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At Srirangam, the festival-Poochathi Utsavam was going on. Perumal Purappadu and I also joined in the procession. On the way Upayadhars paid their respects. When we reached the Mela Pattaibhiramamn Sannadhi Arangan stopped for a while and looked inside. On that day the Alangaram for Sri Raman was Gethopadesa. He looked beautiful in that form.

I just remembered about Rajaji’s Vyasar Virundu-which I read long back. Rajaji-in that excellent work has compared- Kannan and Parthan, Raman and Hanuman-They are not mere characters in a story but real Moorthies.I saw exactly the same-Raman as Kannan and Arangan as Raman-what a wonderful sight.

In the war of Maha Bharatha-Lord Krishna is in side and in Kaliyuga-Lord Arangan is outside as Archa Murthy. I was taken to the period of Bhagavathan- In your life span read atleast once Bhagavathan –The object of you being in this world will be fruitful-say our Elders, our Acharyas.

We are struggling –which dharma to adopt and which one to leave and we grow without knowing anything. At one stage we realize and want to put an end to this and look for our salvation but we become old-our health is not co-operating, mind become stale. I looked at Arangan. He understood my dilemma and smiled- He showed me our scripts and Veda-Read this and follow what it has said.

We all know very well about Mahabharatha and many of us rarely know about Bhagavatham and some of us know a little. Our Elders used to tell that you may not understand Veda but it is enough if you know Bhagavathan-you get salvation

Bhagavatham contains 12-skandams. Its teachings can be easily adopted by very ordinary man. It is the secret of life and called the Science of Orgin. From time immemorial our Sages and Acharyas have tried to make us to understand and waiting at the Gate-but due to ignorance and casual attitude we are not grasping the opportunity.

Many people will ask-what are the fruits we get if we read the Bhagavatham? The Balastruthi of Bhagavatham.

In the creation of this Universe- Narada was born as Brahma’s son. He knows all the Arts and Sciences and all Vedas, Upanishads. Loved by the thirumoorthies ( Brahma, Vishnu and Sivan ). He was a bachelor and Traveller of all the worlds. Once he saw a young girl and 2-old men. He asked the girl –what is the matter? The girl told that she is the mother and the old men are her sons. Her name is Bhakthi and the old age for her sons are due to the generations. She requested Narada to help her to regain her sons forms and remove their old age appearance.

Narada promised his help and searched in every world for a solution but could not succeed. Finally he came to meet the Bala Sanyasis-Sanagadi Munis. They suggested to teach them the Bhagavathan for 7-days. Narada did the same and immediately the men regained their young age.-such is the power of Bhagavatham.

I went to the discourse of Mahan Krishna Premi. He was narrating the story from Bhagavathan-Gokarnan and Dhundukari episode. Both were brothers. Gokarnan was intelligent, bhakthiman and very knowledgeable. In contrast Dhundukari was a bad man, always after prostitutes, thereby earning the enmity of many people. He was killed by them. Gokarnan was attached very much to his brother. He read that if the dead body hears bhagavathan for 7-days-it will regain life. So he preserved the body for 7-days and made it to hear Bhagavatham. On the 7th day the body regained the life- such is the power of Bhagavatha.

Our veda says-by hearing or reading bhagavatha you will get:-

1. Long life without any health problems
2. Prosperity to Mankind.
3. Good Crops.
4. Good development of animal husbandry
5. Seasons according to the timings
6. Government will function effectively.
7. There will be justice in every field.
8. Death rate will be less.
9. Women will be honoured and live a pious life.
10. Spiritualism will gain and Atheists will disappear
All these things will become a reality without paying any price. Then Why not we try to understand-Bhagavathan and its substance?

Essence of Bhagavathan- How is God?

Let us close our eyes and draw a picture of our known God within us-a line drawing in our heart and mind. Then let us start decorating Him with ornaments and silk cloths. Let us place a head gear made of diamond on His head. ear rings. Garlands and so on…….Now He will stand before us in a form pleasing to our heart- may be like the one at the centre above.

Now we feel that the distance between Him and us are getting narrower and narrower and in unison with us-it turns out to be a Prema Bhavana and we enjoy every part of Him and His qualities.

Acharya Ramanuja and Swami Desikan have described the qualities of our Lord- The Kalyana Gunas of our Lord are- Sowseelyam, Vathsalyam, Marthvam, Arjavam, Sowhartham, Samyam,Karunyam, Mathuryam, Gambeeryam, Owtharyam, Chathuryam, Sdairyam, Dairyam,

Now slowly the figure we have drawn is getting bigger and bigger and occupy our whole heart- That is Bhagavan-now showing His Viswa Rupa Dharshan. Imagine this form.

Sahasra Seersha Purusha:-thousands of head-thousands of eyes-thousands of hands and legs-the leg under the earth and head over the sky above and every thing in His body-the whole universe under Him-this form is called Virad Purusha Avatharam- like the one at the centre above.

His palm-pathala loka, upper part of His thiruvadi-Rasathalam-Big Finger-Mahathalam-Knee-Thala thalam, hip-Suthalam, Thigh - Athalam
Nabi-sky, Chest- Indira logam, Neck- Mahar logam, Face-Jana logam, Forehead-Thabo logam, Head- Sathya logam, Eyes-creation of universe, Ear- Directions, Nose- Aswini Devas, Lip-anger and shy, Teeth-Stars.
Smile- Maya, Breath- Air, Tongue-water, Speech- herds of birds, Mouth-Agni, Hands- Devas, mind-chandran, Heart- Important, Stomach-Sea, legs- elephant, Camel, Walk- Season.

All these are your creations, all are inside you, You are Brahma, Sivan.
You created Brahma and through him the entire universe, Vedas, Dwaitham, Ad-dwaitham and every thing in the world

Oh! Renga-you showed us the Viswa Rupam and please show your other Rupam- that is small, smaller than atom……………

Sahasra Seersha Purusha

I was totally engrossed in His form-by the time Arangan has worn all the flower garlands and started to give dharsan to His bakthas.

I started to read Bhagavathan. Let the world be peace. Let its people prosper and let every where green. Let there be no violence, let there be no greed and we will make this world a heaven to live.


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