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I was doing Pradakshina of Thirumamani Mandapam of Ranganatha. I noticed an elderly Woman-hunch back-unable to walk straight even with stick on. She was crying to the Lord-Why you have not taken me to your abode and how many more years I have to suffer like this. I was upset on seeing this sight

I had a setback-I lost my younger brother and brother-in-law at their prime age- who held me in high esteem and more recently I lost another brother-in-law who was very close to me and together we have traveled for 14-long years in Srirangam itself. Around me-there is death shadow. On one side an elderly woman wants death-on another side much younger persons disappear. I asked Rangan- why such contrast and what justice in this?

Rangan asked me to sit and said that- He will explain the rationale behind this episode. But prior to this- He asked me go to West Chitra Street where one Mahan is giving discourse. Attend the discourse and come back to me He said-

That Mahan has taken the subject of Vishnu Purana and explaining the Pralaya and related matters.

Every thing born in this world-be it Man or animal or anything has to face 4-types of Pralaya. They are-1. Naimithikam. 2. Prakrutham. 3. Athyanthikam. 4. Nithyam.

1. When Brahma is sleeping during the Kalpantham-Naimithika Pralayam.
2. The entire Universe is encircled by Brahmandam- Prakrutha Pralayam.
3. With our divine knowledge-we are in unison with Paramathma-Athyanthaka Pralayam
4. Death occurs in the day or night to all living beings- Nithya Pralayam

Bhagavan occupying in the body of all Jeevathmas does the-Birth, Protection and Destroy ( Pirappu, Kathal and Azeithal ) - All these 3-types of duties are done by Lord Vishnu. Those who cross the three Gunathryas- reaches the abode of Lord Vishnu and never returns to this earth.

The Mahan continues: Now I will tell the characteristics of Kali:

Kali period-the division or the varnasrama Darmam will vanish-there will be no darma and Adarma will rise. There will be less yagas, there will be hatred, violence, murder and chaos every where. Brahmins will leave their duties and do all sorts of things. Marriages will not be done according to sastra and intercast marriages will rise. There will be irregular poojas in temples and there may not be pooja at all.

There will be no restriction in any thing and any one can do anything. Human respect and dignity will vanish. Youngsters will not respect elders. Even there will be marriage between brothers and sisters Every body will be crazy and run after money, luxurious living, and no ethics.

People will be spendthrift, free flow of liquor, illicit relationships .
Rulers of States will bent upon cornering the State Properties and favour their kith and kins. Ladies will be after lust and pomp-loose their causticity, divorces will increase.

People will change their religion very often.
Atheists will have field day
Temple worship will decrease
There will be destruction of Sacret Places
Every thing will be duplicate
Parents will not be respected.
Elders will be discarded
Thefts will increase

After explaining all the above, he stopped a while and looked at me….

I looked around and saw the people. They were spell bound. What is happening today- it was predicted thousands of years before and brought before us as TV-show here.

The Mahan continued- in spite of all these things- even if any one do a small darma- in this age= it will be bigger than that done in Krutha yuga and earn tenfold punyas.

I realized what I wanted to know- Rangan –is showing the way- I went again to his discourse the next day. On seeing me the Mahan smiled for a while-he might have understood that I have been sent by Rangan.

He continued- started to describe the struggles of this Jeevan.

When this jeevan was in the womb of his mother-he is surrounded by water, human waste, urine etc. What his mother takes as food same thing he takes-no separate taste, occupying the posture in a small place cramped. Here he will have his previous birth memory. And feels with sorrow for the birth again in this world.

When he comes out from mother’s womb ––his previous memory goes away and start to learn his parents and brother and sister and thrown in this lowkika word.

Here he undergoes innumerable troubles at every stage starting from child hood to married man with family and finally reaches the old age. Now he is discarded by his own kith and kin because he will be of no use to them but only a burden. He broods over the past and the injustice done to him

This Jeevan’s suffering at the time of death is so acute and painful-words fail to describe the same.( Since I have seen such suffering in case of my mother and grand mother I will describe the same here ) Unable to sit or walk- always bedridden – nature call –everything in the bed, unable to eat-but memory is still sharp-face showing the intensity of suffering- body shivering, gasping for breath, unable to talk -but wanted to say some thing but fails-tears from eyes for leaving from this bondage - this jeevan undergoes untold sufferings.

If the jeevan leaves this world peacefully without undergoing all these sufferings- well you can imagine such fortunate person and his joy.

The Mahan further said that suffering or the joy at the time of death is according to his karma-the good or bad deeds of him in the previous generations -. So also the occurrence of death and the place of death. There is no age restriction and gender difference..

Many people undertook research projects of this phenomenon. Is it possible to die peacefully or smoothly? The answer is no but Hindu Dharma has shown a way- that is Surrender to the Lord feet-Forget Death-surrender thy feet-Maranathai Mara Charanthai Ninay.

I got the answer for my question through Arangan-Arangan Entered in Me




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