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Those who suffered, those who faced innumerable obstacles and those who lost hope of survival used to say this famous word- that they have lost faith in God. Frustrated by repeated failures they say God is a mirage.

We understand their frustration. If we are placed on their position we will be also thinking in the same way. But when their anger subsided and if they calmly think-then some facts will be clear. I will explain the underlying facts through actual happenings in life of many people.

Take the case of Dr.Sculler. He was a famous Christian missionary and Writer. He wrote-Hard times will not remain permanently. Bold person with belief in God will finally succeed. He quotes from his own experience

He was very ordinary person like us. But what he achieved was remarkable and outstanding. With 500-dollars only in his hand he established the Famous Crystal Church in San Francisco.

Once he was traveling by plane to Japan for missionary work. When he was in the plane he received the news that his daughter met with a car accident and in dangerous condition and admitted in intensive care unit of the Hospital. He immediately returned back. In the plane every one pitied the emotionally charged Doctor. He started to think about his daughter-a beautiful girl, very intelligent and very good Soft ball game expert. Dr. Schuler left every thing to God-prayed Him sincerely and told within himself-let God decide what to do.

Hospital Doctors removed her one leg. It was a great loss but neither she worried nor her father. They thanked God for sparing her with this loss. Doctor attached a plastic leg in the place. Her intensive training and faith in God made her to regain her position in the soft ball and also became famous as orator.

To quote from my own experience- I was working in Malaysia as Manager of Birla Mills. Every year my wife and children will visit India foe few weeks. On one occasion when she returned back from her visit, her luggage got struck up at Singapore. Next week when it arrived at Penang we went to take it. While returning from the Airport my car was hit by a bus and it was thrown out and fell in a ditch. While this was happening we were helpless and we prayed our God wholeheartedly. Glass pane was broken, petrol tank burst-but we miraculously escaped from sure death. We saw that our God photos got smashed but God saved us.

What the 44th Jeeyar of Azakiya Singer achieved is standing as a monument at Srirangam- The majestic Rajagopuram-250 feet height-the tallest Gopuram in Asia. One night God Rangan appeared in dream and asked the Jeer to complete the Rajagopuram which was lying in incomplete state for centuries. It was a momentous task since not in lakhs but in crores money was required.

Undaunted without much money on his hand he started the work putting every thing on God. Soon money poured from all directions and the dream of Jeer became a reality.

I can quote another incident.

At Bangalore my friend was employed in a multi-national company but due to bad company he started to drink heavily and lost his eyes also. At that God came to his help through his close relative. He was able to get his elder daughter married and his sons studied well and are employed in States.

Take the case of a famous Base ball player. His average income in the game ran into millions of dollars per year. But since he did not plan his life properly, broken marriage etc he lost every thing what he earned- On the contrary- Mrs. Margaret was an ordinary School Teacher with annual income of 20,000 dollars planned her life meticulously. She put her savings in good shares. At the time of her retirement she got lot of money through the shares which she gave liberally to churches and poor destitute homes.

In our own country the story of M.K. Thiagaraja Bhagavathar is well-known. He was the Super star of Easter years. His income ran into many crores in those days but he died as a destitute man penniless.

If we analyze the basic points:-

1.We must have complete faith in God and also our thoughts should be pure.
2.We must have positive thinking and prepared to work hard to achieve our goals.

Take for example Henry Ford. He was an ordinary mechanic in a factory. Once a Scientist visited his factory. Ford boldly approached him and asked him whether it was possible to run a car with gasoline. He said.

He took his word as gospel and worked 10-years to produce a car with gasoline. He never forgot God or the Scientist.

3.Are you worried that you are getting obstacles after obstacles. Do you wish to achieve some thing in life-say a poor man shelter and you are not having required money for the expenses per day including food comes to Rs.9000/-

For this there is a mantra: from 1 to 10

If one man bears the entire expenses it will come to Rs. 9000/-
If 2 Rs. 4000/-
If 10 Rs. 900/-
If 50 Rs 180/-
If 100 Rs. 90/-
If 1000 Rs. 9/-

Even a coolie can contribute Rs. 9.

What in western countries call as positive thinking- our religion says Good time, total devotion of God and His grace

There will not be always bad times, good time will come as a cycle, and you have to wait with total devotion to the Lord.


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