cultivable ones, to catch elephants.

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