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We dealt with Yoga and Bhagavatham in the previous posting. The Thiyaga Yoga mentioned there is very tough for ordinary people like us. In Geetha Arjuna also felt the same thing and asked Krishna about following the Thiaga Yoga. Krishna also agreed and propounded the Bhakthi Yoga which is very simple and easily adoptable.

For Bhakthi Yoga there is no necessity for strict discipline, Achara and Anushtanam. Like wise there is no time frame or morning or evening. You can do this in any place.

Krishna defines the Bhakthi Yoga :

1. You must leave all the responsibilities on Lord Krishna or your Ishta Daivam-like Rama or Arangan or Srinivasan and do your karma. Such a person knows the Bhakthi Marga very well.
2. He must not get attached to destroyable materials or wordly pleasures or materialistic world.
3. Those who dedicate everything to God and sincerely pray to Him-will certainly be protected by Him.

Bhandur Athmathmanas Thasya yaenathmaivathmana jeeth /
Anathmanasthu Sathruthvae Varthaethaathmaiva Sathruvaath //

Those who conquer their mind then that mind will itself show him the good path. Alternatively if mind conquer him then that mind itself will be his enemy. To conquer the mind you can practice the bhakthi yoga-failing which your life will not be successful and loose the opportunity given to you.

When we conquer our mind- it will become steady like a candle burn steadily in place where there is no air.

Bhagavan has given full freedom to you and has not bound you with any string. He has not told you to adopt such and such life-but whatever you choose-you carry on the same on dharmic path – it means that if you are a married man –be faithful to your wife and live as Grahastha Brahmachari and move with other girls or women as your sisters and daughters. Even with your wife you should have disciplined conduct.

You must concentrate on God and if your focus is disturbed- bring back the concentration. It is little tough.

Those who discard the sexual pleasure and other worldly desires and do things not for his own interest becomes a yogi.

Only Nama sangirthanams-singing in praise of God will be able to turn your attention towards God. One elderly Man advised me if you approach the sanctum sanctorum go on telling with in you the namavalli of the respective God- ex:-

Sree Ranganayaki Sametha Sri Ranganthaya Namahah

If you go on repeating the name you will forget the surroundings and your total attention will be on Ranganathan. I have tried and very successful and doing daily several times starting from early morning. It has got magnetic attraction and the day’s affairs go through smoothly. I am not feeling tiresome even at this age of 79, no leg pain, no joint pain.

Many of us have neglected Sanskrit at young age resulting weak pronunciation when uttering Sanskrit slokas and I am also the one. So if we want to tell loudly we are ashamed. But in Ghoshti if you join and pray you will feel that you can master them slowly and in course of time we will be on the right mode.

I had a bad practice that when I go to the temple and approaching the Lord Dharsan I used to tell all my worries and praying for alleviation and forget to look at Him to full satisfaction. I decided that I should leave aside all my worries and fully concentrate on Him- I started to feel full satisfaction.

Lord Krishna says:-

Bhahunaam Janmanam Andhae Gyanavan Maam Parapathyathae

Vasudevam sarvam Ethi Sa Mahathma Su Dhurlabha:

Those who with untiring devotion pray me and love me and doing services to me-they are very close to me and they are my bhakthas.
Thus God gives top most position for such bhakthas. It speaks volumes of His grace and humility. Lord Krishna clarifies about service to Him-is serving the poor and down trodden. Educate poor children; alleviate hunger by offering within your capacity food etc.

Lord Krishna further says:-

Asha-Pashacha- Shadyir Padhatha kama-kroda-parayana
Ehinthae Kama bhogartham Asyayaenaartha Sanjayaan Bhokartham

We go on develop many desires and to achieve them we err our path and in order to satisfy the Kama, krotha and anger we adopt wrong methods to earn money and finally end in misery and frustration- we see this practically in many people’s life. Only Dharmika path will give you happiness and contentment.

Those who reach such a state-They are close to me and I like them.

All religions accept the Bhakthi Yoga. They accept that there is one Supreme Force which is responsible for all our actions. We call the same as God and we jeevathmas under His control. In Srimad Bhagavatham Budha’s incarnation is predicted long before-though Budha religion denies the existence of God and jeevathma. If you go back to history-Bhagavatham was written by Vyasa about 6000 years before and Budha appeared around 2600 years ago.

In Rajavidya Rajakuhya yoga Lord Krishna says:-

Kadirpartha prabhu: Sakshi Nivasa: Charanam Sukhruth
Prabhava: Pralaya- Sthanam Nidhanam Bheeja-Mavyayam

Those places we go in search of our livelihood, those who rule us and protect us and remove all our sorrows, who is our friend . The birth and the death of us- every thing is I (Lord Krishna)
This is perfectly true in our life. Sometime back only Doctors were allowed to work in US but today one sixth of America- Indians are occupying top positions and earning well. They all think that it is only God’s grace they got this chance. They never forget this grace and when ever they come to India they visit Tirupathi or Srirangam first and then only they do other works.

Bhakthi yoga is very easy and adoptable. It can be practiced any where and in any place-there is no distinction that this man is rich-that man is poor-all are one


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