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I am starting a fresh series titled - ARANGAN ENTERED IN ME- After retirement I settled down at SRIRANGAM for14-years mainly to have darsan of Lord Rangantha. We made it a practice of visiting the temple everyday and to our heart content we enjoyed the sublime bliss in the presence of ARANGAN.

Manytimes I have poured my joys and sorrows in His sannadhi and got consolation. Over the years it became a bond between me and ARANGAN. Exited I wrote many inspired articles. I am glad to present these articles and share with our Readers



Every time after finishing the Amavsya Tharpanam – I used to visit the Srirangam.Temple. Usually on this day we will get theertham prasadam & Chadari in Srirangam Temple after the Holy bath of Arangan (we call Him as such because we are very close to Him) - For sometime my mind agitated with thoughts of bad news-particularly Death News. I was not able to forget certain things from the mind.

For some time bad news proceeds than Good News. Particularly Death news affects us more than anything-particularly aged couples... This is more to Aged Married Couples-who feel whether I or She will be first in the queue- This thought is not easily wiped out from our memory.

We start to think the past days- when we have seen up and down in life, injustice done to us by our kith and kin, lost opportunities, mistakes done knowingly or unknowingly and each other consoling themselves etc and the many times we prayed to Lord for forgiveness. 50 long years of married life together.

Also the thought of Death-if she goes first- how alone I face the reality and how my future will be or vice versa-since together we crossed the ocean in all these years- I am not able to imagine such a situation.. We quarreled on many times and many days we did not talk but all these things will vanish after few days or few hours and our daily routine will start as usual. In the course of many years of our married life-we have knit a close bond that is inseparable by time or age

Arangan was taking rest after His Thirumanchanam and tired. But he used to welcome me with smile when I come to have dharsan of Him. We are having special attachment between each other. It is an interesting story.

(I was born and educated at Trichy but rarely I used to go to Srirangam Temple and worship Arangan. In later years also I was attached to Lord Srinivasa ( It is a folly to think that Ranganatha and Srinivasa are different- this I learnt only at the fag end of my career ) I settled at Srirangam after retirement- I used to accompany my wife-who is devotee of Arangan . Daily. I used to have dharsan of Arangan but with detachment-my mind fully occupied by Srinivasa. But this slowly changed and I started to feel the radiance of Arangan in me. Every day I see Him, admire the beauty differently and I was getting closer and closer to Him. This bond made us to talk freely each other)

After welcoming me He studied me and understood the anxiety and thoughts in me and prepared to answer my worries.

Look my Devotee! When Man was born in this world I wrote at that time itself his date of death also the manner in which he will die. There is no escape from this. But wise men-forgetting this event carries on their daily routine- by studying. Marrying, looking after the family etc

After crossing the three stages- Balyam, Kumaram and Yowanam he reaches the Old age stage- You are standing at this stage.

Quote from Thiruvalluvar

Patrruka Patrraran Patrenai Appatratraip
Pattruka Pattru vidarku

You must know the method by which you can conquer the Nature- the pleasures and desires, lust and greed. Jealosy and violence, enmity and doing harm. Every one says that he has left all these things at this point of time but in practice they have not left anything Though outwardly they say so.

Vishayaa vinivarthanthae Niraharasya Dhehina /
Rasavarjam rasobyasya param thrushtuva nivarthathae// Geetha

First you should do one sankalpa to me. Have you behaved or done on any thing, any matter according to your conscience? If it gave happiness to you then don’t worry whatever the consequences might be-that ends the chapter and forget and don’t think about this episode

Next what you have to do: Don’t think about Death instead think about Me-surrender to me- I am not asking you to be a Sanyasi but there are plenty of time for you to turn your attention on me.

First go to your Acharaya and do Baranyasam- that is surrender to Lord’s feet. I will accept you if you come through your Acharaya since I value Acharyas-they are greater than me.

Next read Vedas, Ithihasas, do the jabam, do thrikalasandyavandhanam and aradhana every day, hear the discourses by vidwans-you have facility in your house itself.

If you have property and children.- then divide them and give them to your children now itself-keep some thing that is just enough to lead a fruitful life-if you feel that your children are good people. They will look at you with gratitude. This-happiness you can’t see after your death.

Visit Vaishnava Temples as much as possible

To earn and corner money and properties is a lust never losting-it is a thrust never ending. You must conquer this lust and this disease. Take a vow that what you earned by your hard work-that only you retain and stop with that
Adi Sankara

Don’t brood over what you are not having, satisfy yourself what you got and be happy with that –You must condition yourself with this concept.

Eral EEnum Ennathu Vedkin-Viral EEnum Vendaamai Ennum Cherrukku

You must remember one thing- all your relations including your close relatives will welcome you only if they get some advantage and so long you are in a position to help them-thereafter you will be removed from their memories.

So don’t brood over on the past-it is the way of life. Instead remove from your mind the past and distribute your duties stage by stage and free yourself from the bondage. Then you will see that you are now light and clear..

Now every day is important to you. Search for peace and devote your attention on Sath matters. In doing so don’t strain your self -do that what is possible. Don’t imitate others.

Now you see that your thought of death will vanish and you will be rejuvenated and fresh.

Mazeethalum Neettalum Venda Ulagam
Pazeeththu Ozeinthu Vidin

The meaning is that some will advice you to lead a sanyasi life. But that is not necessary. We don’t need outward look of sanyasi but inside you live like a sanyasi
Taking bath in Ganga and do any amount of homams and rites and do any amount of Charity- they will be of no use if they are done keeping one inside and do outside some thing. There is no use of Baranyasam or such thing if your heart is not pure and your look is not straight.

Look me as your Father or Mother or Acharya and with pure heart worship me-At that stage your ego, likes and dislikes etc will vanish and you will get fresh energy-that time your thought of Death will vanish.

Once you left everything to me I will look after you and at the time of death I will take your soul to my world and you will have no rebirth. The process will be smooth and painless.

Arangan showed me a way –Easy way – immensely moved. inspired and with fresh energy I took leave of HIM and left the sannadhi. To my Arangan my crores crores pranam

Madapusi Jagannathan

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