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The Discourse of the Mahan about Vishnu Puranam attracted me and many others. He put-forth before us enough documents as proof for his points. He proceeded to say:-

We do both good and bad deeds every day knowingly or unknowingly. Many things we secretly do thinking there is no one to witness. This is wrong. Our actions are being watched by Dig Devathas. The earth above and below. God is seeing it. Above all our Conscience.

Those who do bad deeds and crimes and conduct themselves in a manner not according to Dharma will definitely get the punishments either immediately or later or even after our death.

You may raise a doubt-how we can get the punishment after our death since we burn our bodies and the soul escaped from the body. It is a good question. Before I answer the question you must understand some basic things about us.

We mean not only our bodies but also the Athma in it. Every religion accepts this fact. We cannot do any thing without the Athma-just like a computer cannot function without the micro processor. Almost all religions accept that there is life after death.

We dress ourselves every day differently and after the cloth getting worn-out we throw away the cloth and change to new one. Like this the Athma also wear different bodies when one is dead- it takes another body. This cycle goes on and Athma cannot change nor can be destroyed. Some one will argue that we came from Zero and will return to Zero. Even accepting this fact-we never came into this earth not from Zero. We- is a reality. Even if we die, only the body vanish but we the Atma remains

Swami Vivekananda explained these phenomena to the Assembly at New York in 1896 very clearly with pramanams from our Veda. Every one accepted this fact. Once you accept that there is rebirth then your misdeeds are also carried forward- The Mahan stopped for a while and looked the audience.

Every one’s mind is occupied with the thought-which at least from now on they refrain from negative actions.

Now let us see the punishments for different degree of Bad deeds. / Sins.

Sinners are taken invariably to Pathal Loga or Naraga.

It is divided into 28-logas.

1. Rowravam. 2. Sookaram. 3. Rotham. 4. Thalam. 5. Vichasanam. 6. Mahajwalam,. 7. Thapthakundam. 8. Lavanam. 9. Vilohitham.10. Ruthirambam. 11. Vaitharani. 12. Krumeesam. 13. Krumipojanam. 14. Azipathravanam. 15. Krishnam. 16. Lalapatcham. 17. Tharunam. 18. Booyavaham. 19. Pabam. 20. Vahnijwalam. 21. Adhasiram. 22. Santhasam. 23. Kalasoothram. 24. Thamam. 25. Avisi. 26. Swabojanam. 27. Apprathishtam. 28. Abrasi.

Let us see the type of punishment in each loga

1. Rowravam: For lies, witness lying and one sided support-Attack by wild animals.
2. Rotham: For that who-destroying pregnancy, looting, cow slaughter.
3. Sookaram- Liquor addict, stealing gold –Attack by wild boar.
4. Thalam- those who killed Kshathriyas, illicit relations with wife of Guru, friend etc.
5. Rolling from top of Palm tree into sharp instrument piercing into two half.
6. Thapthakundam- Sex with own sister, killing diplomat-Thrown into boiling oil.
7. Thapthalokam – those who let down bhakthas, wife or selling wife-piercing through red hot iron.
8. Mahajwalam- Those who forced & had sex with his daughter or daughter-in-law- Will be pushed in Fire.
9. Lavanam- Those who mocked elders, disrespect to Vedas and illicit relations- will be thrown in Salt vessels.
10. Krumi Patsham- Those who scolded his Pithrus, Devas and Brahmins-will is asked to eat insects etc.
11. Lala Patcham- Those who eats discarding Guests, Devas, Pithrus-will be asked to eat flume, and left out etc
12. Ruthirantham – those set fire to houses, killed his friends-selling alcohol- will be pushed to blood wells.
13. Vaitharani- Those who did harm to the place where he lives, destruction of yagas etc-will be pushed to poisonous river.

People who are in heaven will look these people and vice versa. After undergoing these punishments and slowly at every birth earn punya and rebirth as immovable, animal, birds, man, dharmishtan, Devan etc- like this step by step rebirth and finally reach the abode of Lord

After explaining the above the Mahan stopped for a while and looked at the audience- every one’s face was gloomy and were thinking-Is there any salvation for this?

The Mahan continued and said that there is Prayachitham for these sins-big and small. Our Sastras has laid down what to do except for one-that is Ingratitude- there is no prayachittam for this. These punishments are applicable for both men and women.

In Kali yuga it is very simple-mere utterances of Bhagavan name and singing his praise always and doing good things, leaving out jealousy, hatred, anger etc-even if the pronunciation is wrong. Be pure both in deed and in mind.

Teach sath matters to your children and bring them as good citizen, discard the foreign culture and safeguard our culture. Take the children to Temples and sacred places and where discourses are conducted.

For all sins the best medicine is

Prayaschithani Alaeshani Thapa Karmathkani Vai
Yani Thesham Alaeshaanam Krishnanu Smaranam Param

What a wonderful remedy- crying I ran to see Arangan. Fortunately there was not much crowd. On this day I saw completely different Peria Perumal-Fully adorned with Golden crest, Dasavatharam silk Vastram, Saligrama Garland-what a beauty.Down my Arangan with radiant smiles, with Diamond crown and Vimana Pathakkam. Unforgettable scene-my eyes failed to turn on any other thing.

The Battar gave me Theertha Prasadam and Sri Chadari. Rangan saw me and appeared to ask me-Are you happy about the answer?


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