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Casually I saw the Panchankam. Poochathi Utsavam for Arangan will start after 2-days. I wanted to utilize the gap and go to Kanchi and have a dharsan of Varadan and nearby temple. When I reached Kanchi I was suffering with severe fever.

Unable to open my eyes with acute pain-I was praying to Varadan, left every thing to Him and went to sleep. The next day when I woke up, the fever has vanished and I was feeling fresh with renewed energy. Varadan answered my prayer-as the case in all other people. Varadan is Varadan-full of compassion.

First we visited- Ashtabuyakaram – temple. Swami Desikan described vividly about this presiding deity in his Ashtabujashtakam as

Prabhanna Jana Pathaeyam Prabhithsunam Rasayanam
Sreyasae Jagathamethath Sreemad Ashtabujashtakam

This temple and the presiding Deity with his 8- hands is a boon to all of us who have done Prabathi and looking forward to the abode of Narayana-is offering food all the way till reach His abode. Also this medicine removes all our sufferings. Reenergize and rejuvenate us, gives us the required strength, removes from us all the sins- says Swami Desikan.

With weapons in 8-hands Ashtabujashtakan saved the yaga of Brahma from Asuras. Looking majestic-Adi Kesavan as He is called gives dharsan to us with Alarmel Mangai Thayar by his side . Acharyar-Manvala Mamunigal and Swami Desikar have sung in praise of the Lord.

Next we went to- Velirukkai Temple. The Lord of this temple is-Narasingan- Praised by Upanishads and Vedas.

Sruthinaam mutharam bagam Vegavathyach cha Dakshinam
Kama Dadivasan Jayath Kachi Dadbhutha Kesari
Kamakchi Ashtakam

What a wonderful sight- To protect the Bhakthas- at the southern side of vegavathi river- with Lion’s head and human body stands majestically with thayar Verukkaivalli.

Lord Krishna went as a representative of Pandavas to Duryodhana to negotiate with him over the kingdom dispute. Duryodhana has other plans. He wanted to finish him off. But Krishna aware of his design showed him his Viswaroopa Dharsan. What he looked at that time-can be seen at Thiruppadakam Temple. Lord as Padava Dhoothar in sitting position with Rukmini and Sathya Bhama- wonderful experience.

In Kali yuga if we want to have dharsan of Lord as Ulagalantha Perumal that can be satisfied at the temple-Thiru Uragam- In this temple you can see other sannadis-Neeragam, Karagam, Karvanam.

To remove all our obstacles and sufferings-the best place is Vega Sethu-Yathothkari Perumal or Sonna Vannam Seytha Perumal or Thiru Vekka

Ekam Vegavathi Madhyae Hasthi Sailae cha thrusyathae
Ubhaya Pala Bhanaena Swayam Vyaktham param Maha //

Lord put himself across the river to save the yagam of Brahma and also helping the anger of Saraswathi to reduce.

Also- when the king asked his disciple-Kari Kannan to leave the place-Thirumayezai Alwar asked the Lord also to roll his bed and start with them to leave-hence the name Sonna Vannam Seytha Perumal

After completing our visit to Temples at Kancheevaram we reached the sannadhi of Varadan. He was in Mirror Room along with Sridevi and Bhudevi. Just before entering this place my mind occupied with the thoughts- how God has helped to aliviate our suffering by remaining with as Lord Ranganatha at Srirangam, as Perarulalan at Kanchi and Lord Srinivasa at Tirupathi.

Our Elders call all the three temples as

Arangan – Arulalan – Malayappan

Aranhgam- Hasthagiri-Tirupathi

Bhoga Mandapam- Thiyaga Mandapam- Pushpa Mandapam

Pranavakara Vimanam- Punyakodi Vimanam- Ananda Vimanam

We came as Bhakthas of Arangan- Varadan welcomed us with open heart and asked the Battar of all the Temples in and around Kanchi to keep the Temples open and made us to enjoy the Divya Seva of Lord. I was wonderstruck with the compassion of Varadan

Sreenidhim AbharamarthanamArthithana Parithana Deeptham
Sarva Bhootha Sukrutham Dayanidhim Devarajam Adhirajamachrayae//

Like a nidhi to Perundevi Thayar, to those who came to him for help-he gave all that was wanted-taken a vow to protect His subjects-Full of Compassion- To this Lord I bow my head.

Varadan gave us Ramanuja-thus saving Vaishnavam

Athagiri Puramal vandar- Aanaiparitherilmel- vandar - Azagar vandar kachidanil kankodukkum Perumal vandar- On hearing this couplet from Swami Desikan, vardan gave him one of His Symbol- He gave that Desikan to us.

Like Srirangam, Kanchi is famous and very important for Vaishnavam. Many Rulers were desiples of varadan, many Alwars sung in praise of Varadan. Both Brahma and Sage Naradar worshipped Varadan. His beauty is unmatched and unsurpassed.

At Srirangam is sleeping posture, at Kanchi and Tirupathi in standing posture. At Sri Kurmam in Varaha Avatar with Bhooma Devi at his nose at Ahobilam as Narasingam –like all these postures are shown to us in Kanchi by the grace of Varadan

I returned to Srirangam with renewed energy and fresh by the Grace of Varadan.


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