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I was going very fast towards Chakrathalvar Sannadi crossing the Thirupanalvar sannadi. Somebody behind me called me. I turned back and I saw none other than Arangan!. He was very angry with me for by-passing the Panaralvar sannadi. I asked Renga why this anger? Have I commited any abachara. Pitying on me Rengan himself came forward to tell.

The reason for Rengan’s anger is that I did not notice the Thirumanchanam that was going on for Thirupanalvar. Rengan will forgive our casualness about Him but not with Alvars. Such is His attachment with Alvars.

To show His appreciation for the services rendered by the Alvars in propagating Vaishnavam, he has established for each Alvar separate sannadi at Srirangam within His own Temple and sees that- kaingaryas take place regularly for them. Rengan is immensely pleased with these 11-Alwars who have rendered in total 247-Pasurams on Arangan. He has established another order that all Alwars will assemble during the Vaikunda Ekadasi Festival at the Arjuna Mandapam and Thirumamani Mandapam at thousand pillar mandapam along with him to hear the Thirunedunthandakam and Thiruvai Mozei for 22-days.

Alvars and Acharyars are very important for us and their Thiru Nakshathrams are very important. On that day there should be Thirumanchanam along with Sathumurai for them-this is the wish and Rengan will oversee that it takes place correctly.

Among the Alvars-Pozkai Alvar, Buthath Alvar and Pey Alvar are called Muthal Alvars. They started the Naalayiram Divya Prabandam. It is called-Eyalpa- the first 300 Pasurams-First, Second and Third Thiruvanthathi.

1. Poigai Alvar: He was born at Kanchi Thiruvekka in a Pond-Potrramarai Poigai-on Thamarai Flower-He represents the amsam- the conch-of Lord Narayana. He sang-Mudal Thiruvanthathi-100 pasurams.

2. Bhuthath Alvar-He was born at Thiru Kadal Mangai (Mamallapuram) on Madavi Flower. He represents the amsam - the weapon-Gowmothagi of Lord Vishnu. He sang the Second Thiruvanthathi-100 pasurams.

3. Pey Alvar: He was born at Mayurapura (Mylapore) at Adikesavaperumal Temple in a pond on Sevvalli Flower. He represents the amsam –weapon of Sword of Lord Vishnu. He sang-third Thiruvanthathi-100 pasurams.

All the three are called Mudal Alvars – they appeared in Dwabara Yuga-around 4302 BC.

4. Thirumazhisai Alvar-Place of Birth-Thirumaesai. Pasurams-216. He was a saivite first and due to his devotion and love of Lord Narayana became a vaishnavite. His style belongs to the Chantha Kavi variety. He sung pasurams – Thiruchantha Virutham and Nanmugan Andhathi.

5. Namalvar- (3102-BC) Place of birth-Alwar Thirunagari ( Thirukurukur ). Sung 1296 pasurams. He totally devoted on Lord Narayana from childhood. Seeing the total loyalty Nam Perumal was pleased and took him to his fold with the Bhutha Udal form. Every year at the end of Vaikunda Ekadasi festival-Namalvar Moksham will be held. Namalvar mediated the love tangle between Thayar and Arangan during the Pralaya Kalagam- Panguni Uttiram festival and hence close to Thayar.

6. Madurakavi Alvar (3224-BC) Birth Place-Thirukkolur.Sung 11-pasurams- all on Namalvar-not on God. After roaming all over and found no answer to his problem he came to Namalvar and found the answer. He became his disciple and sung the pasuram-Kanninum Chirthambu in praise of his guru.

7. Kulasekhara Alvar: - (3102 BC) Place of birth-Thiruvanchikalam. Sung 106-pasurams-called-Perumal Thirumozi. He was a King of Chera Nadu. Devoted to Lord Narayana-he gave his daughter in marriage to Arangan and handed all his wealth to Srirangam Temple.

8. Periyalvar: (3066 BC) Place of Birth-Srivilliputhur. Sung- pasurams- Thirumozi – 473. His another name is Vishnu Chittan. He discovered Andal under Thulasi Plant and later gave her to marriage with Perumal Arangan. He sang Pallandu to Perumal.

9. Andal: Born at Srivilliputhur-actually found under the thulasi plant (Bhudevi) .Sung 173 pasurams. She fell in love with Arangan and vowed to marry Him. She used to wear the garland meant for Arangan –hence called as –Chudikodutha Nachiar. Her famous –Thiruppavai-will be sung on all homes and temples during the Tamil month of Margazi. She finally married Arangan and became in unison with Him.

10. Thondaradippodi Alvar: Place of birth-Thirumandangudi -Sung 55 pasurams on Arangan. He was maintaining Flower garden and daily supplying Flower garland to Arangan. His Thirumalai and Thirupalli Ezuchi are famous and rendered in every Vaishnanvite temple in the morning.

11. Thirupanalvar: Born at Uraiyur- sung 10 pasurams-Amalanathipiran. Though born in lower caste he was totally devoted to Arangan. By the grace of Arangan he was brought to Srirangam temple by none other than the Bhattar himself-taken to Arangan sannadi and had the dharsan of the Lord to his full satisfaction.

12. Thirumangai Alvar: Born at Alwar Thirunagari. Sung 1253 pasurmas. He is responsible for the renovation of Srirangam Temple and the 7-praharams around. Became a thief to renovate the temple and later due to the Grace of Lord, stopped stealing and became Alvar.

13. Emberumanar-Acharya-Ramanuja: Born at Sri Perumpudur (1017 AC) on his name 108 pasurams were sung by Thiruvarangathamuthanar. Ramunajar established the Vishistadvaitha philosophy and responsible for its foremost position among the Hindu religion. Ramanujar is responsible for Temple renovation and conduct of daily poojas and festivals in orderly form in all the vaishnavite temples. Pleased with the service rendered by Acharya, Arangan took him in his fold in the same form-bootha udal-

These Alvars and Acharyars spent their entire life in propagating Srivaishanavam with total devotion to the Lord. They showed the way for our salvation by Bakthi Marga and totally in unison with the Lord

That is why Arangan is particular in celebrating their thirunakshathras and the reason for His anger and He was perfectly correct.

Emberumanaar established 75-madathipathis to continue the work he has done of maintaining the temples and ashramams and help the disciples to lead the pious life.

It is the practice that during the Sathumurai Alvars’ Daniyans are sung-they are sacred, capable of removing our sins


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