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When I resumed my daily visit to Temple- Arangan asked me-I did not see you during my vedupari utsavam-where have you gone?

Swami you know every thing! Many people told that original vedupari is the one held at Thiruvali-Thirunagari. So I was eager to see how it is different from Srirangam.

Have you seen? What is the difference? Rangan asked.

Thirumangai Mannan was born at Thirunagari... Further the Sthala Puranam says:

Karthikae kruthikajatham Chathushkavisikamanim
Shatpravanthakruthim Sarangasutheem Kaliyamasrayae//

From childhood Thirumangai attracted towards Bhagavan. He used to visit many temples and sing in praise of the Lord. Along with his he used to take 4 –disciples: Thola Vazakkan- he will attract many people by his capacity to talk sweetly. 2. Thal Thuvan – by his mere blowing air from his nose-he can open any lock. 3. Nizalai Mithippan- When he put his leg on any one’s shadow- that man will loose all his energy. 4. Neermel Nadappan- He can walk over water.

Taking these 4- disciples Thirumangai visited many temples and finally came to Srirangam. There he saw the temple in depilated condition. Seeing the temple full of bushes and thorns Kaliyan felt very sad. He took a vow that he will renovate the temple and build walls around the temple. But he was not having any money

He told about his idea and asked people's help but no one bothered. He approached many rich people-they not only scolded him but also started to call him as thief.

Angered by this setback- Kaliyan consulted his 4-disciples. They assured him all help. Kaliyan thought-when people called him as thief-why not he becomes a thief and loot these people for a good cause. From that day Kaliyan started to steal money from travelers, from rich people. Soon he became very rich person. All his wealth he poured to renovate the Srirangam Temple.

With the help of thousands of silpies, he toiled to finish the first prahara in 6-years. Like this in 60 years he built the Srirangam temple- what it is to-day. When he finished the 7-Praharas his age was 80. At this stage the temple became popular and many kings offered various ornaments and other kainkaryas.

Kaliyan lived a simple life, prepared food for him by himself and offer to the Lord and stayed at the feet of the Lord. He spent all his wealth to the temple and kept nothing with him. But some of his group suspected his integrity and wanted to finish him off. Hearing their scheme, he called his disciple Neermel Nadappan and said something in his ear.

After some time a boat was ready. Neelmel Nadappan gathered all the dissidents and told them that the aged Kaliyan has kept his wealth at the opposite bank (north side) of the river and he knows that place. So saying he took all of them in the boat and sailed towards north. In the middle wind and rain poured. At that time he made the boat to sink and all of them died. Kaliyan told Lord has taken his children and henceforth let us leave this job-thus the name-Kollidam- was born for cauvery.

When Kaliyan was passing through the forest. He saw 2-persons- one male and one female were passing at the same time. They were none other than Lord Renganatha and Thayar- Kaliyan was not aware since they were dressed as human-man and woman. Unable to suppress his old habit he started looting them. They gave all that they have brought. Not satisfied with that he asked the ring -the man was wearing.

The man asked Kaliyan to remove the same from His finger. Kaliyan tried his best to remove. Unable to succeed he tried to remove by his teeth. At that time there was a spark and Kaliyan realized that they are Lord Renganatha and Thayar. With tears he prostrated before them. Lord took him by His hand and taught the Ashtakshara Mantram and called him as Thirumangai Alwar.

This incident is re-enacted every year at Srirangam and Thiruvali-Thirunagari-the birth place of Thiumangai Alwar and called as Vedupari.

Thirumangai Alwar sung 1263 pasurams and occupied foremost place among the Alwars. In one pasuram Alwar was crying to the Lord

Vadinaen Vadi Varunthinaen manathal perumthuyar edumbaiyel piranthu
Koodinanen Koodieliyavar Thammo davartharum kalaviyae karuthi
Odinaen Odiyavvathor porulal unarvenum perumpthan therinthu
Nadinaen Nadi Naan kandukondaen Narayanavennum thirunamam //

Thiruvali is near Seerkazi. There is a separate sannadi for Thirumangai Alwar. There is a sannadi for the Lord Narasimha moorthy –whom the Alwar always worshipped. Alwar appears here as Vedan and Moolavar is Vayalali Manavalan.

Exactly at 12-midnight the festival will begin. Thirumangai Mannan with his disciples-holding torches will run one KM through jungle path and reach the nearby Vedharajapuram. There Kalyana Rangan with Amruthavalli Thayar-decorated with jewels and ornaments will be standing expecting Thirumangai Mannan. At 1.00 AM Mannan looting the ornaments from Lord and Lord teaching the Ashtakshara Mantram to Mannan and henceforth he is called as Alwar- Enacted with religious zeal and enthusiasm- Words fail to describe this event-we have to actually see to believe.

After describing the above event I looked at Rangan-He nodded.

The replica of this event is held at Srirangam every year. The important aspect is the Kona Vaiyali- Rangan going cris- cross the path. Thousands of people will throng to witness this event in both the places.

You have to live at Srirangam for a full year to enjoy the bliss and the festivals- we were fortunate.



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