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Yoga Sastra is an art. You require hard work to learn the different exercises and if we leave in the middle it will be difficult to catch up again since our body will not cooperate for some time. It requires scientific approach.

But the Yoga mentioned in Hindu Sanadana Dharma is different. The first one strengthens the body only but the second one strengthens both body and mind. The first one will not take you to Moksham but the second one will.

Brhama Charya Drudathabir Yamai-Raplavathi-Niyamaicha Bhavitha /
Gurmahe Dridamamayi Sukasanam Pankajathymapi Va Bhavathpara //

Consistant Brahmacharya vratha, taking bath daily to make us pure, sitting in Sukasana or Padmasana ( Yamam, niyamam and Asanam ) deeply praying the Pranavam, doing Pranayamam and turn our attention only on God casting aside the Lowkika affairs – is the one our dharma recommends.

Both Bhagavatham and Githa teach us the Yoga this way:

First what Bhagavathan teaches us:

First part

1. First our duties as explained and in practice should be followed with out any lapse on our part.
2. We must know our capacity and limit to that level.
3. we should not succumb to worldly pleasure and sexual indulgence.
4. Strict control over diet
5. We must avoid hastiness and also sluggishness.
6. Should speak the truth and nothing but the truth and adhere non-violence.

Second Part:

1. Choose the place environmentally friendly and sit in Sukasana or Padmasana posture. Now inhale fresh air through one nostril, retain for sometime and leave through the other nostril slowly.
2. When we do like the above our body and mind get purified. To be successful in this effort we should concentrate our attention on God. To say this is easy but when actually you start-worldly attractions will disturb your concentration. Only if you are successful in this exercise we can go to next step.

Third Part:

1. Closing our eyes, now bring the Bhagavan Rupa before our tip of the nose and look deeply this figure.
2. He is standing on Tamarai Flowers, wearing the ornaments on both His legs, silk dhoty and belt with diamonds and rubies.
3. Next rose garland, diamond studded Thread and on the chest Goddess Laxmi.
4. Now slowly lift our eyes to His Face. Broad face, beautiful eyes looking kindly on us removing our fear and giving strength.
5. Kasturi Tilak on His forehead and diamond studded head-gear on His Head.

We go on concentrating on this image-it will start on a small dot. Slowly growing bigger and bigger and finally it will occupy the entire surface. Once you start visualizing this spectacle-you start telling the Names-Namavalli repeatedly-say 1000 and again 1000 and so on……..

If you are successful in this process you can master the Thiaga Yoga and obtain His grace.

Now let us look what Geetha Teaches Us.

Lord Krishna has stated 3-types of yoga. 1. Karma Yoga. 2. Gjana Yoga. 3. Bhakthi Yoga.

Geetha says that you need not be a sanyasi to be a Yogi-discarding all the pleasures in this world. You can be a Yogi by doing the right things in a right way by remaining in Grahasthrama

Karma Yoga:

Na Hi Kachith Kshanamabi Jadhu Dhishtath-yagarmakrith
Karayathe Hyavacha : Karma Sarva: Prakruthijair- Gunai:

No one can be idle without doing anything. Say one man is simply sitting idle-but in doing so he is doing some actions - by indulging in leg movement or hand movement and so on-he cannot sit idle. We are doing some thing without our knowledge. There is some force which makes him to do so.

Lord Krishna further says:

1.We should do any thing without deep attachment towards it. You may ask me how is it possible? If I do not concentrate I cannot finish it perfectly and I will be declared inefficient. For this Krishna says concentration is different, attachment is different-suppose you are making one article. You have made perfectly but that article is made for someone which if you want to possess then it is attachment.

2.Those who have ego- will say that I made it, I have done, it is mine like this.

3.There may be flaws in following your dharma but it is far better than the other one. Even if he has to die with it-he will only see the good things and his dharma will never let him down. We are seeing this practically to-day-every day a new Acharya springs up and ask us to do this and that but ultimately we leave them without any satisfaction.

We have seen that some of us succumb to the temptations of some teachings and get robbed our money, our peace of mind and finally our health too. Hindu Dharma is 1000- of years old, tested by time, unaffected by any force or calamities or seasons. It cannot be destroyed. This Dharma came through our great forefathers and passed on to us from generations. It will only do good and is capable of facing any onslaughts. We should not change our colour and succumb the sweet quoted fake ideologies.

Lord Krishna further says:

Yathveda –Thabyasuntho Naanudhishtanthi Mae Madam /
Sarvagjanavimoodans- than viththinashta- Nachethasa //

Those who do not believe in my madam and go on finding faults in it- are wasting their lives, living in fool’s paradise, loosing the opportunity of getting the eternal bliss in this life itself.

Lust and anger are Rajo gunas. For this you should go on feed. Otherwise one day it will swallow you. Those who conquer this rajo guna and treat it as his enemy-then your senses will be with you and you can control them. Once you control your senses-you can control your mind- once you control your mind-then you will look beyond you into the universe and the force that created the same .

Lord Krishna is showing a very easy path for us to reach Him. Do your duty without attachments in the right way and as ordained by me-don’t have ego and claim that this mine and leave the results to me. You will never regret.

This is Karma Yoga. Superior to all yogas.

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